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Authoress Ti Fe

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Crazy househelp
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Kimberly Johnson used six years in college and graduated with very poor grades, thus making it hard for her to secure a job. As months passed, with Kimberly still out searching for a job, she met with Landon Hernandez.Landon Hernandez was known as one of the billionaires in the United States of America. Kimberly has been so desperate to earn a living agrees to become an Househelp in Landon's house. But situations weren't that pleasant because Landon was the bossy type and Kimberly hated being ordered around. Kimberly never actually liked Landon right from the beginning, and Landon had the same feeling. Their hatred for each other caused lots of drama in Landon's mansion which they didn't forget. However, their fated destiny plays a drastic role in their romantic love. How can such a crazy househelp become the future lover of the billionaire CEO? Let's encounter their journey of love.


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