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She made a deal with a devil. He promised her a free existence if she can do whatsoever he wants. She didn't know what you was getting herself into until she signed the contract and her life shattered. He is now her only enemy but with a good benefits. but can she survive an hatred with benefits she signed to be his s*x slave but end up falling in love her step brother, how is she going to survive a situation like this and on the other end, Jude is also in love with her but they can't further anything because of their parents

Chapter 1

I had just returned back from school when I noticed the tensed face of my cousins on me that got me really worried. I hated them but just to satisfy my curiosity I asked Tim, the eldest son of my aunt and but he just sighed deeply.

"What's going on?" I yelled, angrily.

"Your father was rushed to hospital after he had a panic attack and now mom said he wouldn't be waking up anytime soon" Uby, the meanest of them all yelled and the last born, Iris broke into premium tears.

My eye felt heavy, my heart shattered into pieces and it was like a whole world had just been dumped on me after Uby mentioned my father's situation.

"No! No! No!!!" I shook my head negatively and rushed out of the living room to my father's favorite garden at the back of the kitchen door because there is no way my father is hospitalized.

He was perfectly okay this morning before I had left for school and I don't even trust my cousins because they are the meanest of all and they are probably pulling my legs again.

But unfortunately, the weren't lying. My father had been hospitalized and Gina, my aunt took me to visit him at the hospital in the evening.

I cried my eye out as I watched my father body lifeless with life support machine sustaining him.

"It would be better if he wakes up fast because I don't have much money to spend on his hospital bills" Gina said, to the doctor whilst me crying so hard.

My fist clenched so hard as I heard her yelled at the doctor but there was nothing I could do because I was just a poor child.

The doctor finally left and she walked up to me with a death glared.

"We are leaving now, your mom is coming to get you tomorrow morning so you can finally get off my burdens " She said, and my body froze.

"Mom?" I questioned, because that was the first time I ever heard them talked about my mom existence.

"You heard me right, so now get off my brother and follow me immediately because there is someone outside waiting for you" She addressed, and walked away

"Mom?. Is outside?" I thoughts and ran after her eager to meet my biological mother but on getting to the reception my face dropped when I saw a cute looking guy waiting and he smiled immediately he saw my aunt.

"You must be Jude" Gina asked, and he nodded.

"Where is my mom?" I asked, as I tried to get the cute guy attention that was less of my problems now.

"And you must be that poor little daughter of hers" He said, and my brows arched so madly at him.

"Easy!, your mom had sent me here to give you this. The driver would be coming to get you tomorrow morning so don't soak the bed because no one would be drying that up for you" He said, and passed me a gift bag.

"What's this?" I asked, and ignored all his sarcasms.

"Dress well tomorrow" He winked at me.

"What about the bills?" Gina spoke.

"I don't know ma'am" Jude shrugged and I wondered what they were talking about.

"So, Donna be..." He paused and walked closer to me then leaned to my ear.

"I will make sure you don't last a day before you get your stuffs out of my father's house. You gold diggers!" He spat out, and pulled back.

My eye widened in shock, and confusion because I really don't understand what he was talking about but atleast now I know he is just a devil in disguise.

"What are you talking about?" I questioned

"You will find out soon" He smirked, and his cute inner dimples revealed.

He left with Aunt Gina and I returned back to my father's ward with a lot of my mind. Why is all bad things happening in my life already?.

I wished my Aunt had allowed me spend the night at the hospital but she wouldn't even let me breathe. I was sent back home and that night after dinner she asked me to pack all my stuffs.

"Is she finally leaving us?" Uby asked.

"Obviously" Iris replied, with an eye rolled.

"But to where?" Tim asked, with a tone of concerned.

Why is he suddenly interested in my life and safety because the last time I checked his only achievement was in bullying me.

"Her mom finally remembered she had a daughter and wants her" Gina said, and they all went silent immediately. What's happening?.

"Ain't you guys happy I'm finally going out of the house to meet the same mother you all said I didn't have?" I questioned, but they said nothing.

"It's still not safe to let her off to a stranger she barely knew" Tim opened up his mind again.

"I don't mind" I rolled my eye at him.

"Don't say we didn't warn you" Uby added.

"We might not take you back when you come running back to us" Iris shrugged.

And here are my cousins acting all nice just to piss me off again. Tim is the eldest of my aunt's children and he is three years older than me. Uby, is the second to the last and a queen bee who is so spoilt and can hardly handle a thing by herself without my help as the slave and the Iris, who is the same age with me but yet despised just because her elderly ones hated me and treated me like a trash.

I hit my hand on the table angrily and stood up;

"Y'all had hated me and treated me like a slave but here I am finally getting free from your webs and you are all like this?. I thought you are said I had fallen from the sky but now I have a mother and you still wouldn't let me free?. Let this be the last day you all say nonsense or try to bully me, my father state right now is heart breaking enough and you think it's nice to have a discussion like this?" I yelled, as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Donna" Tim called

"Don't you ever call me name" I yelled, and with that I disappeared to my room and locked the door

Chapter 2


The next morning, came so fast and no one said a word to me as I moved my luggages from my room to the living room where the guards my mom sent picked them up to the car.

I was dressed beautifully in the dressed she had gifted me and I loved it so much. Non of my wicked cousins looked happy though but not like I cared since I won't be staying with them anymore. The only reason I would ever be here again is for my father sake.

I was finally done moving my stuffs so I went to drop the shop key I had with me to aunt Gina.

"I'm set to leave" I said to her, and she was embroidered by her phone and just signalled me to drop it on the table and I did before I was walked out by the guards and my jaws dropped when I saw the Lamborghini packed outside the house.

"Is this mom's car?" I asked, the man dressed in black suit but he only nods and opened the back door for me.

I looked back and saw my cousins outside


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