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Her Affectionate Revenge (His Cold Prey)

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"Pervert!" Those were the words that came out of Jessica's mouth when the dashing young casanova ravaged her body with his eyes. Five years later, she came back with twins and a deep heart filled with revenge and hidden affection. "Daddy, I don't think you are man enough" Gabby said, looking straight into Edwin's eyes with his emerald green eyes just like Jessica. "Why?" "That's because you can't even get mummy to like you!" Abby responded, blinking her big hazel eyes just like his. Staring at his mini-version and the adorable girl version of himself, Edwin vowed to get Jessica back, the only girl that made his heart flutter. Even though he hurt her badly. What would happen when these two people finally meet amidst the grudges in between them? Would Edwin Turner be repentant of all his wrongdoings and make amends with the woman he once spite? Or would Jessica Graves do all she can to destroy the only man who still makes her heart beat and the father of her kids? Or would those cute little angels bring together the enemies that happened to be their parents?

CHAPTER 1: You little fox!

On a couch in an extravagant living room, a girl with flowing golden hair covered her face with a thick book and a laptop on her lap. Her slender yet well-manicured fingers were moving in an irregular pattern.

She was busy typing furiously, all her attention on the screen before her. Her whole body oozes elegance and style for a nineteen-year-old girl.

Her neck was covered in a thin round diamond necklace. Her wrist was holding a simple yet attractive watch and those luscious lips were squeezed into a pout as her focus was on what she was doing.

Tapping away on the laptop, she looked like a serious student studying for her upcoming exams but the reality was different.

"D*mn it! Why can't I get past their walls? This is so d*mn frustrating! Haa! Just a little more, Jessy! You hate to lose!" The girl murmured to herself in determination.

A glance at her will draw you straight to those emerald green eyes that looked piercing yet strikingly alluring and those brows were so thick that it gives her the perfect look of a model.

She flipped her hair at random while burying herself in the laptop on her lap. She seems lost in whatever she was engrossed in.

"Jessy, get me the fried prawn from the kitchen," An elegant voice said, piercing into the musical tapping of the young girl.

Jessica Graves paused for a second before resuming her typing again. Why can't her mother just let her have her quiet time? She hates being disturbed. Besides, she can't stop now… just a few minutes and she was sure she would crack it.

"Mum, can't you tell Aunt Maya to do that for you? You know I am studying for my final exams," Jessica complained, still focused on what she was doing.

Jessica always wondered why her mother likes to prepare the meal all by herself despite being the wife of a multi-billionaire. They have more than a hundred workers in the huge mansion each assigned to different significant and insignificant tasks, yet she doesn't allow any of them to prepare the meals for the family.

According to her, it makes her feel fulfilled as a mother and housewife to cater to her family!

Pffffft! Who does that these days? That's one old fashion way of thinking as a Harvard graduate! But Jessica was sensible enough not to say anything or else… she doesn't even want to think about it.

" Baby, five minutes won't make you fail. Besides, you don't look like you are studying. What are you doing?" Her mother said, ignoring her complaints. Mrs Graves knew her daughter was not studying.

" Mum! Stop…"

Her mother chuckled before replying." Just get it for me already. And…drop that computer. We need to have our dinner"

" Mum, I am not…" Jessica tried to argue but her mother gave her a glare.

She hated having meals when she was studying. Not that she was studying, nevertheless It distracts her! And right now her mother would never understand.

What she was doing was what brought her life! Ha! Only her father understands her.

"No excuses! Everyone is eating together today!" Her mother yells bringing her out of her thinking world.

Does that mean her father was back? Jessica pondered. Nah! Her mother was just saying that to make them join in the meal.

" Daddy is not back yet!" She said, confidently. She was still buried in the computer.

Then she said, silently tapping furiously." Just a little more and I will nail this b*st*rd!"

Her father was not back yet because she had been sitting on the couch for more than four hours trying to crash that site!

Her father would only be back if he was invisible which was unlikely. He would always pounce on her each time he came.

"Your daddy came back more than thirty minutes ago while you were busy digging in your laptop," her mother said, walking towards her.

Uh? Really? But wouldn't she have known? And her daddy would never pass her without her welcoming kiss!

" He even gave you your kiss! Seriously, Jessy, you need to stop losing focus as soon as you are with your laptop. I have told you several times…."

Oops! And there she goes again! Jessica rolled her eyes as she finally gave up before she would be drenched in her usual sermons.

"Okay, mum. I will go get the prawn and can you please stop lecturing me already?" Jessica quickly replied before running off to the kitchen.

"You little fox! Just get the prawn and set the table. Where are those little brats? Tristan! Kristen! Where are these children?" Mrs Graves said, leaving the sitting room in search of Jessica's siblings.

Jessica sighs as her mother leaves in search of her troublesome twin siblings. Those brats were lovely as well as devilish.

Maybe it was because her mother had them a little late. They were just nine years old but they can turn the house into a warzone in less than five minutes!

Getting to the kitchen, Jessica collected the prawns. She brought them to the dining table and arranged it for five people.

Her mother always seems to know the right time to butt in everything she was trying to crash a site. She had a bet with Winston that she was going to crash The States Bank for five minutes within three days!

Today was the last day and she was just a few minutes away. But her mother would always be the stumbling block! She has to win the bet or Winston was going to collect a hundred dollars from her!

But if she can win, then she was going to have five hundred thousand dollars! Confused, right? The thing is Jessica had a bet with five boys in her college and each was willing to part with a hundred dollars if she can win.

But if she doesn't, she was going to part with one hundred dollars! The money wasn't a big deal but then she hates losing!

Grumbling as she sets the dining table, she wished her father would have come home earlier. She would have been able to escape from her mother's clutches.

Whenever those two are together, they are always lovey-dovey and rarely part. Her mother would have called her father to assist her in the kitchen and she would have just crashed that site already!

She hears light footsteps from behind her, and a deep masculine yet warming voice fills the quiet dining room.

Huh? It looks like her mother wasn't lying after all!

She turned to look at her father but a glimmer of anger flicked through her eyes the next second.

CHAPTER 2: Impending doom!

Jessica stared at the person beside her father. Wasn't that Uncle Lincoln, the head of her father's laboratory company? Why was he with her father?

She looked at her father and it looked like he was a little pale. Was something wrong? And why would this man come to their house?

She remembered her father having a heated argument with him some months back.

"Jessy, won't you say hi to your uncle?" Mr. Graves said to his stupefied daughter.

"Hi, Uncle Lincoln!" Jessica said, dryly. There was something odd about this man that Jessica doesn't like but his father seems to trust him so much.

"Jessy, you are growing into a fine woman. How are your studies? I heard from your father you would be graduating soon. Good luck! " Uncle Lincoln said, smiling.

Jessica simply forced a smile out before continuing what she was doing. Her mind was feeling uneasy


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