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About me

Hello, this my first time here in alpha novel, i hope you like my story 😊 and you can be friends to me on Facebook. BM Black search me ❤


Exclusive For Him
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Because of Elisa's sudden loss of communication with her boyfriend, Francis. She was forced go to Manila to look for it, but in her search for him, the course of her life would change with a man who would take possession of her whole life. Smael Cuervo, a mafia boss he have a strong personality and a good looking but have a bad temper. Will Elisa still be able to leave the side of a Mafia Boss? If she misses every kiss of him and every caress of her body? Especially if she knows his boyfriend is already in the other woman?

Still Loving You
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Kobe couldn't believe that in an instant, he would suddenly get married.  He is currently enjoying freedom because he has just graduated from the course he took.  And he has no intention of forcing himself into the job his father gives him. He will marry an unknown woman, whom he has never met.  He also can't remember the bride who became his wife.  Anger filled his heart and mind for the woman especially when he knew her lies.  To get revenge, he will hurt her very much. The revenge that he think is failure because of his feeling for Camilla.


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