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Damien's Obsession ( Be My Sex Toy)

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"To help you, there's a condition," He said in a cold voice that sent chills down her spine. His green eyes bored deeply into hers as he spoke, It held no emotions in them. "What's the condition?" She inquired, avoiding his gaze. He smirked, enjoying her uneasiness. "Be my s*x toy," He wore a sly smile. "What!!!" She was shocked by his words. ** Camilla Tyler, the brave and beautiful daughter of Evelyn Tyler. She is 23 years old when she took a job as a secretary in one of the most popular companies in the state. Due to her mother's health, Camilla has no choice but to seek help from her Boss, Damien Jones, to help her with the money. What will happen when Damien's ones' only condition to help Camilla is to make her his s*x toy? Will Camilla agree to this offer? What will happen when Dylan, Damien's Cousin falls in love with Camilla? How will Damien react to this? Will he love Camilla or give up on their love? Find out in this Billionaire hot love story.

Chapter 1


It was a Monday morning and everyone was looking their best.

The company was bustling with movements as people moved up and down doing one work or the other.

They all got the information that their boss was going to be in the office that day to conduct a special interview for the selection of his Personal Secretary.

They all decided to be their very best that day to avoid provoking him or losing their jobs.


Camilla was on her way to the company to attend her interview. She was so nervous about this, that she can audibly hear her heart beating rapidly and she hates it so much that it felt like she lost control of herself.

She has to get this job this time because she needed money for her mum's surgery before it get out of hand.

"Oh this can't happen, no it just can't," She muttered to herself.

Right now more than ever she needs to get herself a job, her mom's health is critically on the line.

Only the thought of her mom gave her the motivation she needed for all her nervousness to disappear, she put on a bright smile as she walked more confidently.

She checked her wristwatch and heaved a sigh of relief when she observed that there was still time for her to get to the company.

She attempted to wave down a taxi and almost immediately a car which was at full speed ran past her, splashing muddy water on her in the process.

“What is this!” She fumed as she took a glance at herself.

She looked up but was shocked when she saw the car still moving.

'Didn’t it stop?' She asked herself.

Like a flash, she ran after the car holding her credentials firmly in her left hand.

The car was at speed and she almost gave up when she saw traffic ahead. She smirked and walked towards the car picking up a huge rock she saw on the floor.

The car was about to take another route due to the traffic ahead but Camilla was fast enough to throw the rock at the rear glass of the car.

The glass shattered on the ground and all she could do at that moment is to imagine their faces.

She smiled satisfactorily, though she felt sorry for the shattered glass, she still couldn't help but smile.

Just as she expected, the car deviated from the traffic and came closer to where she stood and the driver alighted and walked towards her.

She didn't mean for the rear glass to shatter but it did anyway.

She wanted to apologize but come to think of it; it was his fault, why did he splash muddy water on her and didn't even spare her a glance of an apology?

Having thought this way she threw her gaze to the road and pretended not to be the one the driver was approaching.

"Madam you…" He was interrupted by her harsh tone.

"Don’t you dare, you nitwit? How dare you splash mud water on my body without saying sorry?” She said and his eyes widened.

“Ma, I’m sorry. Honestly, I didn’t know about it,” The driver said apologetically.

“Say that to those dogs,” She hissed pointing to the dogs which sat in a corner.

Suddenly, the car door opened and a man came down.

He was handsome. Camilla was lost in her fantasy staring at him.

'He’s a fallen angel,' Camilla concluded to herself.

“Is she the lady that threw the rock on my rear glass?” He asked immediately after he got to where the driver stood.

"Yes sir, she is.” The driver replied facing down.

He hissed and looked up to glare at Camilla who was lost in her world.

“Krrm krrm,” He cleared his throat and she woke up to reality instantly avoiding his gaze.

“Well, I know that I am handsome so you shouldn’t make it so obvious,” He said with disdain.

She looked up to stare at him in shock.

“What makes you think that I was admiring you?” She questioned.

“It was too obvious,” He shrugged nonchalantly.

“That's a complete lie," She denied avoiding his gaze.

He chuckled darkly and walked towards her with a glorious aura around him.

Camilla felt it, but she was oblivious to the authority the man possessed.

“How dare you throw a stone at my car?” He glared.

“How dare you both splash mud water on me without saying sorry?” She spat back glaring equally at the driver.

His eyes roamed her body and settled on the stain, mud water made on her dress.

He smiled wickedly.

“That’s what fits you more,” He said.

“What!?” She half yelled, unable to believe her ears.

“You heard me,” He said coldly.

Camilla chuckled angrily.

“How dare you, huh? I am on my way for a job interview but here you are, You stained my dress, and can’t say sorry,” She breathed in anger.

"Get into the car, we're done here," He said to his driver, then he turned to her,

"Suit yourself." He said nonchalantly.

By then, people had gathered around. Some made a video while some gossiped among themselves.

Camilla got angry to the extent that she didn’t know when she slapped him.

His eyes blazed with anger as he held his cheek staring at her.

The driver widened his eyes as he stared at her.

'She doesn’t know what she has gotten herself into,' The driver thought.

“How bold!? I promise you that you would regret this,” He said with gritted teeth.

“Blah Blah Blah Blah,” She said and turned to leave.

“My word, my bond,” He said and she paused before walking off.

“Tell Skyler to find out about this girl” He whispered to his driver who only nodded.

“Let’s go,” He announced and the driver scurried off to open his door for him

He walked majestically and entered the car but not before glaring at those who made videos.

The driver drove off but he was still lost in thoughts.

“Who in the world is she?”


9:45 am

Camilla stood in front of the company and sighed slowly as nervousness engraved her.

She was extremely late.

She went back home to remove the clothes she wore earlier that morning. Entering the company and looking around, she was surprised at its magnificence.

“Excuse me miss, are you looking for someone?” A janitor suddenly asked behind her.

“Yeah, I’m here for the interview,” She smiled.

“Ohh, follow me,” He simply said and entered the elevator while Camilla stared at him suspiciously.

“Come in first, I don’t bite,” He said and she entered the elevator reluctantly

Immediately the elevator door opened, and they both walked out.

“It’s that way,” He pointed in a particular direction.

Camilla gasped as she saw a lot of people in attendance for the interview.

'I don’t think I have a chance,' She thought.

“I think you should give it a try, who knows, you might be lucky,” The Janitor said.

Camilla thanked him and walked slowly toward them.

“Have you all taken your interview?” She asked immediately she walked to the other participants.

“If you haven’t taken yours then I guess it’s your turn after her,” A lady said, pointing to the participant coming from an office door.

Now looking at the number of people that went for the interview and yet not even one of them was chosen, she remembered how Larissa, her best friend, described him to be the devil itself.

'Is he that bad?' She rhetorically asked herself.

“Okay,” She muttered and faced the door, her heartbeats increasing.

Camilla placed a light knock on the door.

“Come in,” A husky voice announced from within.

She opened the door slowly and turned to close the door quietly.

She faced the man who spoke earlier, but he was focused on the computer on which he was typing furiously on and that prevented her from seeing his face.

“You may sit,” He explained without taking a glance at her and she nodded.

“Thank you, sir-sr” She said, nervously.

He paused shockingly.

That voice…

He looked up and that was when their eyes met.

"What!" Camilla exclaimed.

Chapter 2

“What are you doing here?” He asked strictly.

"I...I …" She was trying her best to speak, but it seemed that words were deep in a bottomless pit that she couldn't reach, she only kept staring like a lost cat.

"You, what? I repeat what in heaven's name are you fucking doing in my office?"

He asked even angrier than the first.

She felt her whole body become paralyzed, she didn't know what to do, as she started sweating uncontrollably.

She opened her mouth but still, nothing came out of it, instead of talking she stared at him with her lips parted.

"Are you deaf or did the cat get your tongue?" He asked fuming, he really hates it when people ignore him it makes him feel belittled.

"I, sorry I mean…"

She stammered, not knowing what to say out of the shock of knowing she can't get the job again.

"Get out!" He shouted, stamping the desk angr


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