Fated to die: Cursed fae prince

Fated to die: Cursed fae prince

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Seaquin
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 5
  • 3.0
  • 💬 7


Zeriel a half light/dark fae considered an abomination and a jinx. Cursed at birth and fated to die at the age of 18, i journeyed on a quest to change my fate. I will not succumb to my fate,I must live to prove the prophecy wrong. At my most dire state I met an angel who brought light and love to my life, she stood by me despite all opposition and obstacles with threats from both sides. Fate took a drastic turn on us, turning us against each other. Will our love prevail? Can I overcome destiny to change my fate?

Chapter 1* First encounter *

it was 9pm the hall was bright and sparkling,the lightning was perfect for the occasion.chandeliers hanging above the hall. The atmosphere was bubbling with soft music with the touch of violin*

chatting and laughter can be heard in the hall and alcohol filled the air mixed with different kind of dignitaries who were present at the party* It wasn’t just any party it was a grand one that had limited access.

“Logan” keep your eyes open for mr Douglas,we have to get him on our side zeriel said holding a glass of champagne approaching towards a group of people alongside with Logan he “halts” as a young lady bumps into him spilling the drink on his exquisite limited edition suit customised just for him*

“S-sorry” she shutters as she raises her head and froze instantly at the sight before her, every other words was lost as she stares blankly at him, there was silence for about fifteen second before she regains herself.

“I-I’m really sorry” she says while trying to dust his dress,zeriel took a few steps backwards and storms into the restroom angrily. “What a clumsy little thing he muttered”.

She follows him and stops at the door,”I could pay for the damages” she said smiling awkwardly as he walks out of the door.

“Stay away”!! A deep husky cold voice sounded harshly in her ears. Sir it was really an accident I didn’t mean ...he gives her a cold yet warning look.

Back off!! He said,at this point Logan walks towards him but he storms out toward to exit.“Stay back and complete the deal” he said to Logan.

“Aye sir” he chuckled then turns towards Alisah,”be mindful of your steps next time” he instructed smiling.

“Thank you”,alisha responded feeling more assured

Is he always like that? She asked

Sometimes he replied,I’ll take my leave he said as he sights another lady approaching.

Are you okay Lishah ? Maddie asked as she fondly calls her...I almost got into trouble she replied as they both walk back into the hall.

Trouble? I saw you talking to that cute guy,Who is he? She asked smiling mischievously.

I just met him,I bumped into his friend and spilled a drink on him accidentally.

I told you to wait for me,why did you run off?

Do you expect me to watch you tease the guy you met not long ago?you never seizes to amaze me

I hope you got the contact of the guy,he’s so cute “gosh” said maddie smiling lustfully.

Speaking of cuteness you would have melted if you saw the guy I bump into,he‘s so....*paused *

So what?? Why are you dazing? *maddie looked at alisha with inquisitiveness*....I can’t find a perfect word to describe him,I was lost in his sight too.

He has this masculine face with a dark hair, his grey eyes and pointed nose,his body is well build with nice muscles and broad shoulders,I’ve never lusted in such sight to behold.

If he’s more handsome than his friend I think he’s dashingly beautiful.

Let’s go meet his friend...

“hell no,”*Lisha drags maddie * don’t start the guy is quite a temper I don’t think I’d like to meet him again,his voice sends shivers down my spine, and he has a weird temper.

Chuckles with money there’s no guy I can’t get if I’m determined. Not these ones maddie definitely not these lisha said as they walk to find a place to sit.

*logan is seen talking to someone on the phone while leaving the party around 1am as he walks toward the parking space,he leans beside his car to continue his conversation on the phone *

Don’t worry I’ve handled it as it should be, Mr Douglas has agreed to sell his shares to us.

We’ll discuss the details and make a meticulous plan when I get home.

*He enters the car and starts the engine* I’ll be home soon he said as he ends the call.

Drives out of the garage and hits the brake pad causing him to jerk back.

What the fuck!! “Watch where you’re going”

He turns on the car light only to see two ladies which seems drunk to him.

Maddie escapes from the grip of lisha and hits her hand on the bumper of his car heading towards the driver’s window.

Out of my car,you thief *she ordered*

Alisha rushed to her to drag her off but she struggles off her grip .

“I’m sorry” alisa whisper to Logan who was still inside his car.

He gently winds down his window glass

I’m in a haste please get her off my car.

He looks closely at alisa and points to her,aren’t you the girl from earlier?

Yeah alisha answered feeling embarrassed. *Tucking her hair behind her ears*

I’m sorry my friend is just tipsy.

She’s beyond tipsy but wasted Logan said groaning.Get out of my car maddie drags the door handle she gags and tries to throw up.Hold her Logan said as he drives off shaking his head.

Don’t do this here lisha shouted finally gathering the strength to drag her off as they both headed towards their ride.

I told you not to drink much you kept saying you’re not drunk,you just made me look embarrassed in front of that guy, wait till you find out how you embarrassed yourself when you’re sober.

*she opens the back door and lays maddie at the back sit then enters the car.*

Let’s crash at my place she said looking back at her friend who was already sleeping peacefully and drives off.

Chapter 2 *Saturday morning *

It was the next morning,alisha was still lying on the bed sleeping when maddie who was already up walks in from the bathroom,she heads towards the bed and wakes alisha up

“Lisha get up,you have lots of explanation to do”,she said as she taps alisah. She sits up and stretches her body yawning,”Allow me sleep some more “she replied in a cranky voice.

“No no it’s already 9am,go freshen up”,”ouch!” lisha groans,”I’m having a terrible headache”, she groaned,”so do i”, replied Maddie,” I guess it’s from the hangover of yesterday’s alcohol”.

“Speaking of hangover” lisha grabs a pillow to hit maddie who caught her action quickly and runs out,lisha stands up and chases her to the living room. They pause gasping for air and laughing aloud.

You needed to see yourself yesterday,you embarrassed me said covering her face with her palms. be serious maddie replied,I can’t seem to remember what happened after the party.

“Of course you never remember,I’m the one who end


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