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Aastha Bariyar

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Chasing Rain
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Rain Carter unintentionally brought her little heaven to hell. Damien Black intentionally brought his hell upon the little heaven. But as we know hell and heaven can't stick together for long and when the underworld is involved, well happiness is a mirage and the only thing that is destined to come is death. ~*~ Damien had scars on his body but his past was forgotten and Rain had scars in her heart with a past to relive. ~*~ Meet Rain Carter, a caring single mother to her beautiful mute daughter Amber. She already has a fiancé whom she plans to marry maybe not out of love but for her daughter. But all her plans came crashing down when her daughter is in the operation chamber and the father's bone marrow is required. Meet Damien Black also known as a beast of a man, a ruthless billionaire tycoon and the king of underworld. He has no plans of settling down. But when the same woman who he had slapped four years ago comes back to his office, on her knees, begging to give her daughter his bone marrow. All his plans come crashing down. Now Damien is more than shocked when his DNA matches with Amber's. Now wanting his woman and daughter back. We need to see how far the beast can go. ~*~ When you think the story has ended that is the place it will all start again from.


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