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His Insatiable Nemesis

His Insatiable Nemesis

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Carson Dallas, the head of the Dallas Organization, has been in a long-standing feud with the Malcolm Group, the top Mafia organization in the country. Despite their ongoing conflict, Carson can’t resist Denise Malcolm’s seductive presence, even if he despises her. Denise, on the other hand, won’t back down from the fight. As they constantly plot each other’s downfall, Carson and Denise occasionally share passionate nights, which only they know about. Eventually, they both realize that they are compatible in bed, even though they are mortal enemies. Their relationship is chaotic, as they battle each other while giving in to their burning desires. However, Carson has never managed to kill Denise, and their conflict shows no signs of slowing down.

01: Her Name Is Nemesis

“TARGET acquired,” said the man holding a sniper.

The man on the other end of the line spoke in a low, hushed voice. “Are you certain that’s her?”

“There is no doubt, sir,” replied the man with the sniper rifle. He peered through the scope, adjusting the focus until the woman was crystal clear in his sights. “I’ve got a bird’s eye view of that sly woman.”

The man on the other end of the line let out a sly smirk as he stroked his chin. “Bring her down, Daniel,” he instructed.

Daniel let out a playful chuckle, his fingers tightening around the trigger of his sniper rifle. With a steady hand, he aimed the crosshairs at the woman’s head and pulled the trigger. A loud crack filled the air as the bullet shot out of the gun, and the woman immediately crumpled to the ground.

The two men standing next to her were shocked and disoriented, fumbling for their own weapons as they tried to locate the source of the gunshot.

Meanwhile, the man on the other end of the line reconfirmed the ambush. “Make sure she’s dead for good before leaving, Daniel,” he reminded. “And don’t forget to dispose of her guards, as well.”

“Understood,” Daniel replied curtly. Bringing down the two guards was easy work for him, and he savored the feeling of victory as he took care of them.

Turning to the man named Huggins, Daniel issued a command. “You take care of the guards. I’ll deal with the woman.”

Huggins grumbled in protest, but he knew better than to argue with Daniel. He set off to dispose of the guards, leaving Daniel alone with the woman’s lifeless body.

Daniel checked to make sure no one was around before approaching the corpse. He had shot her in front of a local pub, a place she had been seen at only a few hours before her death.

As he crouched down beside her, Daniel muttered to himself. “Such a waste. I don’t know why that guy was so obsessed with killing you, but you really were something.”

With a pang of curiosity, he reached out and grabbed the woman’s hair, lifting her head to confirm her identity. “Shit,” he cursed under his breath. It was no wonder that his employer had been so intent on killing her — this was Denise Malcolm, the current heir of the Malcolm Group and their archenemy in the ongoing war between opposing Mafia groups.

Daniel stared hard at the corpse, his mind racing as he tried to piece together the puzzle of why she had been targeted. Her name and face were unknown to him, but he knew that she had been someone important to his employer.


Meanwhile, the man that had a talk with Daniel just turned off his communicator and the next thing he did was loosen his necktie. He was told that their target was down, but satisfaction was not painted on his irritated face.

He leaned against his swivel chair and took a deep breath before hearing a soft clicking sound behind his head. There was a gun pointed directly at his scalp!

“What took you so long?” he casually asked the unknown assailant.

“Die, Carson Dallas,” said the assailant who had a woman’s voice, a seductive one to boot!

Carson let out a restricted laugh before pulling the woman’s arm that held the gun and mercilessly pinned her down on her back against his desk. Documents that were once placed on that spot of the desk scattered all over the floor.

Instead of feeling threatened by the way that Carson half choked her, leaving her defenseless, the woman even felt excited by his aggressive response.

“Stepping foot in my office means death, Denise Malcolm,” Carson told her, gritting his teeth in irritation as he spit the woman’s name.

Denise smirked and wrapped her legs around Carson’s waist, pulling the man closer to her. “I suppose I’m already dead, aren’t I?” she giggled. “Your dog, Daniel, shot me earlier. He must be very frustrated by now,” Denise teased.

“I knew very well that you won’t die that easily,” Carson uttered, tightening his grip on Denise’s neck. “How brave of you to actually waltz here without your loyal dogs.”

“I don’t need them,” Denise proudly declared. “By the way, Carson,” she briefly put on a silly smile before continuing, “Aren’t you a little aggressive down here, too?” she pointed out as soon as she felt her enemy’s undeniable turned on shaft.

Carson clicked his tongue. He then gave Denise a torrid kiss. He was hungrily devouring her juicy lips, and the woman matched his longing. She pulled Carson’s necktie, tightening it on purpose, and let out a soft moan at the same time.

The unfazed Carson didn’t bother pulling away. He kissed her more instead. He was clearly yearning for her, and so was she.

They were at it for some time. No one was backing down. Carson’s kisses went down to her neck. He would peck and suck it. He even left a small evidence of ownership. Denise giggled her way as the man lustfully displayed his desire towards her.

“Give it to me, Carson,” Denise begged hoarsely. Her face had already gone feverish after receiving kisses from the man.

“You really know how to rile me up,” Carson uttered. The woman’s neck was still on his grip. Even though he was very aroused at her disheveled state, he still couldn’t risk letting her slide from his hand. Who knows if she had something up her sleeve?

“Still on guard, huh?” Denise chuckled. She proceeded on unbuckling Carson’s belt. She was quick at it like a pro. After letting out the man’s rod, her gaze went below her waist. She was wearing a tight fitting skirt that stretched just above her knees. Carson was still choking her and he had no plan on giving her a chance to escape. She found it appalling but she knew exactly why he was acting this way. So without much hesitation, she ripped her own skirt so he could have full access to what she was hiding beneath that piece of clothing. After successfully positioning Carson to do her, she said, “Do as you please, my dear Dallas.”

Carson didn’t waste a second. He immediately pushed his way in her willing entrance. Denise couldn’t help but let out a loud moan as his manhood sent waves of pleasure all over her body. Carson choked her even harder, making it a struggle for her to breathe, but Denise was feeling the man’s hardness more.

“Fuck…” Carson softly cussed as he sped up his pace in violating the woman moaning beneath him. She showed no signs of fighting back. She was all defenseless and immersed in having sex with him. It was a perfect opportunity for him to finish her with ease.

「If I slit her throat now, victory will be mine,」he thought to himself.

But the ecstasy he was feeling took over his rational thinking. In Carson’s mind, he still had plenty of chances to kill Denise with his own hands. Ending her now while witnessing her finest version was such a good view and wouldn’t want it to go to waste.

It didn’t take long for Carson to reach his climax. And just like what a considerate lover would do, he kept ramming Denise until she was able to release her own essence. Both of them ended up catching their breaths.

Carson finally let go of her neck. As expected, it left a nasty mark as he was harsh to her not too long ago. Denise didn’t seem to mind and even put on a naughty smile as she calmly fixed her clothes as if nothing happened, not minding the skirt she tore herself.

“That was refreshing,” she said, stretching her arms before strutting her way to the door. She went for the doorknob and opened it wide but before fully leaving, she said one last thing. “Until we meet again, Mr. Dallas.”

And just like the wind, Denise’s presence disappeared. And in mere seconds, Carson heard heavy footsteps coming towards his office. Before him appeared Daniel, ragged and breathing heavily.

“She’s not dead,” Daniel announced with a horrified expression.

Carson gave him a playful smirk. “I know,” he immediately agreed.

Daniel was surprised to see his boss’ relaxed reaction instead of going berserk from failing to kill their enemy again. He found it weird, but his curiosity soon heightened when he noticed Carson’s current state. “B-boss, did you just have sex?” He couldn’t help but ask the obvious.

“What if I did?” Carson retorted with a sour expression.

Daniel felt stupid for crossing the line and apologized with all his might, bowing his head down as a sign of remorse. “Pardon me for my stupid question!”

“It’s fine. Stop lowering your head, Daniel,” Carson said. There was no anger in his tone or whatsoever, and that piqued Daniel’s curiosity even more. But he knew exactly what kind of a person his young boss was. If he stuck his nose even further, he would end up being beheaded.

「He failed again and yet he seems like he’s satisfied. What could be the reason?」Daniel thought to himself.

Carson fixed his necktie and stared at the view outside his window. The morning sun’s rays shone upon him as if he was being blessed with something good. He smiled confidently and uttered, “Denise Malcolm, the next time we meet will be your last.”

And with that, Carson put on a smug smirk.

「to be continued」


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