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Cheated on

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How would it feel if you walked into your would-be wife and your best friend and best man making love and moaning about all the nastiest sides of their escapades? Markian Ali is a 30-year-old Bachelor known for his charisma and poise in the business realm. He is the CEO of an automobile company. His father died leaving him with the company and he come back from his studies in the United Kingdom. Blue-eyed, muscled chest, a workaholic who took pride in the usage of s*x as a tool for stress relief. He was engaged with the daughters of one of his father's most trusted business partners who states if both their children got married it would build an empire and their friendship lineage was going to be continued. From his teenage years, he was the typical notion of a playboy with his best friend Chad who took pride in using the girls and even shared females sometimes as they considered their bond inseparable not until he had fallen so much in love with his father's choice. They had been introduced at one business function and from there the romance picked up from one date to another until he could think of no other woman anymore because he couldn't keep his hands to himself. It was like he was in Lala land and has found the one piece of the puzzle to complete his search for the love he had never thought to experience in his life. He had fallen head over heels for Empress King 26 years old and a cosmetic business shop owner who had life going for her also she had a secret. She was every man's dream as she had the physique, brunette hair and brownish eyes. Very ambitious and flirtatious too. She took pride in her business but what happens when she is introduced to Markian's best friend and she felt some sort of lust for him and wanted to know how much he felt like in bed? She had subtly begun nursing feelings for her Fiancee's best friend and it had gotten to a point where she could not hide it anymore when they were together at a gathering she would try her best to always be touched or follow Chad Johnson, her fiancee's best friend around under the guise that she wanted to know what his best friend Markian would want as a wedding gift. It started with a kiss on their engagement night to numerous other meetups under the guise of preparing for the wedding. They had fallen head over heels for each other or at least that was what they both thought at that moment of splendour. She became pregnant with Chad's baby and did not dare to tell her Fiancee the truth about the pregnancy and the plan between her and Chad was to run away on the wedding day. Unfortunately after waiting for hours on the alter with no sign of his bride-to-be and his best man he got a tip from an unknown number stating their location and once he entered there the scene, he saw before he left him to became a shadow of himself for the betrayal he just witnessed and decided to make his heart hardened and also he went back to his teenage ways just this time he was not one to share the women with anyone since his best friend had been an arse to take his fiance and impregnate her. Marie Antoinette is a 25-year-old woman looking for a job as an assistant for any company as a means for her to survive since she was an orphaned young woman from the age of 12. After meeting her arrogant boss for the first time she couldn't help but feel she needed to be there for him but how was she supposed to do that? If he didn't grant her access into his heart. Would he allow her into his world and heal from his hurt and give love a chance once more? And when his ex-fiancee comes back craving and apologising would he forgo the newfound love and solace he had now found in the arms of Marie to go be with the woman who had once cheated on him and betrayed his trust? Would the constant bickering and meetings he and Marie Antoinette have with clients make an irresistible bond or would he simply think she is another conquest to be devoured and dumped as he did the other women he had been with? _______ Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Marie's POV


"God what's that noise?" waking up from my sleep I quickly turn off the thing which woke me up from my sweet sleep

"Who put that d*mn thing on anyway?" I grumble inwardly besides it's not like I had a job doing! Not even an interview. My life is meaningless.

I live in a little apartment with my best friend Macy Eta a Cameroonian who grew up here in the states with her parents. We have been best friends right back from high school we met in chemistry class where we nearly exploded the lab with our numerous experiments and we just clicked off from there. She has been like a sister to me hence we decided to rent our apartment where we each pay half the rent but I've been lagging behind our agreement for 3 months now because I don't have a job. Our apartment is little but very comfortable and since we both are neat freaks you can say we get along quite well. Right now I'm home alone because Macy travelled to Maryland to visit her folks and here I am bored to death. After all, I've no one to talk to. I lazily get up from my bed and get into the bathroom where I brush my teeth and then I head to the kitchen to prepare something for myself because I need to eat to regain my strength from the dream I just had well if you must know I dream a lot and most at times I'm always actively doing something in my dream be it dancing, or teaching or singing I was always doing something. After preparing my breakfast I take my old, half-functional laptop to the sitting room where I lazily look online for any available jobs. The ones, I applied for either got no response or they said the job was already taken. Gosh, why is my life so messed up? Before you ask me why my life is messed up I grew up in an orphanage because my mother didn't want me she said I was so much of a burden to her that's what Mrs Briggs the woman who ran the orphanage told me anytime I did something wrong or I decided to be stubborn. What did I know? I was young when my mother dumped me in the streets and left me there to suffer till a sister saw me and brought me to the orphanage. Due to that, I developed a thick skin toward anyone who tries to bring me down with their words or tries to bully me. I'm not afraid of anyone or anything except my creator who sent me to this world to help make the world a better place but so far I've done nothing to fulfil that, sorry Lord I'm getting there. After no fruitful results from my search, I shut my laptop and then turn on the TV. After binge-watching some episodes of my favourite series on Netflix, I look at the time dang! It's already 5 pm! I then decide to go for a run in the park.

Locking my apartment door, I see my landlady Miss Williams and her dog smooth

"Hey, Marie how you doing?"

"I'm good and you?" I bend down and carry smooth who is already wiggling his tail as he is excited to see me.

"Have you found anything yet?" Miss Williams asked

"Nope. Still searching"

"Don't worry you'll find something soon. Just don't give up okay"

"Okay" I reply but deep down within me, I know it'll take a long time. I leave the apartment and head for the park since it's not too far from my house. I love running, that's when I can free my mind from all the things troubling my life. I use to run back in the orphanage when the sisters who ran the orphanage organised friendly games for us they said it was their way of bringing us together to get to know each other and live as a family but what's the point of it all if they're still going to let to go when you reach 16? I don't get it. My foster parents who took me in when I was 15, God bless their souls, died when I was 18 it was a tragic day for me I still couldn't get over their death. They were such lovely people and they took me like their own daughter since they had no child of their own. They understood me and were there for me and they didn't want to let me go when I turned 18 because they loved me so much that they were willing to adopt me as their own but like they say when man plans God laughs. After their death, their family didn't want me anymore they said I was nothing to them so why should they continue sponsoring me? Had the adoption been successful then they wouldn't have had the guts to say that to me but I guess life had another thing to offer me but they were generous enough to give me some money and a part-time job as a bartender to help me sort out myself. Everything was going on well for me till one faithful day when I got a notice that they were letting us go because someone had bought the entire block and they had to shut down the place. Why is bad luck always hovering around me? Then I did odd jobs here and there till I graduated from the university with an honour roll in business management. I worked as an assistant for 4 years to an old businessman who was already in his late seventies and had a small company till he died 3 months ago and they decided to let me go and since then I haven't been lucky to find any job but...

I'm brought out of my thoughts as I step on a dog's poop. I love dogs but right now I feel like grabbing one and whooping his *ss for the sins of his fellow brother who did this to me. Looking for a way to clean off the dirt from my shoe as if it wasn't enough someone bumped into me

"Hey watch where you're going" I yelled, on turning around I came face to face with the most handsome man I've ever met. He had the sexiest blue eyes I've ever seen so captivating that it was as if I was in a trance with really thick blond hair and my my my have you seen his physique? I can bet a thousand bucks that he works out every day. His masculinity was out of this world words cannot do justice to his description. And his muscles oh God! The way they popped out of his shirt, my my my.

"You shouldn't stand in the middle of the road like that," he said unapologetically.

"Well I can stand anywhere I want to besides the park there are people everywhere"

"Then you got what you deserve" with that he continued his way.

"How rude" the nerve of this man to bump into me and not even apologise for it. Jerk!


Chapter 2

Back from the business!

Markian Ali's POV

I arrived in New York from Seattle early that afternoon on my private jet. My chauffeur Davis, was waiting for me at the airport! The moment I stepped down from the plane, the cool breeze of New York hit me, it felt good to be home. I grew up in Seattle but I always considered New York my home because of my family's numerous properties scattered throughout the city. I was a businessman yes but a very ruthless one at that. I did not like making an investment that will waste my time. I always work around the clock 24/7 and when I'm not working, I'm looking for the next bambino who will warm my bed. I like my girl's slender, brunette, with brown eyes and one who will please me in every way possible. I don't do relationships, Nah I'm a typical example of a billionaire playboy and I don't do the same girl twice that shit always makes ladies think there are strings attached and they start catchin


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