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Exclusive For Him

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Because of Elisa's sudden loss of communication with her boyfriend, Francis. She was forced go to Manila to look for it, but in her search for him, the course of her life would change with a man who would take possession of her whole life. Smael Cuervo, a mafia boss he have a strong personality and a good looking but have a bad temper. Will Elisa still be able to leave the side of a Mafia Boss? If she misses every kiss of him and every caress of her body? Especially if she knows his boyfriend is already in the other woman?

Chapter 1

First of all, I thank all the readers and I hope I made you happy. 


"Do you need to work in Manila?"  I sadly asked my soon to be husband Francis again even though we were not married yet.  Because that's really what's missing, it just won't happen because of the many upcoming events that should be given priority.

"I know you understand me and I'm doing this for us and when I come home, we can have our child I'm sure."

I forced a smile and again he hugged me tightly, I held back my tears from falling.  Then he kissed me on the lips and hugged me again.

"Francis! The tricycle has been waiting for you, what are you doing there?"

We both looked at Francis's mother's loud voice.

"All right, I might be caught at the terminal at any time. It's hard for me to wait again, as long as you just remember what I told you."

"Yeah, I'll remember. Just be careful always there and you'll call me what's going on with you there."  I reminded him and I kissed him, it was just fast and we left our room at the same time.

I brought a view of the distant tricycle with Francis riding, sad but had to suffer because Manila is better than other countries because it was so far away.  If he ever wants to go home at any time he can go home.

"I hope my son is lucky in Manila. There is no really good life here, almost all of my neighbors here are their children in Manila and abroad. We are the only ones who have not been able to build a new house."

I turned to my mother-in-law that even though she wasn't looking at me I knew she was hearing it from me.  She always wanted his son to go abroad, only Francis didn't want to and I didn't want to either.

"If he was in another country, we would probably have a better life now."

My mother-in-law left me here in the yard in front of Francis and I's a little house.  I know her mom doesn't like me and she doesn't approve of Francis's marriage right away.  I just ignored it because my boyfriend told me not to think about it. After all, he loves me.  And that's what I hold on to him.

I went inside and began inside our little house.  Even children 'really can't be given to us and I don't know why, I don't want to think that one of us has a disability but I pray that there isn't.  Because Francis and I have been together for only one year and sometimes we don't have time for that because sometimes he always stays in the job he does here near our place.  So we rarely have time for each other because he still helps his siblings who are studying.

Francis is the eldest, so I depend on him and I understand that, so even when I am with my extras in the jobs here in our area, I also help them.  And because his friend Francis, was offered to work in a Hotel & Restaurant to be a Waiter, Francis was not able to graduate college.

I was stunned by the ones running through my mind because it was much quieter here in our little house.  I gasped and resumed what I had done to get rid of the sadness I was feeling.


The next day I excitedly looked at my cellphone hanging in the window because there was only one signal.  The signal is difficult here so my cellphones are usually stuck here. I was so excited because I heard the tone and I know Francis's messages to me.


Hon, good morning to you.  I'm here in Manila now, happy and nervous but it's okay because you're on my mind.  Always eat there and don't let yourself down, later maybe I'll call you.

My heart was happy because the first time I read Francis's message, I quickly typed while excited.

"My son called? Please give me to me I like to talk to him."

I looked down and saw my mother-in-law who was in the yard and was about to enter here.  I sent my reply first and I hurried to go down to my mother-in-law.

"He hasn't called yet. He just texted today, he said he would call later. He arrived safely in Manila."  I said good news to her.

"Is that so, ok what can you eat there? I'm already hungry."  She asked and she sat down on the wooden chair in front of the bamboo table.

"Wait a minute, I'll take a look,"  I answered and hurriedly fumbled in the big bucket under the sink because that’s where I put other food because of what the rats were eating.  We don't have a refrigerator here.

"There's a harvest today. Why don't you go there so that you can get some rice home."

"Oh, I'll go there so I don't get bored here at home,"  I answer while preparing the coffee and the leftover bread.  I prepared it for my mother-in-law and she started eating the bread.

"Why aren't you got pregnant? Maybe you have a disability?"

I was stunned by what my mother-in-law said and could not speak.  Until she finished breakfast and left her meal I had in mind the last thing she said.

I'm not barren, maybe it's not for us now to have a child now.

A week passed and I only spoke to Francis once, I was worried but I let it go because he might be busy with his work.  And another, he once said that he only slept for a few hours because he was on duty for many hours.

In the morning I was sweeping the fence and I couldn't help but look back at my cellphone that was hanging because it might be calling and I just couldn't hear it.

"Did Francis call yet?"

I looked up while holding the broom, I see Francis's mother while eating a banana.  Because our house is next to each other here.

"Nothing yet, almost a week over."  My answer.

"What happened to him, just got to Manila and then be forgotten."  Angry her face said.

"It's not like that, maybe he's just busy,"  I answered and I noticed that our neighbors were looking, I knew they were just listening to what we are talking about.

My mother-in-law turned around and I looked at my cellphone again.  I also tried to call his number but it just rang and sometimes I couldn't reach him.

Francis, did something happen?  How are you there?  I'm worried about you.


A few more weeks passed until it was months, I no longer felt Francis.  I have asked all his former co-workers here, as well as those who offered him a job in Manila.

I made the decision that I would look for my boyfriend myself because I would not be comfortable here just waiting.  I took all the remaining money I go to Manila.  I left our house and go to Francis's mother, to say goodbye but I was surprised because Francis' mother didn't seem to care about her son not feeling well, but I just ignored that.

Bus Terminal 9:00 am

I already got a seat and I was in the middle of the double seat.  As I sat deep in the hope that I would see and everything would be fine and were together again.  I closed my eyes as the other passengers started to climb because the bus was leaving.


I opened my eyes and saw the man smiling at me and it looked like we were just the same age.  I am twenty -five and Francis is two years older than me.  I noticed his hand outstretched to me.

"It's me, David."  He said again and he did not remove his hand that was outstretched to me.

I was embarrassed so even though I hesitated, I reached for his hand.

"Elisa," I replied and I quickly removed my hand immediately.

"Nice name, are you going to Manila for the first time?"  He asked and I just nodded.  "Me, just a few times back and forth."  He laughed as he adjusted the bag he was carrying upstairs.

I just smiled and turned my attention to the window.  I couldn't help but secretly look at this man while he was busy holding his cellphone that looked expensive.

"Hays, women are very demanding."

I heard him say it but I just ignored it because maybe the person he was talking to was saying it.  Time passed and I fell asleep because I woke up early.

"Hey, come on. Elisa, let's go. The bus stops."

I opened my eyes and saw the one next to me.  I even looked around because the other passengers were getting off.

"Maybe you're thinking we're in Manila, we'll be there tomorrow. Come on, let's have lunch."  He smiling.

I forced a smile and adjusted my seat, I also adjusted myself.  I wonder if this man is here because he seems comfortable with me even though he only just met me. I got off the bus and this man was ahead, some passengers started eating.  I don't know what to eat.

"Elisa, come here."

I looked for the caller and saw David who introduced himself to me sitting with no one else.  There was already food on the table and I noticed that he was eating in pairs.

I was hesitant to approach but I did and I was reluctant to sit down when he offered me.

"I've already ordered two, but don't worry, I'll give it to you for free. I know when we meet again, you'll be the one to eat me free."  Smiling he said.

"You wouldn't have bought me."  I just answer him.

"Don't think about it, go ahead and eat, it's bad to wait for food."  She smiled again as she finished eating.

I did nothing and ate the food and another one later 'the bus will leave again.  After eating we went back to the bus and sat down again.  The bus started again.

"Elisa, what are you going to do in Manila? May I know, but if you don't want to, it's okay."  He turned to me.

"I'll find my boyfriend soon to be my husband,"  I answered while looking out the window.  I noticed that he did not respond immediately.

"Ah, you already have a child?"  He asked again and I shook my head.

I didn't hear a word from him so I decided to go to sleep because tomorrow morning I will be coming to Manila.


Manila 4:00 am

When I got off the bus, I was immediately greeted by many people because of him — he picked up my fellow passengers.  I looked around and at the tall buildings.

Is this Manila?  I'm nervous, but I'm here to find you, Francis.

I whispered in my mind and I wondered where I was going to ride because I didn’t know either.  I know the place where I'm going but I don't know how to get there.

"Elisa, where are you going now? Wait, do you know where you're going?"

I looked at David I thought it was gone because he suddenly disappeared.  He was carrying his bag earlier while holding his phone.

"Ha? W-what is it."

"Wait, do you want me to help you?"  He asked with a smile.

"Really? Thanks, I also don't know where I'm going to ride. I just know where I'm going there at the said Hotel & Restaurant, the name of which is De La Villa."  I answered him and he nodded.

"I know that, let's wait for a ride."  He said and we started walking I followed him.

"By the way, thanks. It's good you were there to help me."  I said because even though I was thinking of him since I met him, it was gone. After all, he would help me.

"There's nothing like that and we are compatriots."  Smiling he said.

Suddenly his phone rang and he answered it immediately.

"Yes I'm already here, where are you?."  He answers to the person he is talking to.

I didn't pay attention to that because my eyes were busy on the road with many passing cars.  Even though it was still a bit dark since dawn, I could see the gigantic buildings and the so-called long train above.

"My pick-up told me to come here."

I turned to him.  "It's good you have a pickup."  I just answered and suddenly a big black car stopped in front of us and the door opened.

Some men came out and I don't know what happened next because my only sign was that something was stuck in my mouth that caused me to lose consciousness.

Chapter 2

I woke up and I was feeling dizzy, I heard that was a bit noisy here.

"Wake up!"

I screamed because of the water pouring on my face and I heard some laughter in it.  I stood up and noticed that I had two women next to me and they were almost naked because the rest were wearing the two clothes in which their delicate bodies were hidden.  I didn’t know where I was, there were lots of tables and men inside.  People were sitting in front of us that others were almost old and I also saw a different race.

"What are you waiting for? Take off you're clothes."

I looked here at the man holding the whip, my eyes widened because of what he said and I was shaken.

"What do you want? I'll undress you?"  The man smiled and pulled him closer to me.

"Don't, don't. Please," I said and I was already crying, the two women with me were also crying.  I rolled my eyes around and noticed the familiar face.


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