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His Forbidden Obsession

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"Is my Seraphina afraid of me? " She pressed her shivering naked body more against the wall to prevent getting touched by the bare skin of the owner of that raspily husky voice . "So you don't want me to touch you? But you had no problem getting touched by him, Seraphina? " Her eyes filled with tears hearing his words because her mind immediately recalled the face of her friend and how brutally he had killed him. "Then why are you afraid of getting touched by me, Princess?" She unlatched her lashes and immediately tried to free herself from him but her body turned into ice when he pinned her wrists against the wall and pressed his drenched body against her. "Hadn't I f*ck*ng warned you to stay away from him? But no, my little princess wanted to defy me? And look, her defiance made me to take another life, " A soul quivering smirk crept on his lips by watching the terror emerging into her alluring azure eyes . "So ,I guess now we have to make her obey me and for that, I have a very precious way to teach her, " His hand roamed over her naked skin. "A forbidden way which will hurt my princess a lot, " He squeezed her soft bosoms, making her whimper. "But the more pain she will feel, the more pleasure she is going to get through that way, " He chuckled when he found her struggling, like a little afraid kitten. "The more you will fight it, the more it's going to hurt, Princess," His hand went down to her lower abdomen And her blood drenched from her body when he gently grazed his knuckles against her pelvic line . "You're mine," His hand went down more to taint her purity. "You belong to Arzal Darius Grayson, Sera."

Her Forbidden Feelings

"Sephi! Come here and taste this curry and tell me how's it? " Nathan spoke loudly from the kitchen.

Seraphina ,who was sitting on the floor of her dining hall and was playing with her Tinnie, answered back.

"No, I am playing with Tinnie now, "

"Sephi, Mr Grayson and his friend will be here soon, angel. Go and place Tinnie somewhere else, "

Seraphina sighed hearing his brother and replied

"Okay. I am going to take him back to my room , "

"No, don't climb stairs with it. You can fall, so go and place it in my room, " Nathan uttered because her Tinnie was bigger than her own size and he was the one who always took her Tinnie downstairs and took it back to her room whenever she wanted.

Seraphina pouted her lips in annoyance and glanced at her beautiful Tinnie. How could those grey eyes evil prince be more relevant than her Tinnie? She wondered.

But then she sighed softly and got up on her feet. Seraphina took her Tinnie in her arms . Her tiny arms were not able to cage it completely in her embrace but she still managed to pick it up from the ground.

"Ok. I am placing him in your room, " Her voice got muffled because her face was buried into her Tinnie's chest, as she was having difficulty holding it.

Seraphina was about to walk towards Nathan's room when she heard the doorbell ringing. Her eyes widened. He was already there. So, she held her Tinnie tightly and decided to take him to her brother's room before her guests could see him.

But her huge Tinnie wasn't helping his tiny Seraphina . She was carrying it to her brother's room but her view was blocked, as her face was buried in her Tinnie.

Seraphina was taking her steps while having trouble in holding her teddy but then she felt like she collided with something huge and firm. There was no wall here before in her way ,now from where that hard wall came from.

Seraphina frowned in disapproval and then slightly took her face sideward to see from where that wall came from and that was it , when she noticed that wall had those beautifully enchanting grey eyes which were staring at her amused.

Her azure eyes widened whereas her tummy filled with butterflies by watching his infamous devilish smirk playing on his beautifully evil face .

"A very beautiful evening, Ms. Miller, "

Seraphina gulped because even his voice was lacing with teasing.

"Need some help in picking up the love of your life? " He uttered, surpassing his laugh.

Seraphina gave him a tiny glare and spoke

"No, thank you very much, Mr Grayson. "

His amusement left at her answer because he didn't prefer her calling him that.

He was about to grab Mr Tinnie to remove it between them and teach its beautiful owner a lesson but stopped hearing that voice.

"Sephi. You are still playing with it, angel. " Nathan spoke, staring at Seraphina.

"No, no. I was going to take him back to your room but Mr Grayson came in my way and was asking me if I needed his help in picking Tinnie , " Seraphina answered , looking at Nathan and then travelled her eyes at him.

"So, I told him. I can manage. Thank you for asking, Mr Grayson, "

Arzal slightly narrowed his eyes at her and how badly he wanted to punish his blue-eyed enchantress for not calling him sir.

"Oh.. Okay by the way, here meet, Mr Nicklaus Williams, Mr Grayson's friend and lawyer, "

Seraphina peeked her head a little bit more towards her brother and saw an unknown man which made her gulp in nervousness.

Seraphina made no efforts to get closer to that stranger and her uneasiness didn't go unnoticed by all the men present around her. Arzal glanced at Nicklaus ,who was waiting for his approval and Arzal gave him that by nodding his head lightly.

Nicklaus took his steps closer to her but Seraphina again swallowed hard and tried to get more closer to Arzal.

Nicklaus reached her . He also had to bow his head at her because he was also tall.

Seraphina was nervous but then she saw Nicklaus smile at her and then extended a bouquet of colorful flowers towards her.

"Will you be my friend, Seraphina? " His voice was soft and his gaze was gentle which made Seraphina eased up.

She also smiled back at him and tried to take the bouquet but her hands were already busy holding her Tinnie, so without thinking anything, Seraphina shoved her Tinnie in Arzal's arms because he was the closest person standing to her and then took the bouquet from Nicklaus.

"Thank you, " She smiled widely, making Nicklaus beamed too and there stood Arzal who was squeezing her teddy and was glaring at its little owner.

"Sorry for this, Mr Grayson. Please give this to me, " Nathan apologized, looking at his head boss holding his sister's teddy bear.

It was beyond inappropriate for him but only if he knew that teddy bear was his head boss's biggest rival.

"Okay, Sephi ,go and help our guests in settling down in the dining table till then, I will put your teddy in my room, "

Seraphina immediately nodded her head and then looked at Nicklaus.

"Please come Mr… "She didn't know what to call him.

" You can call me Nick , as now we're friends, Seraphina, " Nicklaus spoke, smiling.

She giggled and nodded.

"Okay, Nick. Let's go, " She happily took Nicklaus to the dining table, completely forgetting her grey-eyed guest, who was glaring at her back and then followed them.

"Okay, you sit here. I will take something for you to drink, " Seraphina said to Nicklaus, who nodded with a smile and then looked at Mr Arzal Grayson who was looking, he was on the edge of chopping his best friend and spanking his best friend's new best friend.

Seraphina scoffed a bit at his expression but didn't speak anything and left.

"Well , she's adorably cute and beautiful, " Nicklaus commented, making him frown.

"What? Don't give me these deadly looks. I am not into innocent teenagers and she is looking more than innocent, "

Arzal rolled his eyes and spat

"Better for you and your life. Stay away from her or else… "

"Got it ,Grayson. Now calm your burning ass down, " Nicklaus chuckled and Arzal frowned and then heard her coming back from the kitchen, holding a tray of glass of soft drinks.

"Please, have it, " She spoke and extended the glasses, first to Nick and then turned towards him and that was where those silver eyes noticed her full frame and how beautiful she was looking.

She was wearing a floral printed light pink frock which was covering her till her thighs. Her long brown hair was open. Her face had no layer of makeup but still her cheeks were naturally pink as usual and her plumpy lips were moisturized with a light pink lip tint ,matching with her clothes color. She was looking ordinary but in his eyes, she was looking ethereal.

"Here, " His trance broke down ,at her voice and he saw her extending the glass of juice to him.

He took it from him. Seraphina was about to turn around but he held her wrist, making her gasp. She looked at him stunned and then at Nicklaus, who was chuckling slowly by watching them .

Her eyes widened, realising Nicklaus knew about the things he did to her Seraphina gave a little glare to that evil demon who was holding her wrist while giving her his evil smirk.

She was about to protest but stopped when she saw him getting up from his chair and then shoved his freed hand inside his coat's pocket and took out different kinds of chocolate bars.

Her mouth watered by watching them whereas her tummy tingled when he placed them on her palm and leaned closer to her ear.

"A sweet present for sweetest Princess, "

Her face turned red in embarrassment hearing him, especially when she heard Nicklaus chuckling. Seraphina grabbed the chocolates and ran away from there into the kitchen.

He laughed, watching her running away and then joined his seat.

"Does Mr. Cold and arrogant Arzal Grayson has turned into a softy cutie pie for his little princess? " Nicklaus teased him and he glared in return.

He was about to retort back but stopped because Nathan came from the kitchen, carrying the food bowls.

"Sorry for making you wait gentlemen but now the food is here, " Nathan spoke, smiling and started serving them but his grey eyes desperately searched for that tiny figure which had vanished in the kitchen.

"Please start, " Nathan spoke, settling down on his chair but he remained restless, until.

"Where's Seraphina? Won't she join us? " Nicklaus asked and Nathan shrugged his head slightly.

"Actually she had already eaten her dinner and now she told me she is going to sleep as she has school tomorrow, " Nathan replied.

Nathan's answer angered him slightly because he knew now she was trying to hide herself from him.

"Ok then, please start eating, " Nathan requested and Nicklaus started eating but Arzal had lost his appetite because he was just there for her and to spend some time with her but she left, like nothing. Like he meant nothing to her and that thing angered him badly but he restrained his anger and spoke.

"Mr Miller, " He stated in his raspily deep voice, gaining Nathan's attention towards him.

"Yes Mr Grayson, "

"I know you have invited us here on a personal note and I am honoured for that but actually I am here to talk to you about something really very important, " He said and the seriousness in his gaze and voice tensed Nathan up.

Nathan nodded at him but his next words froze him at his place.

"It's related to your sister ,Seraphina, "

Seraphina was taking out her nightwear from her cupboard. She had intentionally decided to ignore him, especially after what he had done in front of Nicklaus. It wasn't right. He was her brother's head boss. The things between them, that closeness between them was wrong . Her developing feeling towards him was forbidden, because Nathan would never approve of this, especially knowing who he really was and what he actually was capable of doing.

He was forbidden for her and maybe who knows, all of this was just a game for him. She was just his plaything. He liked teasing and bothering her but she knew in the end, she would end up hurting in all of this. Her growing feelings for him were wrong, terribly wrong. She had to stop it and she would stop it.

Tears pricked in her eyes, just by thinking about all of this. How could she develop feelings for her brother's boss? And now why was it hurting when she was thinking of not going closer to him, to stop those feelings for him?

A tear slipped down from her eyes and now she was about to break down and she could tell everything to her brother, so she decided to hug her teddy and surpassed her pain with the help of its warmth .

Seraphina turned around to look for her teddy but it wasn't on her bed and then she remembered, it was in Nathan's room. She sighed heavily and decided to take it from his room because now Seraphina needed her teddy to rely her head on and cry her heart out.

She exited her room in search of her Tinnie. Seraphina decided not to go to the dining hall and just silently took her teddy from Nathan's room and got back to her room.

She went downstairs and was about to cross the dining hall to reach Nathan's room, when she heard her brother's voice.

"But Mr Grayson, Seraphina will never agree to this. "

"I know Mr Miller, that's why I am not forcing you. I am just requesting you , "

Her brows furrowed in confusion at what they were talking about and how she was including any of that if it was a business talk, until.

"At least try to talk to her that you have to leave this country for a couple of months for our business deal, as now you're the incharge of that foreign project which Mr Dale Lewis was about to lead, "

Seraphina's eyes enlarged processing his words. Her heart turned numb. Her body froze, until she heard his next words.

"And you don't have to worry about Seraphina, like you said she has her school and you can't take her with you because of that. I will take her full responsibility. She will live in my house with me and my mother, "

His words terribly triggered Seraphina's mind. She understood why he was doing it. He was intentionally trying to take Nathan away from her, so that he could make her live with him and then.

Anger emerged inside her eyes in the form of tears. Her face turned red. He was cunning, unmerciful. He had intentionally planned everything and Seraphina was capable of enduring anything but not getting apart from her brother.

Fisting her palms, clenching her jaw, she entered the hall.

"Try to talk t…. "

"Nate will go nowhere away from here. " She cutted his words, gaining every man's eyes on her.

Seraphina's teary eyes straight fell on those grey which were already on her. She further walked inside.

"Seraphina, " Nathan spoke and tried to hold her, but.

"No, " She raised her voice and teared up more.

"You will not go anywhere, leaving me alone, Nate. " She spoke, looki

ng at her brother and then snapped her glossy on those silver eyes once again which were peering at her.

"I.. I am not going to live with this worst person, "


"Let me see him for once. I really need to talk to him, "

"Sir is not here ,so please leave, Ms. ."

"No, I know he's here. Let me meet him. "

The argument at the door continued which gained the attention of a certain pair of emerald green eyes.

"What's happening there? " Those eyes remained glued at the door where the woman and the guards were still quarrelling .

"She's Lia Campbell and wants to meet Mr Grayson, "

Those green eyes filled with curiosity at the answer and then they trailed towards the owner of that voice where they fell on the lowered head of that person.

"And why does she want to meet him? "

That person didn't dare to take his eyes upward and looked into those green eyes.

"She had met Mr. Grayson last month at one of his business events and now she's claiming that she's pregnant with his child , " That man answered , still looking down.

The amusement left from those emerald eyes and got replaced with venom a


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