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About me

Marvey_pearl is a talented writer with a passion for crafting beautiful romance stories that captivate readers' hearts. With a natural gift for storytelling, Marvey_pearl brings to life vibrant characters and engaging plots that keep readers hooked until the very end. Marvey_pearl's writing style is both elegant and evocative, with a focus on creating emotional connections between her characters and readers. Her stories are known for their tender moments, heartfelt dialogue, and sweeping romantic gestures that leave readers swooning. When not writing, Marvey_pearl can often be found lost in the pages of a good book or exploring the great outdoors for inspiration. With a deep love for the written word and a dedication to her craft, Marvey_pearl is a rising star in the world of romance writing, sure to delight readers with her unforgettable tales of love and passion.


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Warnings: Mature mind only. Read with caution. “We can even make it a one-time thing.” She said, “We almost did this before...” But she quickly held herself and instead said, "My mom won’t even know a thing, I promise." She said, sounding really desperate. “There’s no way you won’t ask for more, Scarlett,” Adrian argued weakly. “Then I wouldn’t be in the wrong for doing that.” She maintained spiritedly. “I mean, why can’t you just leave my mom and date your age? Or do you think she’s dating only you? She’s got numerous men at her beck and call, and at the end of it all, she’s going to dump you. I am actually the one with the money.” “I don’t care about the money.” Adrian continued stubbornly. “I know this has nothing to do with true love. What exactly do you want from my mom? What do you have on her?” ~~~ Scarlet Davenport, a billionaire heiress and the only surviving daughter of a widow and men-loving cougar; Vivian Davenport, wakes up to find Adrian Hartfield, the man whom she had an instant crush on after meeting at the club being introduced to her as her potential stepdad. She realizes for the first time in her young life that she might have to go against all odds to fight for her prince charming even if it means employing the art of seduction to get Adrian to her bed. When hateful and numerous vile forces notice these weak spots in the family and decide to exploit them to their advantage, will Adrian and Scarlett realize their combined strength early enough? Would they overcome the odds?


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