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Crazy househelp

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Kimberly Johnson used six years in college and graduated with very poor grades, thus making it hard for her to secure a job. As months passed, with Kimberly still out searching for a job, she met with Landon Hernandez.Landon Hernandez was known as one of the billionaires in the United States of America. Kimberly has been so desperate to earn a living agrees to become an Househelp in Landon's house. But situations weren't that pleasant because Landon was the bossy type and Kimberly hated being ordered around. Kimberly never actually liked Landon right from the beginning, and Landon had the same feeling. Their hatred for each other caused lots of drama in Landon's mansion which they didn't forget. However, their fated destiny plays a drastic role in their romantic love. How can such a crazy househelp become the future lover of the billionaire CEO? Let's encounter their journey of love.


My old rusty Alarm Clock rang so loud making me jump out of sleep in fright. Though it didn't surprise me, I don't think I can ever get used to the extreme noise it makes.

It is a very old alarm clock, so I couldn't blame it. I need to get another one so I can wake up the normal way almost everyone in Golden City does.

I pressed the little button on my Alarm Clock and pulled off the duvet from my lower body. I sat up and searched for my floppy slippers with my feet. I finally found it and I wore them quickly rubbing my eyes with my fingers. I stood up and had a very nice and long stretch.

The ray of the sun reflected into the room and I smiled walking to the window. I peeped out and I felt a strand of my hair on my face as I went to peep.

I huffed getting rid of the strand of hair, before using my palm to brush my hair neatly. I had a large grin as I stared at the street, how beautiful it looked from the third floor where I was.

Then the thought of me going out to search for a job again made me sad all of a sudden. I pulled down my curtain in frustration and looked around my room. It was looking so scattered because I haven't had the time to take care of it.

"Today Is another day," I said to myself standing akimbo. I dragged my feet on the floor walking to the bathroom. I removed my night robe and finally walked into the bathroom.

I turned on the shower and I shivered as the water touched my smooth fair skin.?

I am Kimberly Johnson, and I am Twenty Three years old. I was born into a poor background which made life miserable for me. My parents strived so hard to send me to school hoping once I graduated, I would be their savior.

But unfortunately, things aren't going the way all of us planned it. I graduated with a poor grade which can't help me in any company. I can't even show my face at home, because I am a disgrace to them.

I don't blame them, I am an embarrassment to myself too. I just hope one day all these become history for me. I need to make my parents proud.

I was done with bathing, I walked out of the bathroom after cleaning the water on my body using the towel.?

I walked to my closet and opened it looking at my very scanty clothes. I picked out my second best shirt, which was already washed and ironed. I wore my underwear and wore my shirt afterward.

I picked the black skirt I wore the previous day and also put it, luckily for me it still looked very clean.?

I stood in front of the mirror adjusting the look of the shirt and skirt on me. After being satisfied, I picked up my hair comb and combed my hair to my satisfaction, making it fall freely on my shoulders.

I applied my nude lipstick and wore my shoes at the same time. The shoe was an old one but still looked very neat. I carried my bag which contained my credentials and took one more look at myself in the mirror before walking out of the door.

I locked the door and threw the key in my bag. As I walked down the hallway, I searched my bag for the last cash I had on me.?

Before I got out of the house, I found it and counted it feeling a little displeased.?

"This won't even last for two days." I thought sadly.?

After counting, I inserted the money into my bag again and then suddenly I hit someone.

"Watch where you are going b**ch." The man roared.

"Oh my... I am so sorry, I wasn't looking." I pleaded to turn to look at the person I hit. It happened to be one of the men that lived on the second floor in my house.

"Stupid girl." He said and my remorseful face turned into an angry one.

"I apologized okay? No hard feelings." I replied angrily and he began to walk towards me.

"What did you say? Do you know how much I got these shoes?" He asked angrily and I bent my head to look at his shoes. That was when I realized I stepped on his shoes.

"How much?" I asked proudly. I can't let him embarrass me early in the morning. The neighbors were beginning to gather around us, and I hated it.

"Does it even matter? It's not like you can afford it." He said smirking and I knew he was just looking for trouble and I wasn't in for that. Angrily, I dipped my hand in my bag and pulled out some notes from my neatly folded dollar notes.?

"Here! Shove it in your an*s." I spat angrily walking away. I had the frown on my face for a very long time, and when I began to feel the pain I released the frown a little.

After walking some meters and calming my nerves, I dipped my hand again in my bag and brought out my dollar notes.?I counted it, and I realized I gave him USD 60 out of the USD 120 I had with me.

I bit my lower lips firmly in regret, now I am stranded for real. I should have just apologized and walked away, but my pride won't let me do that.?

It was so hurting that I felt my eyes heat up but I quickly fought it. I can't cry because of an ordinary USD 60, which is a slap on my face.

I swallowed hard, shutting my eyes and breathing out loud. I opened my eyes with a fake smile on my face, and I stood at the edge of the road waiting for a Taxi to pass by.

After exactly fifteen minutes, I sighted a Taxi from afar and I began to wave it down before it got closer. My plan today is to go outside Golden City since I already tried my luck everywhere in the City.

The taxi stopped in front of me and I bent to talk to the Driver.

"I want a ride across the borders of this city," I said smiling.

"Ma'am that would cost you a little." He said and my heart began to beat very fast. I know how much I had with me, and I can't spend all of it on transport.

"How much are we talking about here?" I asked still keeping that fake smile on my face.

"USD 25 Ma'am." He said and my eyes widened.

"I am with USD 60! And if I take that out, I would be left with USD 35! OMG!" I yelled inside of me while I kept staring at the Driver.

"Ma'am are you still going?" He asked and I nodded reluctantly.

"I have no choice," I muttered opening the door and hopping in. One sentence kept ringing in my head...

"I must be employed today."

Because if I am not, then I would sleep without food today.


"We are here." The driver said to Kimberly and she peeped out of the window smiling widely. She opened the door and highlighted.?

She walked to the front, dipped her hand inside her bag, and brought out USD 25 stretching it to the driver.

"There you go." She said to him as he received it. He nodded in response and ignited the engine.

She moved back and took a look around the city again. It was way bigger than Golden City.

"I wish I lived here." She thought sadly.

Just then she remembered she was in the new city for something. To secure a job.

She walked down the path looking around for any companies or school to submit her credentials.?

After a short walk, she came in contact with a huge building which happened to be a school. She smiled and walked to the gates.?

She adjusted her shirt and skirt, breathing in and out before walking into the school premises.

The security man who was busy sleeping on duty jumped to his feet as soon


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