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Con The Mafia Tycoon

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What happens when a badass sweetheart knocks off a ruthless Tycoon? What are the consequences of such a collision? Here, the heartless dissident is Aliya, queen of con; and The merciless Mafia Tycoon is Harris, the only heir to the Carter family, a cold-hearted playboy. As every rich young man with a flamboyant lifestyle and so much wealth, he promised himself never to get married. "One is not enough!" he would always say.

Chapter 1

“The boss is coming, he’s coming!” Someone whispered so that everyone could adjust the papers on their tables and stand up straightening their clothes.

A tall guy made his entrance, walking in like a male Alpha. His cologne could be perceived from a distance. He was known worldwide for buying and shutting down a perfume company because he wanted the scent only for himself. So that made him appear in newspapers and was most talked about.

As he walked in, so did the silence. He wore a navy blue suit on top of a white v-neck pullover, his ? demarcated his falling brown hair from his face, hiding his eyes. His pointed nose sprouted out like a rose on top of his well-aligned pink soft lips.

His sneakers explained his quiet entrance.

As he walked past everyone, they bowed in reverence. He was the next in line to inherit the whole company. His male assistant followed him behind with his briefcase, as they made their entrance straight into the elevator without even making eye contact with anyone else. They looked so serious and arrogant, but as soon as the lift closed, they looked at each other and smiled..

Then it opened right into the office, which was labeled ‘Mr Carter, CEO of Carter Associates’ - Carter Associates was a family business which controlled many big industries in and out of the country, such as; oil, food, banks, etc... They were into every business in and out of the country. All this was owned by one single family. They were the most powerful and well known family in the country.

Mr. Carter was an old fine-looking man who feared his days were coming to an end on earth, so he wanted his grandson to take over the family business before it was too late. He wanted him to understand how things were being operated.

“I’m sorry for calling you unexpectedly. I just don’t trust anyone around here right now. I feel like someone wants to sabotage our name, and I can’t tolerate a stain on our legacy”

Mr Carter started talking as soon as his grandson stepped into the office.

“Won’t you hug your grandson first before diving into business?” With that his grandfather stood up and gave him a tight hug.

“Of course, why won’t I hug my grandson?” Immediately, he turned to face the secretary, Sean, who was standing just by Harris’s “And of course my other grandson” he added.

Sean was adopted into the Carter family from the day he was abandoned at their front gate. When he was just about 9 years old. They took him in and eventually adopted him. He grew alongside.Harris and they had a very loyal bond between them. Mr. Carter looked at Sean and asked.

“Is he still a womanizer or has he found a permanent one?”

Sean laughed and answered: “I don’t think there will ever be a girl who will change his mind.” Then he added, “If there is such a girl, then I’m giving her my…” Just then Harris intruded.

“No need to promise anything because it’s never going to happen, — not in this life. All those girls are only after my money, for they are too superficial.” He said and his grandfather laughed.

“Young blood, a time is coming when you are going to refuse food because of a girl.” Harris laughed hard, before saying anything,

“Not in your wildest dreams, grandpa”.

“We shou-”

“You are never going to give up, are you? You’ve organized about 70 dates and it never worked out, so don’t bother, I won’t go!” Harris said.

Mr Carter gave him a gentle tap on the shoulder. “This is the last one, I promise. Just go this last time and I will never bother you again.” Mr Carter insisted. Harris looked at him with a grin.

“The same lines you said last time and here we are again.” Harris spouted. “This is the last I promise. This is from a wise man to another man.” He kept on insisting until Harris had no choice but to finally accept.

While walking out, he said ‘the last one grandpa, don’t forget, — the last one!’ Then, he walked away… Harris Carter was a seductive young man with a pair of dark sparkling eyes. He could give out orders just by a glance. Harris didn’t care about being in a committed relationship since for him, no lady was worth having him all to herself. His ego was way too high, however, his smartness and intelligence backed it up.

He had over three master’s degrees from well-known prestigious Universities (but he is only 27… it makes it quite unreal to the point of not fitting into any story. He was a business- oriented person and hated any form of failure. Though he acted tough and difficult to please, he had a soft heart and was a sweet person when needed. And once he considered someone a friend and family, one better not mess with them.

When Harris and Sean were in high school, Sean was a very timid and reserved person. He never picked on anyone who attracted and bullied him. One day after school, a feared bully followed Sean and beat him up. Sean had bruises all over. He was in pain, yet he did nothing. He was too scared for that. The next day in school, there was a 911 call, which came to carry a student, — the bully to the hospital. His face was all swollen from being bitten by bees.

Harris was the one behind that. He took his pack bag and collected a whole lot of bees in it and took them to school. There, he pulled the bully to the back of a building and he opened his bag, sending the bully’s head to the side… Since then at school, no one ever messed up with Harris and Sean.

Also, Harris had a very bad experience with women that made him lose trust in all of them. He even vowed to himself never to fall in love or get married. However, he decided to go on a date with Sandra as his grandfather asked him to. Little did he know what was awaiting him there?

“Don’t go Aliya”, everyone in the Van froze as Dave shouted at Aliya.

“Sammy, how many more minutes?” Dave asked restlessly.

“Thirty minutes,” Sammy answered.

Sammy’s alias Sam is Aliya’s son (wait, her son? If the kid is adopted, you better put it here something about it). After Saya’s disappearance, Sammy took her place as the fourth member of the crew. “Stop ignoring me, Liya” Dave shrieked as he faced her back.

“No one is forcing you to be here. You can leave if you wish.” Aliya said and Dave busted into laughter.

“What? Come and say that to my face” he challenged her. Then he added “The man you are trying to con, do you even have an idea of who he is, how powerful his family is or what he might do to you if he happens to find out... huh? That is Mr. Carter, from the most powerful family in this country. One cons them and goes free of life in their bodies” Dave said it nonstop.

“Dave, darling, I’m not a child anymore and I know what I’m doing. I’m the one going there to meet him and not you, so chill.” She said “And more to that, we have a whole team with us.” she added.

“We are barely four!” Dave chided.

“And so? As you can see no one here is under pressure, we are ok. I think you should leave with your bad energy out of here. I don’t need that around me.” she slurred without minding how he was going to feel about it.

“It’s Mr Harris we are talking about here. Just hacking his security is something thrilling, not to talk about how much we are going to make out of this heist,” Sammy said with so much

enthusiasm as he continued pressing buttons on his machine.

“Fine, I’m out of here. Nate, what about you?” Dave asked with so much hope.

“I’m staying, bro” Nate eagerly replied without any second thoughts. “Six minutes are left, Liya, you can start going.

“Miss Sandra just got up and is about to take her bath” Sam said.

It was 9 pm on the dot when Harris entered the restaurant and Aliya was watching him from a distance as he walked in with his hands in his pockets, dressed in a black suit with a striped tie. The aura around him was a turning point for every lady he bypassed.

Aliya froze when she saw him in slow motion. His eyes sparkled in the night like the only array of light, it was like he was the only person in the restaurant at that time. He shifted his hair to the side as he revealed his fine face completely.

His lips took her breath away. She was in a trance as she looked at him.

“Liya, Liya, are you there?” Sammy asked and she shuddered.

“Yes Sam… Sammy, I’m here” she retorted.

“What’s going on? There's only two mins and you are not reacting…” he asked.

“Just had a minor setback, but I’m fine now,” she said. Nate seized the microphone from Sam.

“Whatever! Just stay focused on our mission. You know what to do and now it’s time to start doing it. That lady is getting ready faster than we anticipated”.

“Noted!” she retorted.

Harris settled down with his head glued on his phone when suddenly a hand was extended

toward him. Harris looked up with shock. He was blown by her innocent but beautiful face.

Indeed or perhaps his grandfather was right about this particular date.

“Hello, I’m Sandra, your date.” She presented herself and for a moment in his life, like never

before, he was startled by a woman’s beauty and his breath got caught in his throat…

Chapter 2

Harris meets Sandra, Oupps! Ain't her

“So, will you shake my hand or keep me hanging, Mr Carter?” For a moment, he was mesmerized by her beauty but he quickly realized he was probably looking very silly. Slowly, he took her hand and kissed it. He stood up, went to her side of the table and pulled out a chair, like a gentleman, and she sat on it.

She put her phone on the table just by his, for Sammy to copy his password and QR code to access his apartments. However, this was just the phase-one of a long revenge plan.

“What are you staring at, or you have never seen a beautiful lady before?” She was so bold that he couldn't help but smirk, a very brief one though. For the first time, he had a false first impression about someone. When he saw her, she looked so soft that he thought she was going to be a shy type.

“You don’t make my eyes shine, young lady, but I must admit that you’re intriguing me though,” he said rec


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