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Getting into the heart of the CEO

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Lindsey, since childhood, suffered abuse from her family. She fell into a trap orchestrated by her sister Courtney and was taken to a room to be photographed with two men. At a fashion event, Kyle Pratt spotted his girlfriend with another man. Rage consumed him, and he began drinking heavily. Dizzy from the drinks, he was taken to the room reserved for him in the same venue. On the way, he crossed paths with Courtney, and the room key cards fell to the ground. Nervously, she grabbed the wrong one. Kyle and Lindsey were found in the same room due to the Pratt surname, leading to a loveless marriage. Later, Courtney handed Kyle photos of his wife with other men in bed. Enraged, he confronted her to the point of nearly assaulting her. He decided to investigate his wife's life himself and discovered that she was nothing like he imagined. From there, they learned to coexist, and love blossomed between them. When the marriage deadline arrived, Kyle found himself in a trap and deceived his wife. Heartbroken, she granted him a divorce and left the country. Five years later, Lindsey returned to avenge her mother's death and reclaim her company. In the boardroom of the textile company Rose S.A., Kyle saw a confident and elegant woman walk in. From that moment, he is determined to win back his wife, but three mischievous little ones won't make it easy for him.

Chapter 1

Lindsey Girt Rose is a young woman of just 19 years old, standing at 1.75 cm tall. She has hair as blonde as the sun, skin as white as snow, and striking greenish-gray eyes—a enviable beauty hidden behind thick black glasses and loose-fitting clothes.

For the past 11 years, her life has been a torment. Shortly after her mother's death, her father remarried, and her stepmother always treated her as inferior. At the age of 8, she was forced to prepare her own meals and do chores in a spacious two-story house. Her stepmother threatened to fire the employees if they helped her. Being a year younger than her stepsister, Lindsey wore worn-out and discarded clothes. Courtney made her life miserable, crying in front of her father, accusing Lindsey of hitting her, pulling her hair, ruining her homework. All Lindsey could do was wait for shouts, punishments, and confinement to her room with no rights. That room became her refuge in a house where she had neither voice nor vote.

Her so-called father rarely spoke to her, and whatever little affection he had disappeared when her mother died. Lindsey initially couldn't understand.

An incident that marked her life and made her realize the martyrdom she had to endure was when, as a child, she entered the kitchen, opened the fridge, and took the only slice of cake. Innocently, she started eating it, but her stepsister saw her, ran to accuse her father, claiming Lindsey had snatched the cake from her hands, making a face and saying she had no right to what was in their house. John arrived, stood in front of the girl without saying a word, took the cake from her hand, and without warning shoved the piece of cake into her mouth, causing the poor girl to swallow and choke on it. Her eyes widened, and tears of desperation welled up.

"Water, please, water," came out of the girl's irritated throat as she regained her breath.

What she received was a tug on the ear and being dragged to her room. The girl complained of pain, and when they arrived, her father knelt her down and stood behind her, took off his leather belt, and gave her a few lashes. The girl's body suffered and trembled; only the sound of leather impacting her back and Lindsey's sobs could be heard.

"Never humiliate Courney again. She has righter than you in this house. If I find out you take anything from the fridge without Kathen's or my permission, You will regret it," were the words of resentment the girl heard from her father before leaving the room.

She spent two weeks unable to move from the bed. A hidden employee took care of her, and the pain gradually disappeared, just like the marks on her back.

From that incident, she learned to obey and remain silent about the events that unfolded.

"Lindsey, I won't repeat it. I expect you in the living room in half an hour," her stepmother shouted with bitterness.

"Why do I have to attend? I do not like those boring events."

"Because I say so! Your stepsister is representing one of the country's most exclusive designers, and she must appear with her family. I want to see you dressed in a decent dress. Do not make me lose my patience," scolded Kathen, turning her back and slamming the door as she left the room.

Furious, Lindsey goes to her closet, takes out a wide black dress with sleeves, without any details, black flat boots, ties her hair in a ponytail, and wears her unfailing black glasses that make her look indifferent.

‘They only consider me when they need me, like in these moments when the Girt family has to pose before society as the happy family that doesn't exist,’ she muttered discontentedly.

Lindsey descends the stairs with all the patience in the world when she hears Kathen say, "You truly are the shame of the family. Look at yourself, you look like a beggar instead of a Girt." Rolling her eyes and making a disgusted face, she continues, "Come on, it's late."

Her father, as usual, has a gloomy expression and doesn't even bother to look at her. He follows his wife's steps.

Lindsey walks behind them with her head down, gets into the back of the car while her father drives, and her stepmother sits in the front seat.

At the Lennox Hotel, a fashion event is taking place, attended by representatives from different brands and the fashion industry, as well as high society, investors, and the media.

As the event begins, Lindsey observes the place, filled with luxury, tables of food that few touch. She watches people exuding hypocrisy, competing to see who is the best dressed in designer outfits.

Due to her social status, she is obligated to attend such events. Refusing results in punishment, being confined to her room. At the moment, she cannot be confined when there are people who need her.

"Besides being ugly, you look pathetic in that dress. Always trying to embarrass the family with your appearance," grumbles Courtney.

Courtney Girt, at 20 years old, is a model, tall at 1.73 cm, blonde with brown eyes like her mother, capricious, and superficial. Ever since she found out she had a sister, she has despised her for living like a princess while she has shortcomings. Since her mother married her father and acknowledged Lindsey as her daughter, she has made her sister's life difficult.

"You know I do not like being here. I come out of obligation," Lindsey rolls her eyes in annoyance. It's always the same.

"Look, ill-mannered girl, keep your mouth shut. This is not the place for tantrums," her stepmother snaps.

A waiter approaches and offers them wine.

"No, thanks, I do not want any," Lindsey recites.

"You are going to take that glass and put on your best smile. We need to toast to your sister's debut on the runway," her father shouts, keeping his distance.

Lindsey sighs several times, resigned, takes the wine glass offered by the waiter. Kathen, excited for her daughter, raises her wine glass.

"Let's toast to the excellent performance of our beloved Courtney."

They clink glasses. Lindsey hypocritically forces a smile and brings the wine glass to her mouth, tasting a bitter flavor that makes her grimace. She thinks it's just a new taste and doesn't pay much attention. Seconds later, she feels dizzy. A heaviness courses through her body. She tries to maintain balance and take a few steps, but her legs feel like jelly.

Chapter 2

"I told you; wine is meant to be sipped slowly. Look at yourself, you look like a drunkard," commented her sister, noticing the effects of the liquid.

"But I only had one drink, I do not understand. Why is everything spinning?" Lindsey replied.

"Come on, let's go. I will accompany you to the bathroom," her sister said, trying to grab her arm.

"Leave me alone, I can go by myself," Lindsey resisted being touched.

"You are so stubborn. Let your sister help you," whispered Kathen.

"But I..." Lindsey didn't finish speaking as her father interrupted coldly.

"Get her out of here before she makes a fool of herself."

Her sister walked with her to the bathroom, but on the way, two young men intercepted them, diverting into a hallway.

"Help me, this prude has passed out."

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