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His Defiant Bride

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Thea’s a hardworking professor whose only priority is her outreach program for underprivileged kids. That is until her grandfather cuts his funding for the project trying to make her concentrate on his research projects. In the midst of her despair comes the ludicrous offer from Lucian Salvator. “Marry me and the world will be in the palm of your hands,” As she tries to fight against their exploding chemistry and fool the world into believing in their fake marriage. Thea finds herself slowly giving in to Lucian’s seductive attempt to make her truly his. But, will giving in to his slow-burning seduction be at the cost of her own heart?


“Will you marry me?” Lucian asked with an intense look that made her heart skip a beat for a moment.

“Wh- *cough*” Thea coughed as she tried to clear her air pipes. She probably shouldn’t have gasped while drinking water but her shock got the better of her.

Did Lucian just propose to her?!

“Here…” He said handing her a napkin.

Avoiding his intoxicating gaze, she wiped her mouth and tried to compose herself. Her heart was still racing as she looked back up at his beautiful, blue gaze again.

Why did the damned man have to be so handsome?

And very much her type…

“What did you just say?” She asked, inwardly congratulating herself for sounding normal this time.

“I asked you if you would be willing to marry me?” He said again, his husky voice sending waves of pleasure down her spine.

“Uh, I don’t understand. Why would you ask me this? Leave dating alone, we’ve only known each other for about a week or so…” She said, wondering what had gotten into the man all of a sudden.

“I wonder about that…” He said with a s*xy smile and Thea was so happy that this time she wasn’t drinking anything again.

She should probably leave the food and drinks alone until this conversation is over anyway.

For self preservation purposes…

“Besides, it’s not about knowing each other. I am proposing a business deal to you,” he said as he leaned forward, putting his fists together and watching her closely.

At that moment, Thea felt like he was a predator and she was the prey that was already caught in his gasp.

He was only playing around with her until he felt hungry enough to devour her.

“I hear that your family is going to discontinue their funding on your program,” he said, “It’s such a shame since it’s been helping so many people…”

As his voice trailed off, she felt a chill run down her spine. This man knew about her program… He knew about the kids she was trying to help. And he knew about her family…

“How did you know about this?” She asked, her voice coming out hard and defensive.

He smiled at her and leaned back with a satisfied grin on his face. He caught her. And he knew it…

“Let’s just say that I have my own network.” He said, “As soon as I heard your lectures, I knew that you were the head behind ‘Boundless’. The best outreach program in the country.”

“Is this why you came to my lectures?” She asked, feeling her skin prickle and somehow the room grew smaller around them. Since when did the restaurant feel so empty?

Since when did his gaze turn from s*xy to terrifying? Or was it always like this and she was only too intoxicated to realize it?

“Not at all.” He said, looking at her in the eyes, and she wanted to look away from him feeling so betrayed and ashamed for being attracted to such a devious man.

Was he going to reveal her secret to the world? Or blackmail her into marrying him? But why would he want to marry her anyway?

“I came to your lecture because I was told that you were the best. I needed someone to help my employees and I found out that you were going to be the best for the job. As the dean, your grandfather, recommended,”, he said with ease, and Thea remained silent.

Somehow, his words didn’t flatter her.

“What do you get from marrying me?" She asked.

"I get you..." He said looking at her in the eyes as if she was the only woman in the world, and as he began to explain their contract, Thea felt like she was breaking to pieces from the inside.

After he finished Lucian smiled and said,

"All you need to do is become mine, and the world will be a plaything in the palm of your hands, Thea..."

From Bad to Worse

A few days earlier

“That would be all for today. Don’t forget your homework. And please start preparing early for the midterms,” Thea said as she watched her students hurriedly exit the classroom with a smile.

They were always in a hurry at this time of day, heading out to avoid the lunch rush in restaurants only to fall right into it.

When Thea had to deal with her first year students, she was always aware of how difficult it was for them to go through the course load in the beginning, which is why she tended to go easy on them. After all, biology is a deceptively complicated subject.

But now that the midterms were close she knew that she had to step up her game a little bit, hence her hungry and sugar deprived students at the end of each session.

Thea slowly gathered her materials, closed her laptop, and headed up to her office.

Just as she was about to walk into her office, she was intercepted by the figure of a woman


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