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"I will play with you, destroy you, taint you, do whatever I want with you, and you won't have a say in it. You will be owned by Aditya Singh Shekhawat." The only people Miral Chandravanshi hated were the Shekhawats, but when tragedy hit, it brought her to the oldest son of the Shekhawat family, Aditya, a guy who hated Miral from the core of his heart. Aditya decided to play with Miral's life, keep her as a core possession of his hate. But Miral was no pawn, she was the queen in the game of chess, the most cunning one. Where would these games lead them to?


'Her life is a game, and no one would know how to play it better than I do.'

"Tch! Tch! Tch! Poor soul, so trapped right now," he pouted as he looked at her, with eyes full of pity.

She was glaring at him, unfazed by his advances, she was too prude to get scared.

"You know you can't scare me with these cheapskate dialogues copied from a third grade movie?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"Well, humans and animals get scared. You're a monster, so I don't even expect you to be fearful," he retorted.

"Says one monster to the other," she chuckled.

He glared at her sarcasm. He wanted her to beg for help, but she was standing strong, not even bothered by any means of his dubious activities and even if he didn't admit that, it bothered him.

"You're impressive, baby girl. I have to admit it," he winked at her.

"Let's get straight to the point. What do you want?" She asked in a monotone.

"I like curved lines, so, No. No straight to the point," he joked.

His words made her cringe, but she had to control her emotions as if something was restraining her.

"Okay fine. Listen to me," he growled.

"Speak up," she responded, uninterested.

"We belong from political families. Playing games is something that we have in our blood. So let's play a game," he teased.

His words were somewhat making her wonder, but she was too stubborn to give in to him.

"What game?" She questioned.

"A game of chess," he winked.

"Have you forgotten? That the most powerful piece in the game of chess is the queen. The king's life would revolve around the moves of the queen. So, are you really willing to play a game of chess, darling?" She smirked.

Her words made him laugh out loud. It surprised her.

"Who says we are going to be the pieces on the board of chess?" He chuckled.

She stared at him, while he advanced his steps towards her. Noticing him getting close to her, she felt nervous, and slowly, she started taking steps backwards.

But soon, she had nowhere to go, as he had pinned her to the wall and his black eyes were piercing through her blue orbs as if it was intended to scare her.

She felt her heart racing fast as there was just an inch gap between them. On the other hand, he didn't budge to close that gap by advancing one inch further towards her. His warm breath brushed her neck, and she could feel current running all over her body, yet she tried her best to remain as calm as she could.

"Now listen to me," he whispered in her ears, sending shivers down her spine.

He slowly moved his fingers on her face, touching her enough to make her feel sensations so that she would fall weak.

And she did, his touch was affecting her in a way she didn't want to. 

"When I said the game of chess, I meant your life to be a board of chess. I will make my moves, and you will get tangled further and deeper, with no escape and no support," he spoke in a deep enough voice to make her weak on her knees.

Slowly, he moved his lips towards her, close enough to touch those soft lips, but not kissing her.

"It will be just you, me and your game of survival," he whispered.

She closed her eyes as if she craved for him, but then he moved away from her and chuckled. She quickly opened her eyes and stared into oblivion. She thought that no one could make her weak, but he did, that too in their first meeting.

She rushed to him, held his right arm and turned him around to face her, and all of a sudden, she grabbed the collar of his shirt.

Her eyes were full of pure rage, and this was the reaction that he had expected.

"What do you want?" She gritted.

"Marry me," He responded in a cold tone.

"What?" She was shocked.

He chuckled as he held her hand and made her lose her grip on him. She was lost at his statement and that's when he held her waist and pulled her close. She bumped into her chest.

"You love your power. You love your willingness to reign and you don't want to lose it at any cost. Am I correct, Miral Chandravanshi?" He spoke, looking at her.

His intentions were very clear with the tone of his words, and it made her lose her voice.

"So now, I am giving you the best offer of your life. You continue to rule the world, and in return, I am going to rule you and control you. You will have the world, while I will have you. I will play with you, destroy you, taint you, do whatever I want with you, and you won't have a say in it. You will be owned by Aditya Singh Shekhawat." 

His words were harsh enough to embed on her heart and soul forever.

"Marry me. It's an order," He growled and left his grip on her and walked away, while she stood there, shaken by his words.

"I will marry you," she shouted just before he could step out of the room.

He turned around and smirked while looking at her, while she channelled her fear into a deadly smile.

This was going to be a vicious game indeed.

Chapter 1: Victory


Naveen entered the Chandravanshi house shouting in euphoria. And soon, the people inside the house heard the sounds of drums, trumpets and the burning of firecrackers, commencing the celebrations.

"Uncle! Aunty! Miral! We won," Naveen screamed yet again.

Hearing Naveen's voice, the entire Chandravanshi family gathered in the hall. Their lips were curved in a wide smile and their happiness was clearly visible through their expressions.

"We won, once again!" Naveen sighed.

"I told you, Naveen. Till the time, my younger daughter is here for me, no one can beat me in the elections. She is my backbone," Mr Raghuveer Chandravanshi proudly boasted, looking at his daughter.

"Miral! Come here," Mrs Chandravanshi spoke in a soft tone, inviting her daughter to hug her.

She smiled. She was standing there, looking at her family members, celebrating their victory. Blue eyes,


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