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From One Night To True Love

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Jessica Miller witnessed her boyfriend's infidelity, went to a bar, got drunk, and ended up framed by her step-sister, leading to a one-night stand with Marcus. After the one-night stand, Jessica quickly left, and the male protagonist Marcus Smith chased after her, resulting in a car accident that caused him to lose his memory. Jessica later went abroad and discovered that she was pregnant, with the father of the child being the man from the one-night stand whom she did not even know the name of. She gave birth to the child and completed her studies. Several years later, she returned to her home country with her genius son Oliver, who had already discovered that his biological father was the CEO of the Noblefull Group and also the leader of a mafia gang. The child yearned for a complete family and arranged for his mother Jessica to become Marcus's secretary. Although Marcus did not remember Jessica at first, he developed a strong affection for her. However, initially, Jessica was not interested in Marcus, considering him to be too fickle because he already had a girlfriend and several other lovers. As they spent time together, the flames of love grew stronger. One day, Marcus's half-brother Dennis Smith, saw Oliver, who looks exactly like Marcus, and thought Oliver was Marcus's illegitimate child. Concerned that Oliver's existence would affect his inheritance rights in the Smith family, Dennis planned to run over Oliver with a car but ended up severely injuring Jessica. Marcus, wanting to help Jessica seek revenge, inflicted severe injuries on Dennis. At this point, Marcus's father, Oliver's grandfather, planned to send killers to kill the grandson he had just met. Why did Marcus's father do this? It involves the love and hate of the previous generation. Marcus was subjected to abuse from his father during his childhood. As an adult, he concealed his sharpness and stayed by his father's side, only to seek an opportunity for revenge. Marcus finally regained his memory. He and Jessica went through hardships and finally got married.

Chapter 1 Unexpected One Night Stand

Jessica Miller, female, 18 years old, with a well-proportioned figure, a beautiful girl, and a freshman in college.

She was wearing a light pink shirt, washed blue jeans, and plain canvas shoes, with a pure and pretty appearance, and big eyes, filled with innocence.

Today is her boyfriend Raymond Davis's birthday, and she wanted to give him a surprise.

The bag contained the carefully selected luxury brand watch, which was expensive, and she saved for half a year to afford it.

Raymond was one year ahead of her and was a prominent figure in the school, the dream boy of all the girls in the school.

As soon as she entered the house, she felt that something was not right. There was a pair of red crystal high heels in front of the shoe cabinet, and red shawls, tops, skirts, and long stockings were scattered all over the floor.

Men's shirts, trousers...

The red underwear lay quietly on the man's pants, looking quite erotic, and there were sounds of a woman's groan and a man's low growl coming from the bedroom...

An erotic reality show?

If this weren't her boyfriend's house, Jessica might have been interested in watching the performance from outside the door.

The messy floor and the musky smell in the air made her realize what was happening, no matter how naive she was.

"Do you love me, Raymond?" A seductive voice asked.

Florence Black? Her good friend? Um... She's been playing games too much lately, hallucinating, hallucinating...

"Of course, I love you, Florence, you're amazing..." Raymond's voice was filled with comfort and pleasure...

Jessica approached the bedroom step by step.

The ambiguous voice became clearer, the door wasn't closed tightly, and she stood there, clearly seeing the intertwined silhouettes of two people, Florence arched her neck, her curly hair wild, her face flushed, and her red lips kept moaning.

"Tell me, who's better in bed, me or Jessica?" The lust-rendered voice was particularly charming.

"Of course it's you, Jessica is too conservative, we've been dating for a year, and the most intimate thing is holding hands. She doesn't agree to have sex with me. She's just a boring beauty, with no taste, how can she compare to you? Oh, darling... faster..."

Cut, your mouth smells bad, only an idiot would be kissed by you.

Really fierce!

Their postures are too difficult, right?

Damn, how did they manage to make that pose?

Jessica was a little impressed with herself, she had the mind to study their posture at this moment.

"Oh... Jessica..." Raymond noticed Jessica, frowned and quickly pulled the quilt to cover their bodies.


Florence stood up calmly, disregarding her naked body, which still bore the marks of lovemaking.

"Her figure is really hot like she's got the potential to be a playgirl," Jessica thought to herself.

Florence casually tossed a set of clothes to Raymond, and she put on his shirt.

Jessica remained calm, though her face was pale, her eyes contained a hint of laughter, innocence, and sweetness. Her mother had said that no matter what, one must always smile, as it's the best disguise.

"Jessica, you've seen it now, we're together, so you should break up with him!!" Florence provocatively hooked Raymond's arm, and with an air of superiority and a condescending tone, she showed off to Jessica.

How could someone like Jessica, from such a humble background, be worthy of the handsome and dashing Raymond? Only someone like herself, Florence Black can be with him.

"Why are you doing this, Raymond?" Jessica asked.

Even if you were cheating, don't involve my friends, especially since this girl's reputation is so bad. She is a well-known playgirl.

Raymond coldly smiled, shook his head, and with a look of disdain on his young and handsome face, proudly said, "Jessica, let me tell you the truth. I pursued you in the beginning because I made a bet with a few of my buddies. All the boys in the school knew it was difficult to pursue you, so I made a bet with a few of my friends on whether I could successfully pursue you. Honestly, look at you, bare-faced, dressed in rubbish, are you worthy of me?"

Even if she's beautiful, it's still humiliating to take her out.

"So that's how it is," Jessica nodded with understanding, and sweetly smiled, "How much was the bet?"

"1 million dollars!"

"You wouldn't have won the bet without me, so give me half of the winnings!" Jessica smiled even more sweetly, and her eyes emitted the glow of money.

Damn, since you lied to me, it's not unreasonable for me to get half of the money, right?

Raymond's face turned pale.

See, this woman is so tacky. As soon as the money is mentioned, her eyes light up, like she's got a scamming look on her face, damn it!

He had sex with another woman in her presence, yet she still smiled so sweetly, and even wanted to know about the bet and demanded money?

Damn! What kind of monster is she?

Florence couldn't contain her anger, "Jessica, have you no shame?"

"Of course I have shame. At least my face is worth something, I can sell it for a higher price than you," Jessica said with a sweet smile. "You're so stingy. If you don't want to give, then don't. Taking all the money for yourself, be careful, may you be struck by lightning."

"As you wish, we're breaking up. I wish you all the best in love."

Both of them turned pale.

Jessica smiled and walked away gracefully.


Night fell, and the city of W was bustling.

The bar, located in the prime area of W, was bustling with activity. On the stage, seductive dancers twisted their waists like water snakes, their heavily made-up faces exquisitely beautiful and alluring, their seductive eyes captivating the men in the audience who cheered non-stop.

The music was thunderous, and the air was filled with the intoxicating aroma of alcohol.

This was a place of revelry and debauchery.

At the bar, Jessica kept drinking, her face flushed with alcohol.

Raymond had cheated, and they had broken up. She acted carefree, but deep down, there was still a twinge of pain, just a tiny bit.

"Jessica, come on, be a good girl. Forget all the unhappy things and drink some more," her stepsister Karen Brown encouraged her to drink more and discreetly slipped a pill into her drink.

"Could you stop chattering in my ear? Let me have a moment of peace," Jessica calmly said and downed her drink.

Damn it, if I didn't need you to pay the bill, who would tolerate your noise?

After Jessica's mother passed away, her stepmother married her father and brought Karen into the family. Despite being together for four or five years, their relationship had always been strained. Karen's social circle was a mix of unsavory characters, and she changed boyfriends as easily as flipping through a book. Jessica had never liked her stepsister.

But she was broke and had no money to pay for her drinks, so she had to rely on Karen.

Karen suppressed her anger. She saw Jessica drink the glass of wine, smiled smugly, and had the bartender pour a few more drinks for her before slipping away to the dark corner by the side door.

"How is she? That's my sister. Isn't she beautiful? 5 million dollars, the price is non-negotiable!" Karen cunningly said to a shady-looking man. She owed loan sharks and couldn't afford to repay, so she had to trick Jessica into the bar and sell her to the underground market to clear her debts.

Anyway, Jessica just happened to have a heartbreak and wanted to get drunk. Karen didn't feel the least bit guilty.

"Deal!" The man rubbed his chubby chin, his eyes filled with lust.

This was a prime catch. A woman like her could fetch up to 10 million dollars at the underground market.

Jessica drank to the point of feeling tipsy but not completely drunk. Damn it, Raymond said she was old-fashioned and boring. She wanted to show him what fun meant, but buying drinks for such a bad man was downright foolish.

Jessica got up, placed down her glass, and stumbled forward, then suddenly lurched and fell into the arms of a young man.

A very young man, looking like he was in his early twenties.

His features were carved to perfection, exquisitely beautiful with an almost otherworldly allure. He exuded a natural elegance and nobility, yet his eyes were excessively cold, almost bordering on indifference.

An elegantly indifferent man.

Marcus Smith looked with disgust at the woman who was actively throwing herself at him, he detested this kind of actively pursuing woman.

As he looked into her eyes, suddenly...

He was stunned!

As if the whole world was filled with bright colors.

She had a pair of beautiful eyes, bright, clear, and spiritual as if filled with the brightness of the whole world.

"Wow, are all the money boys so good-looking now?" Jessica murmured to herself.

This man is too good-looking. Jessica thought to herself, according to Karen, the money boys in this bar are all outstanding, with extraordinary looks and elegant demeanor. And this man fits the bill perfectly, so Jessica took him as a money boy.

Marcus's face darkened, and his slender eyes narrowed dangerously.

Money boy? He, Marcus Smith, is a money boy? Damn it, that girl is dead!

Before he could say anything, Jessica grabbed his collar and asked fiercely, "Hey, how much for a night?"

Veins popped on Marcus's forehead, his cold eyes emitted a daunting cold light, and he tightened the hand around her waist, her soft body hitting his hard chest, "Are you looking for a man?"

"Nonsense, if I wasn't looking for a man, why would I ask you?"

Not only is this man good-looking, but even his voice is so magnetic, being a money boy must be very profitable, Jessica thought.

"Very well!" Marcus's voice was chilling. For some reason, hearing her say that, a surge of anger rose in his heart, so he dragged her into his private elevator. Since she came looking for a man, he didn't need to waste time, right?

Tonight he had rejected countless women who had tried to chat him up, feeling quite uninterested, but she had aroused a fire in him.

When Karen and the sleazy man returned to the bar with the check, Jessica was gone, which made Karen stomp her foot in anger, and the sleazy man's eyes glinted ominously.

Sweat broke out on Jessica's body, a raging heat rising within her. In the elevator, the innocent girl turned into a seductive goddess, her young body constantly rubbing against Marcus's body, exhaling fragrance.

The ambiguous moans floated teasingly in the man's ear, bewitching his soul.

Hmm, this man smells so good, with a faint tobacco scent, no artificial perfume, clean and warm. She didn't know what was happening to her, her body was unbearably hot, and she could only keep rubbing against his body to relieve the heat.

So comfortable...

Moans escaped her lips, her small hands greedily reaching into his chest...

Damn! Has she turned into a seductress?

Marcus was teased by her warmth, his breath becoming erratic. His proud self-control was on the brink of collapse. This woman was simply a demon in disguise, she twisted restlessly in his embrace, her beguiling eyes and intoxicating fragrance overwhelming.

He forgot his anger and wickedly lifted her chin, dangerously gazing into the girl. Unable to resist, he leaned down and kissed her red lips.

So sweet.

The sweet taste was intoxicating, Marcus never lacked women, as the heir of the Noblefull Group, there were plenty of women waiting for him to ravish them. Marcus had countless women, changing them as often as changing clothes. However, he never kissed a woman on the lips, in this regard, he was somewhat fastidious.

But this time he made an exception!

His skillful lips pried open her teeth, invading every corner, enticing Jessica's delicate tongue, suckling and nibbling lightly, caressing every inch of her tender skin. Jessica's spine was electrified, her whole body trembling, her legs weak, if Marcus hadn't held onto her, she might have embarrassingly collapsed on the ground.

This man really knew how to captivate!

The dominant kiss, rough and tumultuous, made it impossible not to sink into it!

Jessica, inexperienced and passionate, completely aroused Marcus, almost making him lose control, nearly making love with her in the elevator.

This woman was like opium, dangerous and deadly.

The two young bodies rubbed desperately together. Jessica's face flushed, Marcus breathing heavily, their low moans and panting intertwined in the confined elevator, the whole space filled with an ambiguous air.


The crisp sound brought Marcus back to his senses, gritting his teeth, suppressing the overwhelming desire. He dragged the almost collapsing Jessica to his exclusive room, his eyes suffused with a dark mist.

Damn it, can't you be a bit gentle?!

Jessica, her wrist aching from being dragged, exploded in anger!

Marcus slammed the door shut. He was unable to bear it any longer, and pushed Jessica against the door, one hand against her forehead, the other gripping her waist, his hard chest rubbing against her soft breast, he lowered his head and fiercely kissed her on the lips.

His handsome face was flushed with a terrifying redness, the ambiguous sounds of mingled saliva making the whole air boil with intense heat.

Never had a woman aroused such a strong desire in him.

Like a wild beast, he frightened Jessica.

"Wait... wait... let go... you jerk..."

"What, now playing hard-to-get? " Marcus's eyes were deeply red, filled with danger and malice as he pinched Jessica's chin. "You ignited this fire, and you must bear the consequences!"

Damn it, can't you use some fresh words? Jessica rolled her eyes. Fire, fire, what the hell, I'll burn you alive!

Jessica swallowed hard. She was starting to feel scared. But, what was this surge of heat inside her? Her body was getting hotter, her face redder, and she felt a faint glow of green in her eyes as she looked at Marcus.

She really wanted to kiss him... touch him...

Damn it!

What the hell did Karen give her to drink?

Chapter 2 100 Dollars For One Night

The strange sensation made Jessica's gaze start to blur. Having already drunk alcohol and then drugged, she had managed to hold on for so long, which was quite a feat.

"You've been drugged, haven't you?" Marcus finally noticed something was off about her, no wonder her body had been so hot since earlier. He had thought it was... The girl's flushed cheeks, seductive eyes, her clothes half-exposed, her sexy shoulders, alluring collarbones, and soft breasts that were half-revealed...

This was a vividly seductive scene, and no man could resist such temptation.

"Damn it, you come here alone and get drugged, and you didn't even notice?"

Anger, the usually icy Marcus could not contain it. The thought of what might have happened to this girl if she had run into someone else... And did it even matter to her?

The thought of other men seeing her in this seductive state made Marcus want to kill.

No, to kill her!

Jessica groaned uncomfortably, her mouth


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