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Craving For You

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We Tend to realize the value of a thing after losing it. This was exactly the case with Louis Anderson whose hatred for women was bigger than the ocean. He Married Skylar White, a young twenty years old girl whose family needed help to revive their dying company. He tortured Skylar and made her life worse than hell. But Unbeknownst to him, there was only a thin line between love and hate. He fell in love with Sky, but before he could tell her how he felt, she disappeared completely. "Will Louis ever find her? "Will Skylar accept him into her life again?" ----------------------------------------------- "Strip! "Huh? Skylar bit on her lips in exasperation. Her hands wrapped around her protectively as if that could stop him. "I won't repeat myself! He snorted. "Strip now before I call the guards to come do it for you." "You'll call the guards? "Do you doubt it?" Louis smirked. He took his phone and made a call. "I want you and Tom over here now." "Boss you called for us? "Yes, because I want you to get her out of those clothes! "Louis, I'm your Wife! How can you do this? He ignored her cries and turned to the guards. "Why are those clothes still on her? "Stop! Don't come Closer! Skylar cried, she eyed Louis with hatred and a tear dropped down her cheek. "I'll take it off." "Which one of you touched her? Louis asked the two Men as they were set to leave. "I did," The tall guard replied happily. Hoping to get rewarded. But instead of a reward, Louis beckoned him closer and clipped his hand with a Garden Scissors. "Don't Touch What Is Mine!

Chapter 1 - Birthday Surprise

The day dawned crisp and clear with the sun peering through the window. The first ray of sunlight shone its beautiful golden rays and it lit up the room as the melodious bird songs chirped in, making Skylar smile.

She rubbed her bleary eyes as she walked to the window to say 'Hi' to the sun. A habit she had developed as a child.

Skylar liked the feel of the first morning Ray on her skin. So she takes her morning yoga right by the window side.

"Happy birthday Sky," A beautiful woman with chestnut hair said as she walked in holding a chocolate cake. She had a beautiful and genuine smile on her face as she approached Skylar. She was accompanied by a young girl who was also holding a gift box.

"Happy birthday Sky," The young girl smiled as she handed Skylar the gift box.

"Thank You, Jamie." Skylar got up from her yoga mat and hugged her sister.

"Happy birthday, dear."

"Thank you, Mom," Skylar placed a happy kiss on her mother's cheek. "You never forget to bake my chocolate cake, Huh?"

"How can I forget? Mrs. White smiled and pulled Skylar's cheek. "It's my Princess's favorite."

"I love you, Mom." Skylar hugged her tighter and Jamie pouted.

"Why am I left out of the hug?"

"Come right in." Skylar pulled Jamie into the group hug.

"Where is dad?" Skylar asked after they all parted from the hug. "Why isn't he here to wish me?"

"Your father is....Uh....."

"Right here!" Mr. White hopped in wearing a very bright smile.

"Dad," Skylar rushed into his open arms.

"Happy birthday darling."

"Thank You, Dad."

Mr. White twirled Skylar around as he checked her out. "Wow, is this my daughter?"

"Did I give birth to such a beautiful Fairy?"

"Dad," Skylar covered her face with her hands. "Your flattery isn't going to work on me."

"Huh?" Mr. White furrowed his brow and pouted. "Why not?

"First you have to give me my gift."

"Oh, that's easy, because I got it right here." Mr. White brought out a gift box and handed it to her. "Why would I forget to get my Princess a gift on her birthday? You only turn twenty Once."

"Thank You Dad," Skylar immediately cut open the wrapper. She wanted to see what gift her father had brought her.

"Oh, My God!" Skylar exclaimed as she saw the content of the box. She brought a key and raised it for better viewing. Just in case her eyes were playing some sort of trick on her.


"Yes Baby, that is the key to your new S.U.V."

"You got me a car?" Skylar couldn't believe her eyes and ears.

"Yes darling, I did."

"Thank You, Dad." Skylar beamed and she hugged him.

"Oh," Mr. White chuckled as he caught her. "Anything for you my dear."

"Mom, look, dad got me a car."

"It's your birthday dear, you deserve a lot more. It's not every day you turn twenty."

"Thank You, Dad, Thank You, Mom." Skylar positioned herself right in between her parents and she hugged them. "You are the best parents in the whole world."

"That is because we have the best daughters in the whole universe." Mr. White motioned Jamie to come closer and she joined the family hug.

"I'll get the camera," Skylar opened her bedside drawer and brought out her camera. She took a photo of them.

"Thank You once again, dad," Skylar said as she raised the car keys. "I'll go check it out now."

"Calm down dear," Mr. White held her back. "Get dressed and come down, there is one more surprise for you."

"Another surprise?" Skylar beamed, wide-eyed. "I'll be down in a minute." She rushed straight into the bathroom leaving Jamie and her parents staring at her.

"Let's go," Mrs. White motioned as she held the door and everyone went out of the room.

"Do you think she'll agree?" Mrs. White asked as they arrived at the living room.

"I hope she does." Mr. White let out a sigh of dejection and face-palmed. "I hope she understands."

Mr. White brought his phone out of his pocket as it suddenly started ringing. He looked at the ID and he immediately sat up straight. He was instantly covered in a cold sweat as he saw who was calling.

"What happened, dear? Mrs. White went towards him, she sat beside him and he showed the phone to her.

"Answer it, let's hear what he has to say."

Mr. White answered the call but couldn't close his mouth as he listened to whatever was being said to him from the other side.

"Today? Mr. White finally spoke and he glanced at his wife.

"We can't just......"

The line got disconnected before he could complete what he wanted to say.

"What did he say?

"Honey? Mrs. White shook her husband before he realized that he had spaced out.

"What happened? What did he say?

"He said, he wants the wedding to take place today."

"What?! Today?!

"He said he'll be waiting for us at the bureau."

"But why would he suddenly prepone the wedding? Mrs. White asked as she brought out the wedding invite that has already been made for the wedding. "We agreed to have a Christmas wedding, right?

"He said he has to travel in two days and he won't be back for one year."

"My God, How do we tell her now?

"Tell me what?" Skylar asked as she descended the stairs. She smiled happily as she took hurried steps down the stairs.

"Are you both discussing the surprise?" She exchanged glances with her parents but none of them spoke.

"You don't want to tell me, huh?

"Okay, I'll find out on my own." Skylar circled her parents, in search of clues or anything that would tell her what her parents were planning. Her eyes caught sight of the envelope in her mother's hand and she took it. "Found it!"


Mrs. White wanted to take back the envelope but Mr. White signaled her to leave it. They will have to tell her one way or the other.

Skylar stared wide-eyed at the content of the envelope. Her eyes were almost bulging out of its socket as she looked at her name boldly written on the card. She blinked over and over but nothing changed.

"This__ Is this the surprise you mentioned? She shook her head and forced a smile. "This must be a prank."

She rushed towards Jamie and tickled her. "This must be your idea, right? See how I deal with you."

"No, Sis this isn't my idea at all." Jamie raised her hand in the air.

"Then it's Mom's idea, because I know that dad wouldn't play such a prank with me, right dad?"

"Sky dear, it is not a Prank." Mr. White looked up at her.


"You really are getting married."

Chapter 2 - Louis Anderson

"Sky dear, it is not a Prank." Mr. White looked up at her.


"You are getting married."


Skylar's gaze traveled to everyone sitting in the living room. She noticed that they were all looking serious.

"You think you can all fool me, right?" She laughed out loud. "Impressive act, I must say."

She clapped her hands and gave a courtesy bow. "Thanks for trying, but it's not gonna work."

"Skylar," Mr. White closed his eyes and sighed dejectedly.

He would give anything in the world in exchange for having to put his daughter through this. But he has no choice but to resort to this because the company was undergoing a crisis that might bring it to ruin.

He sought help from the famous Billionaire, Louis Anderson, but little did he know that he was making a deal with the devil himself until Louis asked for something in exchange for his help


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