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[WARNING!!!!!!! MATURED CONTENTS!!! RATED 18+ Livingtough spot in the City of her birth, Danielle Mirabelle stumbles on an opportunity to work in a well known worldwide organization across the country through a lucky game. She travels to the big city of Nova along with her boy with promises to return big to elevate her family's struggles. On landing in the big city of Nova, she and her boyfriend get stranded and in the process of finding a way out, she stumbles into the claws of cruel, hardhearted, irresistible, charming Raymond Tyler, the CEO of the largest corporation in Nova City. His grip on her becomes tight and he doesn't let her go. Raymond Tyler is a cold-hearted brutal leader of a well known bloody Mafia group seeking freedom from his demonic rivals attempting to tear down his empire.  A beautiful, arousing young lady stumbles into his life when she accidentally steps into his car park. He finds himself wanting nothing more than to bed this young beauty and takes the advantage of making her his sex slave in order to pay for her unknown crime. How far can Danielle cope with this sex intent maniac and will Raymond succeed in getting what he wants?



"Okay ma'am here are your passports. Both copies. You are set and all done to go whenever you want." The attendant in charge handed me two neatly arranged copies of passport , beaming beautifully.

I smiled and retrieved them from her feeling extremely light-hearted. "Thank you." I muttered and examined them. I chuckled. This is really a dream come true. Who would have believed that a few moments ago, I was seated in her oh-help-me-God looking little apartment weeping due to unspoken pain. My stress and turmoils were really getting her so weak, it was still kinda hard to detect if this so-called miracle coming my way was actually genuine. I kept looking back at intervals from the passports in my hands back to see if I would be called back for a mistaken identity. 

I walked out of the immigration department office completely blown away. I stood by the road watching as various expensive acquisitions paraded the entire place. I chuckled. Soon, I will be just like them. It won't take too long. I was giddy with a lot of excitement and wanted to go crazy. Yes. Really really crazy. Probably grip my hair and jump around the streets screaming. I thought of David and smiled. That kind wonderful boyfriend of mine will be so enormously thrilled to hear this. Our days of sweating and struggling for peanuts will be finally over. I took a deep breath trying to contend the extreme joy tearing at my insides. I have to go home now. I have to tell him the good news. 

It's always been my dream. A dream that always gave me sleepless nights with relentless determination to prove my parents wrong and change their perspective about me.

My life right from the scratch has always been a tough one. It all seemed my entire lineage had been cursed with the absolute claws of wretchedness. My great grandparents and grandparents all suffered the same fate and have now passed the baton over to my parents. 

But, I was an extremely determined and persevering girl. I had made up my mind at a young age that the turmoil my parents are going through will never get to my own children. I was determined to break the generational link at my own stop. It all had to end. I  left my parents to be with my boyfriend at the age of sixteen to work out things for myself. He was always a good kind humble soul to me. Always motivating me and enlightening me to always go for the best. His advice and motivations placed the childish perspective into the little young mind of mine that he is definitely the right man for her. 

Nothing could ever separate me from him. Not even my dimwitted hardened parents. 

My parents kept giving me warning lectures on the man called David, but i was determined and thus to avoid my parents constant nagging, moved out with him. 

Every warning sign given to me was useless. I was a very determined young lady and nothing would stop me from achieving her dreams. 

I took out my phone and dialed his number. He picked it up on the first ring as always and I beamed coyly over the phone as though he could see me. 

"Hello baby." I said cooing. 

He chuckled over the phone probably  wondering what l was up to this time. 

"Hello sugar." He replied. "What's up?" He asked.

I  beamed ecstatically on the phone. "The sky's up."

"..." He seemed to be taken off guard because he was silent all along. " Such a cunning little girl." He muttered and chuckled. "Alright. Serious mode on. What's the news?" He asked. 

I looked at the passports in my hand with my eyes glittering. "I got the passports." I replied. 

I heard him gasp over the phone and giggled. "What the..... This ain't a joke right?" David asked and my heart glowed with joy. 

I chuckled. " Yes!!" I  squealed. "Where are you? We need to celebrate this?" I said, looking for a cab.

He was silent again and I looked at the phone. "David. Are you there?"

He chuckled and sighed. "Didn't you leave me at home honey?" He asked.

"Oh." I  muttered. " I'm sorry. I guess the happiness of this moment got the better of me. " I said with such a happy vibe that David laughed and I beamed. 

"I'm happy to finally see that all your struggles are gradually paying off. I am so happy for you."

I blushed. " Aaaawnn. Thanks for your help though. I couldn't have done it without you. Hold on. I'll be home soon." I said and ended the call.  I got to the main express and boarded a cab home. 


When I got home, David was seated in the dimly lit little barely manageable sitting room in front of the little sized tube TV sipping some lemon tea with his feet crossed above the center desk. He's a real handsome well built smooth skinned man in his mid twenties. His features were often looked at by one as a gift from the gods even though he was really an unstable and struggling youth. 

Ever since he met me, he kept telling me that he would be my main jolt to the world of riches and unspeakable wealth. Thus, I clung to him. He never ceases to call me  a really beautiful, determined girl. He says my diligence and perseverance sometimes makes him feel ashamed and had himself tagged as an unintentional lazy youth. I always did my best to console him and we got along well.

He wasn't the kind to go through all the stress but had the zeal to. Being with me seemed to open his eyes a bit to the important facts of life of which one is; NO FOOD FOR A LAZY MAN.

I walked in through the squeaky little door leading from the outside to the sitting room and he turned Immediately beaming beautifully at me. 

I smiled and beamed at him childishly displaying the passports. 

He grinned and pulled me into a deep warm hug. "Hello baby." He said. 

I giggled in his arms, extremely happy. David was thrilled. He looked so damn happy. "At least, I will finally shut the mouths of those silly friends of mine who taunt me every time saying you are up to no good."

I smiled and grinned at him

I was now exhausted from too much happiness and slumped into the little sofa. 

"Wow!" I muttered. "This is the happiest day of my life." 

David sat beside me cuddling me into his arms. I giggled. 

"I'm so happy for you baby." He said with every sincerity in his heart. 

I turned to him beaming and patted his nose playfully. "Don't say that. Be happy for us. Not me." I replied. 

David chuckled. " But you obviously did all the hard work. All I did was sit here at home and murmur." He said and looked away forlornly. " I'm so stupid." 

My smile died. sat up. "Hey no. Don't say that. It's not your fault you don't have anything to do."

He chuckled. " No. It's my fault. I'm supposed to be the one taking care of you Danielle. I'm supposed to be the one supplying your every need. But no. It's the other way round. I feel so insanely stupid. "

I chuckled deeply. I then held his cheeks and kissed him. "I don't want you ever feeling this way again or else I will not forgive you. I did this for us okay. Forget about what anyone else is saying. It's all about us and us alone okay? " 

David stared at me for a while and smiled.  "What in the heavens have I done to deserve such a rare beautiful gem like you?" He muttered and I blushed as he kissed my neck and pushed me back against the sofa. I laughed. 


The early hours of the day didn't go by without David taking a walk as a gentleman towards his friends house with the good news walking with extreme confidence towards the door to their house. The sweet smell of riches filled the air as he padded his way towards the huge enormous building where they lived.  He got to the house which all looked deserted like the earth had been lost. He walked to the too familiar mahogany made door to the apartment knocking relentlessly.

 That was always his usual routine whenever he got there. His friends themselves were also pissed off with it. A growl was heard from within as he graced the door with his knuckles. 

He chuckled and waited patiently as the door swung open to reveal the closest to him of them all, Steve, glaring at him. 

"What the heck is your problem man?" He asked.

David laughed and slapped him against his shoulder. Steve shook his hand off furiously , still glaring at him. That had David laughi


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