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Enslaved by the mafia boss

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Simon Winter, the crazy Mafia Boss, found the girl that betrayed him and accused him of something horrible turning his life upside down. But when he found her again, he made sure to make her suffer for her mistakes. Giselle, who was also a victim, could not tell him the truth and suffered in silence. Will she be able to tell Simon the truth or the Mafia Boss would end up killing her to satisfy his ego. But what if he lost his heart to her, will he be able to forgive her. Will he be able to look beyond the ghosts of his past and trust another woman? Read the book to find out the story of Simon and Giselle. A mafia boss and an innocent girl. ........... He pushed her onto the couch as he got on top of her while his hands moved freely on her body. "Tell me where did I touch you? Here? here?...or here." He looked like a mad man and Giselle could smell faint scent of alcohol from his body. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she tried to free herself but Simon pulled her against his chest. "Giselle Han, I am disgusted by you. But do not worry, we can figure out this together." He chuckled as he patted her cheek together while Giselle knew her life was going to be hell of ride from now on.

Enemy of past

Simon wore his black blazer and looked at his reflection in the big mirror. His shirt was a little tight giving a hint of his muscular chest. His hair were nearly combed and hide half of his forehead. His deep ocean like blue eyes gives a hint of coldness and cruelty. He was perfect, perfect everywhere.

Simon Winter, twenty three years old, the younger son of Carter Winter who was the head of Mafia, was ready to kill every one with his looks on the party.

For Simon, looks were everything. He admired himself, he loved himself but he never let anyone touch him.

He heard a knock on the door and next second his best friend and right hand, James, entered the room.

“Are you ready for the party?”

Simon gave him a nod.

“Time for hunt.” An evil smile appeared on his lips.

Soon they were driving towards their destination which was none other than the famous nightclub in the city. He came out of the came and buttoned his blazer. The night club was owned by his cousin and best friend Ria, the only girl who was closed to him. As he walked inside the building, nearly everyone moved out of his way as they know how dangerous it can be to get in his way.

Simon saw Ria who was standing next to a girl instructing her something. The girl was wearing a golden colour mask which covered half of her face revealing her lips and chin.

Ria gestured him to enter the vip room and turned towards the girl.

Simon was sipping on the golden liquid in his glass when Ria entered and sat beside him. She start talking about family politics and how much she was tired of it. As they were talking, the same girl entered and served them drinks. Simon carefully glanced over her face. He felt like he saw her somewhere but couldn’t remember where.

“Who is she?” He asked Ria.

“She is the girl I told you about. I really pity her.” She took a deep breath.

“Don’t you need a maid. It would be better for her if she could work somewhere else with better environment and more money.”

“I don’t think Parker need another maid right now.” He mentioned the name of his butler.

“I need to use restroom.”

He placed his glass down and got up.

As he was coming from the restroom, he stopped in front of employee’s room. He looked inside the small glass and saw the girl who was taking off her mask. For a second he couldn’t believe his eyes.

He was searching for her everywhere and she was here, so close to her destruction. He wanted to go inside and kill her with his own hands but stopped himself.

She destroyed his life two years ago but now it was his turn to return the favor with interest. An evil smile appeared on his lips.

He walked towards the room so he could tell Ria about his decision.

Few minutes later, Ria happily entered the employee’s room and looked around to find the girl with the golden mask.

“Giselle, I have another job for you. I talked to my cousin and they need a full time maid. You don’t have much work there and the salary is also very handsome.”

Giselle couldn’t believe her ears. It wasn’t that she didn’t like this job but she never belonged to this place.

“Thank you so much.” She held Ria’s hand in gratitude as a little hope rise in her heart.

“You have an interview tomorrow. I will personally talk to parker to give a contract with more benefits.”

After Ria left, Giselle sat on a chair. Finally she was able to get a better job and now she could take better care of her elder sister.

Giselle was an orphan who lived with her elder sister, Felicity. Felicity after her parent’s death took care of Giselle like a daughter. Few years back she married her boyfriend who showed his true colors after marriage. Giselle only wanted to help her sister and as soon as she turned eighteen, she took a job at the nightclub.

Giselle picked her stuff and walked out of nightclub with a smile on her face not knowing that someone was looking at her secretly and she was going to pay for the mistake she made three years ago.

After the club, Giselle entered the small apartment where she could hear the voices of a man and a woman. The woman stopped fighting as she saw Giselle while the man scoffed and left the house.

“What happened?” She softly asked her sister.

Felicity sighed and sat on the couch. Giselle sat beside her sister and wrapped her arms around her. Felicity placed her head over her shoulder.

“I am pregnant.”

“That’s …That’s a good news.” Giselle tried to look happy.

“How is it a good news? We don’t have money. Henry didn’t want the kid and….”

“I got another job. Please don’t abort the baby.” Giselle didn’t broke the hug and felt the warmth of her sister. She was her only family and she didn’t want anything to happen her.

“Sister, please take care of yourself. You have me from now on.” Felicity patted Giselle’s head. Giselle never felt the warmth of their parents. She was too young when they died in a car accident leaving them alone. Felicity ran away with Giselle as she didn’t want to lose her sister in some orphanage. From then on, she took care of her not like a sister but like a mother.


The contract

Giselle nervously held both her hands tightly as the man in front of him was reading her CV. The house where she was sitting was nothing less than a mansion. It was as big as a city mall. She wondered how many room it has.

The man who looked in his thirties and quiet handsome cleared his throat and placed the file on the table.

“I can accept you for the job but you have to make a contract for a year right now. Otherwise, the door is that way.”

“Right now…” Giselle was stunned over his offer.

“Yes. As you know, we have a lot of people for this post. You have to sign the contract right now and have to start working from tomorrow.”

He picked a paper and placed it in front of Giselle. Giselle who was about to reject the offer, stopped looking at the salary. She thought for a second and then picked the pen.

The man checked the signature and nodded.

“My name is Parker but you have to call me sir. From tomorrow, you have to stay in the house for tw


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