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Excel Arthur

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About me

Born a star, always a star 🌟 An artist in numerous dimensions "As a wordsmith of enchantment, I weave tales that transcend realms, blending the magic of fantasy with the allure of romance. With a penchant for exploring the depths of passion, my stories ignite the senses, leaving readers spellbound. Embark on a journey into realms where love and fantasy entwine, guided by an author who paints with words, creating worlds as vivid as the emotions they evoke." INSTAGRAM @excel_arthur FACEBOOK @Excel Arthur


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My name is Ariel and uhm...My life just got a lot worst. I am like a lost soul seeking for the true warm sootheness of love. The first I had which got me spinning in endless fantasies, stumped on my frail heart and trashed it into the waist bin. My best friend, or so I thought, nearly ended my life.... I am broken, I am lost, I am weak. My financial life nearly crashed. Right at the moment I decide to seal my throbbing heart from any sort of emotions, a foreigner shows up and opens up a path way to something new. Something which will never depart from me in a lifetime no matter what. He has my soul in a twist, and got me amused by his wits. He is mysterious and attractive in every way. Brave and astonishing with every step. He is my soul keeper and my ever present guardian. I ache so bad for him. I want him, but he never wants me. How the hell do I go about this? --------------------- ~EXCERPT~ I watch him with excessive want as he turns to the door and involuntarily stop him. He slowly turns to me and I crazily wrap my arms around his neck gracing his skin with my desperate smooth kisses. His body tenses and he grips my waist. "Watch what you are doing, Ariel. You are toying with fire. You don't know what you are doing." He whispers against my ears. " I don't care. If this fire is going to burn me, then so be it. I am going to keep playing with this fire till it my will." INSTAGRAM@excel_arthur


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