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Daddy's affairs

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Marrisa Bonifacio spent her whole life enduring all the mistreatment her husband was throwing at her, hoping that one day he would learn to love her. But when her husband's mistress showed up with a positive pregnancy test result, Marrisa was done being the good wife, she picked up a pen and signed the divorce papers Three years later, her ex-husband's mother bumped into her with three cute twins that look just like his son, not only that Marrisa is now Boss lady.

CHAPTER one ( sweetheart )

Marrisa Bonifacio

The sun shone brightly into my room disturbing my sweet sleep. I dragged the cotton close, giving some shade to my room away from the sun. I opened my eyes and smile

After a long time, I'm finally back home. Being the daughter of millionaires, I left home to do my masters abroad, and here I am back and ready to take over my father's company as the new CEO.

That has always been my dream and I just can't wait to start working already, suddenly a thought crossed my mind, my eyes widened in realization and I sat up on the bed immediately

How could I forget him, his cute brown eyes, his smooth velvet baritone voice, his nice shaped jaws, and his perfectly structured face? The boy that took my breath away just on the first day of meeting him, but vividly I could remember he never give a d*mn about me then….but I already had a thing for him

Since the day I met Robert Declan when they visited our house, he stole my heart even without him knowing, I see him in my dreams each day I go to sleep and I long to be in his arms

I never got a chance to be with him before I left to do my masters but now I'm back and hoping that fate would smile on me and give me a chance to be with the only guy I've had my eyes on for a long time,

I know he never notices not even looking my way but secretly I've always looked and admired everything about him.

My thought was disrupted when the door clicked open and mum entered.

"Good morning mum" I smile looking at mum who still radiating and looking so young even after years

"Sweetheart, you're awake?"

"Yeah….just woke up a few minutes ago"

"Ohh….so how was your night?"

"Awesome mum, I must say it feels good to be back home after a long time"

"Ohhh…yeah, you should take a tour around the city, sure you'll like it"

"I can't wait" I giggled happily, I blushed seeing mum's steady gaze on me

"Mum is something on my face…?"

"No…sweetheart, just that you've grown so beautiful over the years and I can't help but admire you"

"Ohhh, come on mum you're flattering me"

"Come here I have good news" She smiled shifting closer toward me

"What mumy….I can't wait" I said with a face filled with smiles

"It's about Robert''

" Tell me mum what happened?"

"Is he fine….?"

" Is something wrong with him?"

"Calm down sweetheart it's good news remember"

"Ohhh…I can't help but get worried" I sighed finally calming down, Mum took hold of my two hands and caress them lovingly

"Sweetheart I and your father watched you grow up loving Robert, and finally it seems fate is giving you a chance…"

"Tell me mumy I can't wait to hear it" I anticipated happily

"Robert's parents wanted him to get married to you in other to be able to take on Declan's family wealth"

"What….mum are you serious?!"

"Yes sure…"

"Ahhhhhh……..!!!!" I screamed in happiness jumping all on top of the bed, dancing in excitement

"Sweetheart calm down…" Mum smiled trying to calm me down

"Ohhh mum thank you so much you're the best" I hugged her excitedly, showering her whole face with kisses

"So tell me how do you feel?"

"Mum I'm overly excited you don't need to ask, it's written all over my face, come on…"

"I know darling, I'm so happy for you too"

"Wow…finally, I can't wait to become Mrs. Declan" I demonstrated happily flaunting my moves

"Go, baby, that's it" Mum hyped me,

"You're the best" I smile giving her a high five

"So tell me when are you planning to go see him?" Mum asked looking at me expectantly

"Right away mum…..!!" I screamed running into the bathroom,

"Alright honey, I'm downstairs" I heard mum scream before leaving.

I stripped off my clothes and entered the shower allowing the water to splash all over my body. I don't know why but this news saved my mood totally. I can't wait to visit Robert. I can't believe I woke up this morning all worried about how I'm going to meet Robert only for mum to bless my morning with good news.

I didn't take long inside the bathroom, before coming out. I came out with a towel wrapped tightly around me.

I started contemplating on what to wear, I walk towards my closet and rumbled through it searching for clothes to wear, its my first time seeing Robert after so many years and I want to look good,

After much contemplation, I settled for a white short gown which hugged my curve tightly, I wore black heels and a black handbag before sitting on my make-up table, Since I'm not the makeup type of person, I decide to apply light makeup, which matched my black hair perfectly,

I checked myself out in the mirror one last time, a wide smile spread on my lips

I walk downstairs and met mum and dad chatting happily, I stood meters away admiring their love life and how they appreciate each other even in their old age, I found myself praying silently for me and Robert to have this kind of love

"Oh, darling, are you ready? You look gorgeous" Dad complimented me

"Thank you, daddy, I'm ready to go see Robert" I blush at the thought

"Alright, darling have fun….!" Dad said

"You too daddy" I winked at mumy

"Silly you, stop being silly " Mum blushed

"Dad what have you been giving to mumy, she's glowing as f*ck

"Gosh this girl, mum blushed and fish out of the living room covering her face, can't believe at this age mum is still shy

"Come on darling I was having a nice time with your mother before you chase her" Daddy pouted

"Ohh no daddy don't cry you know where to get your wife" I winked at him rushing out of the house

"You kid…!" I heard Dad screaming after me but I was already out

I smirk standing outside

"Robert Declan, I'm coming for you

CHAPTER two ( bad sight )

Marrissa Bonifacio

The driver that drove me from the rail station saw me coming out of the mansion

"Going anywhere ma?" He asked immediately he saw me

"Yes, can you please drive me to Declan Empire?''

"Sure mam, come on" He muttered and rush to my fathers Bentley, he opened the car door for me

"Thank you" I smile and entered, he closed the car door and entered the driver's seat, he ignited the car back to life and drove out of the mansion

My thought wander off to Robert,

Will he be excited to see me?

What if he gets angry at me?

I never dated anyone while in London, and that's because no guys can replace Robert, I don't know what he did to me to love him so damn much,

He's like the air I breathe, God I can't withstand rejection from him

"How can you love someone so much even after so many years?" My conscience asked,

I sighed knowing I don't have an answer to that

"I don't know I just find myself falling s

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