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Chasing Rain

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Rain Carter unintentionally brought her little heaven to hell. Damien Black intentionally brought his hell upon the little heaven. But as we know hell and heaven can't stick together for long and when the underworld is involved, well happiness is a mirage and the only thing that is destined to come is death. ~*~ Damien had scars on his body but his past was forgotten and Rain had scars in her heart with a past to relive. ~*~ Meet Rain Carter, a caring single mother to her beautiful mute daughter Amber. She already has a fiancé whom she plans to marry maybe not out of love but for her daughter. But all her plans came crashing down when her daughter is in the operation chamber and the father's bone marrow is required. Meet Damien Black also known as a beast of a man, a ruthless billionaire tycoon and the king of underworld. He has no plans of settling down. But when the same woman who he had slapped four years ago comes back to his office, on her knees, begging to give her daughter his bone marrow. All his plans come crashing down. Now Damien is more than shocked when his DNA matches with Amber's. Now wanting his woman and daughter back. We need to see how far the beast can go. ~*~ When you think the story has ended that is the place it will all start again from.

Chapter 1

Third Person POV

Four years ago


The pregnancy test stated positive. Not once, not twice but thrice it stated positive.

"What's the result dear?", the anxious old woman standing outside the bathroom door asked.

Rain was too shocked to listen to her nana's words. She was pregnant. At the age of eighteen she was pregnant. Not with her boyfriend only if she had one but because of a foolish nightstand.

"Rain! For God sake open the door.", her best friend Sam shouted from outside.

Rain took a deep breath and turned around to twist the silver color nob. But her hands were shaking, how will she face her grandparents and her best friend.

"Rain, dear."

This time it was her nanu who held the shoulder of his worried wife.

"You can do it Rain.", Rain urged to herself in the broken voice.

She twisted the knob and came out of the bathroom. Seeing her tearful eyes, the whole room went silent. The only noises which could be heard was that of the ticking of the cloak and Rain's soft sobs.

"I am pregnant.", Rain cried out.

"Oh dear.", the old woman held the shaking girl in her frail arms.

"Its okay dear.", the old man with white moustache said in a comforting way.

Rain slowly shook her head. She knew it was not right. She knew it was not a part of her perfect plan.

"It's not.", she yelled at the top of her lungs.

She fell on the ground with a thud and soon she cradled her face in her tiny hands. She didn't know what to do now. Yes that night was full of raw yet gentle passion but both the persons were drunk and complete strangers.

"Doll look at me.", her best friend, Sam gently removed her hand from her face as he took a closer look at her.

Her hair were entangled at strange angles. Her cheeks and nose were red from crying. Her blue eyes were red from crying and held guilt decorated with thick beads of transparent pearl like tears.

"I am eighteen, Sam. I have disappointed you all. What if I don't get a job? What if my body can't handle the baby? Would anyone want me? What will mom and dad think of me? They must be disappointed with me. I should be ashamed. How could I have been so foolish. Really a night stand. Why did I get drunk? Why did I .......

"Rain, sshh. Just calm down. Take a deep breath.", Sam said looking in her watery eyes.

"Its alright."

He hugged her tightly as she sobbed in his chest. Slowly and slowly it felt too much for her to keep her eyes open as the dark sang a lullaby to her making her go in a deep slumber.

Sam held the girl in a bridal style and laid her in her bed.

"Let's all go down.", the old man said softly to make sure he didn't wake the sleeping girl.

The other members of the trio nodded their head as they made their way down to the drawing room. Everyone had millions of thoughts in their minds. After all they all were selflessly worried about Rain.

"I shouldn't have left her alone in the club."

It was the first thing to be heard in the drawing room. Sam was mentally cursing himself for leaving his doll all alone in the club.

"It is too late to think that Samuel Octavis.", the old woman said in a tone that made Sam wince.

"Noma, we can always go for abortion.", the old man suggested.

“That can't be our decision. It is up to Rain.", the old woman stated.

No one knew how long this fight went between the trio but soon after a while the screeching of the wooden steps could be heard. The screeching made everyone go silent as all of then turned their eyes towards the five feet two inch figure that was descending down the stairs.

Rain came in view as she matched her eyes with everyone present in the room.

"I will keep the baby.", she said softly as a glee lit in her eyes. She pondered upon it for a while and maybe she was not prepared but still she will keep the baby. After all it's her baby.

"I will have a great grand child.", Noami said with utter delight. Forgotten was the thought of the foolish night stand. Both the men in the room could not agree anymore as their happiness laid in the happiness of the women in the room.

"But we need to inform the father.", Walton said thoughtfully.

"Yes Rain, we can't keep such a thing. Who is the father?", Noami asked her while gently putting a hand on her left shoulder.

Now Rain's mouth became completely dry thinking about telling the name to her family. Yes, she remembered it. She can't forget such a handsome face and his name ever in her life. He looked like an Adonis walking on Earth. But his personality was the complete opposite. He was known as the beast because of his ruthless and cruel behavior which was almost inhumane.

"Damien Black.", she whispered as tears blurred her vision. 



Noami put a hand on her mouth to stop herself from gasping. Everyone was silent. No one knew what to say. Everyone in the town thought of him as a beast. Rumors or not. 



"You should talk to him tomorrow.", Sam advices to which Rain nod her head.  



Time took an eternity to fly but now Rain was standing in front of a beautiful building having 90 floors. She felt out of place in her sundress but still she had to do it. 


"You can do it.", she pushed herself as she moved inside the building alone. Yes alone, she refused to bring anyone with her. She wanted to do this alone, all by herself.

"Excuse me.", she asked politely to the receptionist as her palms became clammy with sweat. She tried her best to not palpitate. She was a complete introvert and talking to people always made her nervous.

"How can I help you?", the receptionist asked in monotone as she has memorized this line.

"Can I meet Mr. Damien Black?", Rain asked nervously under the receptionist's judgmental eyes.

"Do you have an appointment?", she asked curtly.

Rain shook her head.

"Then I can get you an appointment for next month.", she said.

Next month. That's too much time. She needs to meet him now.

"Please, it is urgent. I just need five minutes. It's really urgent."

Rain begged her and to which the receptionist sighed and reached to her landline phone that was kept beside her.

"Good morning, sir."

"Umm, a girl wants to meet you. She says it is urgent."

The receptionist held her palm on the speaking end of the cordless landline as she asked Rain her name.

"Its Rain, sir.", the receptionist replied through the phone.

She looked towards Rain as she asked her to look towards the camera that was placed above the receptionist's head. Rain gave into her request or more like order to look up at the camera and soon the receptionist told her that she can go and meet him.

Rain nodded her head and made her way to the 15th floor. The ride in the lift was filled with nervousness and anxiety. So many questions were revolving in her head.

Soon see was standing in front of a door with the golden name plate saying the CEO of Black Enterprise. She knocked on the door and waited for a reply.

"Come in.", said a deep husky voice that made a pleasurable chill ran down Rain's spine. She remembered this voice.

Rain twisted the knob and entered the room. The room looked spacious and beautiful but she had no time to admire it.

"You have five minutes to say whatever you want to say.", the man sitting on the front desk said arrogantly as he kept himself engrossed in some type of paperwork.

"I am pregnant.", Rain blurted out.

These words caught Damien off guards as he stood up from his chair elegantly and made his way to Rain.

"What's your name?", Damien asked the timid girl.

"Rain. Rain Carter.", she replied though she was quite shocked that he didn't remember her name.

"So you believe you are pregnant with my child.", Damien asked with an emotionless face to which Rain nodded her head.

Damien sighed as he ran his hand through his thick black hair.

He assessed the girl from top to bottom. She was trembling in fear. Though he enjoyed fear but somehow her fear tugged something in his heart.

But why?

"You know the reason I let you meet me was because you looked different from the sluts that have come here before. But now I know you are no different. Also for your kind information I always remember the girls I have slept with and I don't remember you.", Damien said arrogantly.

"I am not lying to you.", Rain said with her new found confidence.

"Listen woman I have no time for your crap so just leave me alone and take care of the upcoming b*st*rd on your own.", Damien said dismissing her.

Now Rain was beyond angry. Everything was fine to her but no one calls her baby b*st*rd.

"How dare you! First of all I am not lying and then you call the baby a b*st*rd.", Rain raised her voice.

Damien's body was now filled with anger. One thing he could not tolerate was disrespect and Rain was disrespecting him. Damien closed the gap between them and pressed Rain's arm painfully.

"Repeat, what you said?", Damien challenged Rain while squeezing her arms painfully.

"I said how dare you sick man. You are a b*st*rd", Rain said in a raised voice while pronouncing each word clearly though she was terrified from inside.

“Sir forgive me please. I want make this mistake ever again. Please don't hurt me anymore. Mama help me. Please mama I can't. I can't take this pain any longer. Please let me go out of the basement."

The twelve year old terrified boy cried out. The whipping was too much. His whole back was bleeding but sir wasn't ready to stop.

He didn't care Damien was his son.

“You b*st*rd!", sir roared.

“You deserve to be punished.", Damien's mother completed.


The word echoed in Damien's mind as he couldn't control his next action.

Soon a loud noise was heard in the room.

Damien has slapped Rain.

Rain has fallen down on the ground with tears in her eyes and one hand clutching her stomach.

"This is what I do to people who disrespect me.", Damien said though he knew he didn't slap her because she disrespected him but because she used that word.

But as soon as he saw Rain holding her stomach. Something flipped in him. He wanted to bent down and help her but he couldn't.

“Emotions are the biggest weakness of a man you are no man but beast."

“Leave and never show me your face again.”, Damien ordered.

After this Rain quickly gathered herself and rushed out of the room, promising herself that this was the last time she had ever seen his face.

She put a hand on her stomach.

“Don't worry baby. We will do it together."

Not knowing what destiny has planned for them.

Chapter 2

There is no relation purer than that with your mother and there is no relationship sinner than that with your mother



Rain POV 

Sometimes words are not important to express yourself and this is how I describe my relationship with my daughter. 

She was born mute and yes no operation can change this fact. At the beginning it was difficult to handle her. She could not cry like normal babies. She has tears in her eyes but there was no sound to her sobs. 

When she was still in my womb and I was told that I was expecting a daughter, I was in an euphoria. I always wanted a daughter. It was quite selfish of me but what can I say I wanted to relive my childhood and through her explore the treasured childhood again. 

But two months before my delivery, I stumbled down the stairs. I was rushed to the hospitals. The doctors believed I would have


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