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  • Author: Taevya
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 125
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"Is my Seraphina afraid of me? " She pressed her shivering naked body more against the wall to prevent getting touched by the bare skin of the owner of that raspily husky voice . "So you don't want me to touch you? But you had no problem getting touched by him, Seraphina? " Her eyes filled with tears hearing his words because her mind immediately recalled the face of her friend and how brutally he had killed him. "Then why are you afraid of getting touched by me, Princess?" She unlatched her lashes and immediately tried to free herself from him but her body turned into ice when he pinned her wrists against the wall and pressed his drenched body against her. "Hadn't I f*ck*ng warned you to stay away from him? But no, my little princess wanted to defy me? And look, her defiance made me to take another life, " A soul quivering smirk crept on his lips by watching the terror emerging into her alluring azure eyes . "So ,I guess now we have to make her obey me and for that, I have a very precious way to teach her, " His hand roamed over her naked skin. "A forbidden way which will hurt my princess a lot, " He squeezed her soft bosoms, making her whimper. "But the more pain she will feel, the more pleasure she is going to get through that way, " He chuckled when he found her struggling, like a little afraid kitten. "The more you will fight it, the more it's going to hurt, Princess," His hand went down to her lower abdomen And her blood drenched from her body when he gently grazed his knuckles against her pelvic line . "You're mine," His hand went down more to taint her purity. "You belong to Arzal Darius Grayson, Sera."


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