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His Untold Lies

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He slowly reached behind my back and unhooked my bra with one hand. “Ares! Stop it!” “Make me…” he whispered into my ear. Kianna Myst Saavedra, the eldest daughter of a wealthy family, thought she had it all until a drunken night and a failed relationship led her to agree to a two-year marriage contract with Ares France Vuertalejo. But little did she know, Ares is a wealthy CEO who has been keeping his true identity hidden. As secrets and lies unravel, Kianna and Ares must confront their pasts and fight for their love. Will they overcome the odds or will their journey come to a crashing halt?

Chapter 1 The Day We Met


Have you ever laughed at yourself while believing in love? The kind of love that makes you blind when all you see are signs. When you are confronted with reality, you may believe that you are the one who is wrong, that you are missing something, and that this is why he is looking for someone else. There are a lot of questions wandering in my head, like: Is it really necessary to be stupid when you're in love? How long was it actually going on before I found out? Why didn’t he just dump me if he was going to cheat? How could he just look me in the eyes every day and lie? Did he not feel any sort of remorse? What did I do wrong?

All I did was to love him unconditionally, but I guess loving a person isn't enough...

My name is Kianna Myst Saavedra, and my boyfriend, or should I say fiance, cheated on me with my sister, just like all the other cliches in the film. Yup! My younger sister! half-sister, to be precise. The toughness of people's faces. My sister is the one he chose out of the vast number of women on the planet. While my snake sister chose my fiance from the dynamic number of males in the world. Isn't it lovely? My boyfriend, as well as her boyfriend,

Cute, matchy!

Do you think that's the end of the story? No! Because this is where everything begins. I drank away my sadness and met a man. Oh, wait—everything that transpired was completely unexpected! Don't pass judgment on me beforehand. First, listen to my story.


I was set to surprise my fiancé at his condo just an hour ago. Today is our anniversary. We had a fight last night, and I was busy surprising him in order to reconcile. However, I did not anticipate being startled. I had just parked and was ready to leave when I noticed him entering his condo building with his arms around my stepsister... I followed them in secret and witnessed the most awful sight of my life.

I never thought such a dramatic story would happen to me! My 5 years of love! all f*ck*ng wasted!

I'm currently pouring a bottle of Carlo Rossi California Red, hoping that the wine will help me forget about him and the misery he has given me. However, why is this the case? Why am I in more pain now? Why am I being forced to do this? Is it right to hurt me? Is he cheating on me because I'm not good enough for him? Why does it appear like nothing matters anymore, including the time we spent together?

Here I am again... My tears are betraying me. They are deliberately taking the lead in falling...

I'm currently in the hotel's corridor, seeking the nearest restroom. I've gone around here before and have gotten lost since the doors are very identical. It's the same when I turn around.

“How come it’s the corridor again?” I said to myself. I think I'm lost.


My world seemed to be whirling slowly as I lost control of myself. My stomach seems to be changing. I'm in desperate need of a restroom. I can't just puke here. When other people and hotel employees watch me suddenly vomit somewhere, it's embarrassing.

It's starting to feel strange... I've been roaming around the hotel for hours but have yet to meet anyone. Could someone just show up and lead me to the restroom?

When I started to feel dizzy, I grabbed the door in front of me. I just closed my eyes and leaned against the door for a few moments. I'm dizzy to the point where I can't stand it any longer. I was sliding in when the door, on which I was leaning, opened unexpectedly. I ran into a man who appeared to be around 5'11 tall.

He asked, huskily, "Are you all right?" I raised my eyes and saw the heavenly face. Sh*t! What a fallen angel! Is it possible that I'm in heaven?!

I straightened up and moved away from him. "Oh, I'm sorry. I got lost. I-I didn't intend to break in..." I mumbled. I awoke feeling horrible again. I felt like the food that I had eaten earlier was starting to rise. I need to pee as well. I desperately need to use the restroom. "Ah — do you mind if I use your restroom?" I asked, embarrassed. I even focused my stunning eyes on him, making a pity expression. I'm not sure what I'll do if this doesn't work out.

He simply fixed his gaze on me. Did I say something wrong? Does he not want me to use his restroom? This man seemed to melt me. "Excuse me, you are?" he suddenly asked.

"Kianna... Kianna Myst Saavedra," I said while stuttering.

He scoffed at me after suddenly blushing. What exactly is this man's problem? He's acting strangely. I'm a little afraid of him. He makes me think he's insane. Oh my God! Maybe the next day I'll be discovered in a suitcase. Please, Lord, help me!

He took a step closer to me and bowed slightly to allow us to align. I believe that I am too tall for him. I'm 5'3", which is quite tall, right? Let's return to Mr. Handsome. His glare stopped in my eyes as he just stared at my face. With him being so close to me, we were literally eye to eye. I could immediately smell his breath, which smelled like mouthwash. Refreshing!

"You—" he couldn't continue what he was going to say when I suddenly covered his mouth and pulled him away from me. He stared at me in shock and raised an eyebrow at me. "Please! You'll tell me later. Can you tell me where your restroom is first?" I pleaded with him, obviously very surprised. He looked as if he'd witnessed a dragon spitfire.

I glanced at him, expecting him to respond, but he remained silent. He simply stood there staring at me as if I were a madman on the street.


I immediately covered my mouth. I suddenly had the feeling that the food I had just eaten was rising on purpose. Oh my God! I can no longer handle it. I absolutely need to get this out of my system!

"Wh-what's wrong? Sh*t! Are you sick? Wait a minute... Don't go there. Just wait. Don't go there!" he yelled after I puked on his room's floor.

"Ah— Finally, I was able to let it out. I'd been dying to vomit, and it's so comfortable..." Because my body was so tired, I lay down on the floor and soon fell asleep.

"What the f*ck woman?! Don't sleep on the vomit!" I even heard him shout in front of me.

I can't take it anymore... I try to wake up, but my eyes deliberately deceive me. I can no longer think clearly because of my severe headache and I feel like the world is spinning…

Chapter 2 Unexpected Proposal


A woman slammed into my chest as I was about to walk outside. What is this woman doing just outside my door doing? "Are you okay?" I inquired calmly. She was taken aback when she looked up at me. I was caught off guard when I realized who this woman was.

It's her! It's been 8 years, I didn't expect that we'll meet again. I think destiny made us meet again…

"Excuse me, you are?" I asked her. I need to double-check that I'm thinking correctly. I know it's her, yet a part of me still wonders if it's actually her. She has changed so much that I don't recognize her anymore…

"Kianna... Kianna Myst Saavedra," she answered.

It's her indeed! It's like we are destined to meet. It's been a long time since the last time I saw her. She's still very pretty but she looks a little off?


She abruptly covered my mouth, which caught me off guard. &quo


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