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From One Night Stand To Billionaire's Bride

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Mia attends her high school reunion with the hope of reconnecting with her long-lost love, but fate has other plans. She accidentally stumbles into a stranger's private room. The passion between them ignites as they give into their desires, and they have a one-night stand. However, she doesn't wait to find out the identity of the man she has spent a lustful night with and runs away, leaving behind her necklace. Several weeks later, Mia discovers that she is pregnant as a result of that one-night stand. Despite the challenges ahead, she decides to keep the baby and raise it on her own. Meanwhile, Zenith, a powerful and wealthy billionaire, finds himself under pressure from his family to settle down and get married. Little does he know that a secret from his past is about to change his life forever. He discovers that he has a child from a one-night stand, and he still has the necklace he found from the night of pleasure with the woman who disappeared at sunrise.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The reunion

Mia Quinn stood in front of the private room. She heaves a heavy sigh. She doesn't know if she should enter. Is she ready to face those people again? Students from her high school are people she wished could be erased from her history.

She finally pushed the door opened and walked in.

"Oh the school belle is here", Someone said immediately after she entered. Mia did not know who he is. She did not relate much with her high schoolmates. About her being the school belle, that's just because she was made the school ambassador for her set because she is very brilliant. Mia's face is not a face that can be imprinted in one's mind. She could not be called a beauty but her facial features are clean and fresh. Though her face is not beautiful, she is not ugly.

Someone sneered.

" Who knew you could attend a class reunion? I thought people like you will never attend reunions", the person said.

Mia didn't want to come but she came anyway because that person called her that he is back in the city.

It has been five years since they graduated from high school and most of them including Mia had graduated from the university.

Mia sat down and saw that person.

"Mia", He called and stood up.

Seeing his smile, Mia gave a smile too.

" Hello, Adam", she said.

This person Adam Cooper is her high school crush. She had been crushing on him since they were in school. She's not seen him for years. He went to study abroad and came back just yesterday.

Seeing him again, Memories of their high school days flooded in. He is one of the few memories she had of high school. All she remembered clearly from high school is the knowledge she gained from the school_Spartan high school.

"Sit here", He said and allowed her to sit in the seat he had kept for her.

" Oh! Is Adam being the gentleman now?", Someone asked when he saw Adam drawing out a seat for Mia.

Someone else laughed.

"Maybe he is making up for rejecting her several times in school", Everyone in the room laughed when they heard this.

Mia sigh.

Apart from studying all day long during High school, the only other thing she did is confess to Adam Cooper.

" I can remember those confessions and rejection vividly! If I'm to write an essay on something I will never forget, I will write about Mia's confession and Adam's rejection. I will get a very good score. Trust me, It's so dramatic."

Mia agreed with this person. She confessed several times and Adam rejected her several times.

"The first confession is a love letter. Mia used terrible grammar to write the letter and she put it on Adam's table. Adam looked for her later and gave the letter to her.

'Can you do me the favor of explaining what you wrote here? I don't understand any of these grammars' and when Mia read her letter and explained it, Adam said.

'What to do? I don't even understand love' ", when that person said this, everyone laughed as if they are relishing the memories.

"Mia confessed to Adam for the second time using the school broadcast system. Adam simply waited for her in the hall and gave a reply.

'What do I do? I don't want a girlfriend now' ", they all started laughing again until a cold voice said.

" Do you think it's funny? You're embarrassing Mia", Adam said.

One of the guys in the room scoffed.

"You embarrassed her more! Who are you to ask people not to embarrass her?", he asked.

Adam clenched his fist.

" You guys don't fight", their class Rep, Brittany said."Let's play a game. Truth and dare. If you fail to answer a question or didn't do what you're dared to do, you have to drink three glasses of wine together at the same time.", she said.

"We brought cars. We have to drive later", someone said.

" Then answer the question you're asked and do what you're dared to do or you can just call a designated driver", Brittany said.

"Let's do this!", they all started.

Mia is getting bored until someone called her and dared her to take off her blouse.

Mia did not even think about it and drank the three glasses of alcohol.

Everyone cheered her up as she downed the wine.

The game continued until a lady asked Mia again.

" Mia, do you still like Adam?", the girl asked.

Mia didn't know the girl's motive for asking the question but she decided not to answer because she don't even know how to answer.

She poured a glass for herself.

"Let me", Adam said.

" No thanks ", Mia told him and downed another three bottles of wine.

Adam's face darkened.

She didn't answer the question.

Maybe she is just shy. He knew she liked him so much and he couldn't believe she could forget him easily. There must still be a space for him in her heart. This time around, he is back at B-city to claim Mia.

Mia turned to him.

" I want to use the restroom", she said and stood up. She is drunk. She did not have any tolerance for alcohol. She usually doesn't come to places like this but she came today because Adam asked her to come. She walked out of the private room staggering. She found her way to the restroom down the hall.

She did her thing at the restroom and walked down the hall. She felt dizzy and leaned on the wall for a while. She then looked at the room before her. All the private room doors look the same except for the number on them. She came out from room 66 but she opened the door to room 69 since she is muddle-headed at the moment. She walked into the room and was greeted by a strong smell of alcohol.

She saw that she entered the wrong room and turned to go out but something rather someone made her stop in her tracks.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: You have to help me

She noticed that she has stepped into the wrong room and turned to go out but she heard a voice.

"I'm sorry for doing this but you have to help me", The sexiest voice she's ever heard said.

Hearing that hoarse voice Mia trembled. She became sober immediately. Soon someone hugged her from behind. Before she know it, she was thrown on the sofa in the room.

" What are you doing?", She asked.

She couldn't see his face clearly since the room is not well-lighted.

"Just help me. I'm not usually like this but I have no option", the man said.

Then he undoes her zip.

Mia struggled but she is no match for the man on top of her.

Waking up at dawn, she saw that she is the only one in the private room. She didn't even have a first time in a proper room. Mia teared up remembering what happened the previous night. The pervert that raped


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