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Fight For The Truth

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A party that gets out of control An infidelity that breaks my heart Betrayals, secrets, and truths coming to light They accuse me of a crime I didn't commit, but I will prove my innocence. I don't remember much, just a few gray eyes that became my salvation in more ways than one.


Ganash family residence

Point of view of Ethan

"Alexa, you are incredible," he whispered to Alexa while I caressed her bare back with my fingers.

Since I saw her for the first time, I have been captivated by her beautiful honey-colored eyes and her black hair. She is a very beautiful woman.

I know I'm doing something wrong; Abby doesn't deserve this. But I fell in love with Alexa.

Now, we are in my room, at my parents' house, and we have made love since we were supposed to get together with a few friends to hang out for a while, but it ended up being a big party.

"I know... baby," He responds with a sensual purr. "Will you finish that?"

It saddens me to break Abby's heart. She is a great girl, and Ailen warned me well that Abby is special and that before being a sister, she was a woman. She made it clear to me that if I broke Abby's heart, she was going to rip my balls out and make them swallow them. But I couldn't help it.

"Yeah, baby. I can't get away from you anymore... Not anymore"

"Ethan, I didn't want things to be like this," she murmurs worriedly and clings to my body.

"Neither do I, but it hasn't happened today. From now on, it will be just you and me,” she promised, raising her face so that she could look me in the eyes.

"If only you and me..."


Point of view of Jose

Oh, Mother! This will surely make Abby tell Ethan to f*ck off.

I'm standing outside a room that I assume is that of Ethan Ganash's *ssh*l*. This house is beautiful. I already imagined it well. Ethan, like Ailen, lived in cotton wool. It's not for nothing that his father has made an effort to give them the best education that money can buy...


In terms of moral principles, they seemed to need to reinforce the lesson.

While those two f*ck like there's no tomorrow, their girlfriend -my Abby-is looking for her supposed boyfriend. But just as knowing this will break her heart, I will be the one in charge of beating her heels.

This is my moment.


Point of view of Abby

"Abby, letting Ethan get lost... he's even going to do you a favor. Plus, regardless of whether he's my brother, he's not the man for you," Ailen tells me during a party that she's gotten out of hand.

"Ailen. We have to stop."

"To look for that idiot, Ethan. Take another shot, and I assure you that after that, my brother will be worth three cucumbers", interrupts me and pours two shots of Tequila on the counter of the mini bar that she has in her parents' mansion.

"Ailen..." I scold her.

She has no respect, even for her brother.

"Really. You'll see that in less time than a rooster crows, you'll forget about him," she insists, hands me a shot of Tequila, and toasts, "Cheers, Abby, because being single is the best!"

"Abby, darling! Sorry for interrupting you, but I have to tell you something." Jose arrives next to us, almost panting.

"I'm listening to you, José"

"Alone," he tells me, looking eloquently at Ailen.

"Don't worry"

Don't play; Ailen is my best friend.

"Whatever you say." He takes a deep breath and suddenly says, "Ethan is f*ck*ng a woman in one of the rooms, and I heard him say that you were stupid and that you only served him as an ornament because you're disgusting as a woman," he says. José left me frozen

"It's not true!"

How can you lie to me, with something like that? For God's sake, he is my friend.

"If you don't believe me, follow me, and I'll take you where that b*st*rd fucks another woman while saying the worst things about you." His confidence scares me.

No, no, no. There must be a mistake here.

"Ailen!" A man calls, but I am so petrified by what José said that I can't figure out who is calling Ailen.

"Listen, Abby. I know my brother, so I suggest you follow him... I'll go see what he wants."

I swear, if what you say is real, I'm going to kill Ethan myself!


Point of view of Gianna

The cocky fool comes down the stairs, looking dazed, like something has happened to him.

“Ethan,” I said with a cold voice full of resentment, a reflection of how I feel because of this son of a b*tch.

He turns around and is surprised to see me there.

“Gianna, what a surprise to see you here,” he responds hesitantly. He is super drunk.

"I found out that the Ganash were partying, and I thought, Why not go? And here I am," I said, feigning kindness.

"I see... What do you want?"

I know perfectly well that you don't like seeing me here.

"Talk to me, but you're very drunk, and that's how you disgust me."

D*mn idiot.

"What would we talk about? The b*st*rd do you have? Oh, I know! About the disgust that you give me," he responds sarcastically.

"Shut up, d*mn! Don't you dare call her a b*st*rd? Elisa is your daughter. " I'm furious.

How is it possible that you continue to doubt his paternity? The girl is identical to him. Oh my God!

"Do not lie!! That girl is Elliot Fuller, or God knows who. And I'm no longer surprised by what a sl*t you are."

The d*mn thing is blatantly offending me, and not just right now, but since Elisa was born. Since we discovered that she was pregnant, she has taken it upon herself to defame me by saying that I am a wh*r*. I know I made a mistake by cheating on him with Elliot, but jeez...! My daughter is his too. I'm tired of everyone pointing fingers at me because of her. This ends now.

"Shut up!" I raised my hand and slapped him. "I can't believe you rejected your daughter! You're a f*ck*ng b*st*rd"

Because of them, my parents have turned their backs on me. If it weren't for the fact that at that time I was already starting to form my architecture studio, my daughter and I would be dying of hunger.

"Get out of here, b*tch!!" he says while putting his hand on her cheek, where I just slapped him. "And listen to me carefully: I will never take care of your b*st*rd... That girl is not mine, and even if she were, you deserve to be alone because of what a wh*r* you turned out to be. Your contempt for my daughter leaves me stunned."

"You are the worst, Ethan; you only deserve death." I am furious and hurt. I feel humiliated.

"Go away, b*tch. Go become a prostitute, so you can feed your b*st*rd."

It won't stay like this. You paid me for this, Ethan!


Point of view of Eduard

A piece of music makes the Ganash mansion shake, and I reject one beer after another offered to me by the different people who are offering it all over the place.

"Little Brother, get rid of that face. At this rate, you're going to be a virgin at 40," my brother whispers in my ear.

“S*ck it.” I gave him a comb and left.

"Oh no! Come here," he pulls me by the collar of my shirt. "You're going to drink this cocktail, and you're going to go into Madagascar penguin mode to f*ck someone, and I don't give a sh*t if it's a man or a woman."

"Shut up...!"

"No. And you're not leaving here until I'm sure you have got laid. Don't f*ck with me...! You're almost 28 now, and you only go from work to home and from home to work."

It takes me... He's already started again with his You Only Live Once speech.

"Are you listening to me, idiot?"

"Yes, idiot. Strong and clear,” I replied in a bad mood.

"Let's see, what or who is waiting for you in the attic that I almost had to drag you out of?"

“Ross on Skype from Taiwan,” I respond now, sulking.

"And you're complaining about me giving you my speech," he demands, taking a bottle from the house's mini-bar. "You're going to drink this whiskey, and you're going to smile and greet every woman or faggot who comes in front of you, and so you can see that I am a good big brother, I bought you your box of balloons because without them there is no party," he continues telling me while he hands me a glass with whiskey and ice and puts a wallet with four in my shirt pocket condoms.

"I hate you," I muttered to him as I saw him leave.

"Cheers to you, bro... You're making your debut tonight!" shouts my idiot brother, and he walks away, moving to the beat of a disgusting and vulgar reggaeton song.

Sh*t. This stupid guy took the keys to the Q7 out of my pocket, and my driver is on his honeymoon with my housekeeper... Sh*t, again.

I had better get used to the idea that my idiot brother would be responsible for returning home, and I gulped down the whiskey he served me.


This looks like cat urine. I left the glass on one side to see if anyone dared to wash the dishes, and looked in the cellar of this cabinet for a Sancerre.

D*mn, the Ganash has a terrible taste in wine. This could pass for cologne. But I won't give up, and am I hoping that someone here will have a glimmer of common sense when they buy alcohol? I found a bottle of Jack Daniel's at the bottom.

It could be worse.

As I got up from the ground, I saw a beautiful girl with brown hair enter through the door that leads to the backyard of the mansion.

Vary your type, Fuller.

My insidious conscience whispers to me.

I look at her with interest and see that yes, she is very much my type: Petite, thin, pale skin, brown hair, long legs clad in tight black jeans, decent-sized breasts, a small and upturned nose, full lips, and, to make matters even more attractive, she has beautiful blue eyes.

I take the bottle, and not finding any more glasses, I venture to drink from the bottle and approach that girl. I haven't had a submissive for almost a year, and I already miss her...

"Hello. Are you okay?"

"I...? I'm great, perfect, Wonderful! Can't you tell?" the brunette answers me, and because of the sarcasm that spills out of each word, no, it's not right.

She turns from one end to the other in front of the gate and pulls her hair. She is furious.

"There are no clean glasses anymore, and I'm kind of stupid when it comes to washing them, but a sip of whiskey will relax you." I told him, offering him the bottle.

She takes it and doesn't stop looking at me, but at least she stopped. She was already making me dizzy. She takes a generous gulp and shudders, pouting. She looks lovely. She manages to calm down, and after taking a deep breath, she smiles and hands me the bottle.

"Thank you. My name is Abby."

"They do not deserve it. My name is Eduard."

You must come with us

Point of view of Abby


My whole body hurts, my head, back, waist, buttocks, vagina, even my hair hurts.

Moment. The vagina? What the hell...?

Looking at my surroundings, I realize that I am in my room. How did I get home? I am also amazed to see that I am wearing a very comfortable and warm bathrobe with the letters FK embroidered on the right lapel. Why am I covered in a bathrobe?

I got up, and my legs hurt too; they felt heavy and even twisted. I go to the mirror in my room, and the bathrobe opens... I'm naked!

What the hell happened?

I get instantly dizzy and decide I need to take a well-deserved bath. No. A shower would be better.

I get under the shower head and turn on the cold water. As the water falls, vague memories of hands touching my entire body come to mind. I wash myself quickly and brush my teeth. I don't remember exactly what happened, an


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