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CEO Insists on Sending Me Money.

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Meng Yanzhang was at the peak of his career, and was tricked by his agent into signing a ten-year financial contract. First, he polished his aura with bad movies, and then sent him to Duan Jiangqiu's bed. After rejecting the unspoken rules, he was banned. His roommates stepped on him to become the best actor. His parents severed ties with him. Everyone in the industry stepped on him. After struggling for many years, he finally won the best actor crown. Reborn again, Meng Yanzhang decided to hug Duan Jiangqiu's thigh tightly, punch his roommate, and kick his manager to take revenge. Meng Yanzhang: I don’t have any feelings. Duan Jiangqiu, who started out as a fan of Meng Yanzhang, whose appearance and popularity dwarf the popular traffic boss. With more money and more money, I can be on trending searches with idols, be on variety shows with idols, and be on TV shows with idols (beep——)

Chapter 1

In the magnificent hall, amidst the fragrance of clothing and the mingling of toasts, men and women exchanged smiles as congratulations flowed towards Meng Yanzhang.

"Congratulations, Movie Emperor Meng."

"Meng, I have a script here..."

"Meng's performance was truly outstanding. Winning the Best Actor award is well-deserved."

Meng Yanzhang, surrounded by the crowd, donned a black suit. His handsome features bore a hint of coldness as he excused himself, "Sorry, I need to use the restroom."

Navigating through the crowd, he reached the terrace outside, where he loosened his tie with a slender finger. Meng Yanzhang took a deep breath, clearing his mind from the overwhelming scent of perfumes.

Tonight, he had just received the Best Actor award, turning those who once looked down on him into flatterers. The moonlight was clear, a cold fragrance reminiscent of winter snow lingered in the air.

"Long time no see."

In the dim light of the terrace, Meng Yanzhang encountered a figure emerging from the shadows. The pale moonlight adorned his shoulders.

"A fleeting gaze, yet countless pearls feel insufficient."

Years had passed, but when Meng Yanzhang saw him again, only this line echoed in his mind. Lips stammered, throat rolled, and after a while, he nonchalantly turned his head, saying, "Long time no see."

"Why not go inside?" Duan Jiangqiu seemed oblivious to Meng Yanzhang's indifference, deliberately getting closer. The cold fragrance surrounded Meng Yanzhang, nearly overtaking his senses.

"Stuffy," Meng Yanzhang responded curtly, not wanting to engage in further conversation. Jiangqiu tilted his head, holding a cigarette.

"Smoke?" Duan Jiangqiu extended a cigarette to Meng Yanzhang.

"No, thanks." Meng Yanzhang declined, and when asked about a lighter, he reluctantly pulled out a silver one from his pocket.

An orange flame flickered in the night. Meng Yanzhang lit Duan Jiangqiu's cigarette, who, with an aristocratic air, didn't lower his head. As Meng Yanzhang's eyes moved away, they met Jiangqiu's smiling gaze, and below, a teardrop mole.

He was a walking aphrodisiac.

Unprompted, Meng Yanzhang recalled someone describing Duan Jiangqiu this way. Looking back, it seemed quite accurate, even exquisitely put.

"Care for a chat?" Duan Jiangqiu suddenly turned and asked.

Almost refusing on the tip of his tongue, Meng Yanzhang hesitated before saying, "Sure."


Rushing water cascaded over him, vision darkened, and a buzzing sound filled his ears. A minute later, Meng Yanzhang finally adapted, slowly opening his eyes.

White tiles, a white bathtub, and misty air. Was he in a bathroom or a hotel bathroom?

He turned off the water, grabbed a towel and robe, quickly drying himself, and getting dressed. Opening the bathroom door, he confirmed it was a hotel room.

But... he distinctly remembered the brake failure, tumbling off the cliff with Duan Jiangqiu. Before losing consciousness, Jiangqiu seemed to be urgently saying something.

"Ugh..." Meng Yanzhang pressed his aching head, avoiding deeper thoughts.

He found his clothes, then fished out a worn flip phone from his pocket. What was going on?

After thorough investigation and even checking the TV, it wasn't a joke or prank. He had truly returned six years, back to the pivotal point when he hadn't been blacklisted for rejecting the hidden rules.

If he recalled correctly, he should be in Duan Jiangqiu's room. Six years ago, his agent tricked him into Duan Jiangqiu's room during a party. Jiangqiu was once his college senior, a campus idol who had become a dominant CEO. To think that this senior wanted to take advantage of him!

Meng Yanzhang organized his thoughts, rubbed his throbbing temples, and sat on the bed. How had he survived those six years? Only he knew.

He closed his eyes, memories flashing of his agent's sarcastic face, his roommate stepping on him to climb higher, and even his family disowning him for a slight misstep. Vindictive people had tried to bring him down.

Meng Yanzhang clenched his fists, veins popping. He vowed to repay the harm tenfold! Compared to these sufferings, making Duan Jiangqiu pay for his actions seemed insignificant.

Regaining composure, Meng Yanzhang breathed deeply, quietly determined.

He took a shower, lay down on the bed, and silently waited for Duan Jiangqiu to come.

And so, he waited all night, falling asleep without a trace of Duan Jiangqiu's presence.

The next morning, Meng Yanzhang, having finished his morning routine, heard a knock on the door. He wondered if it could be Duan Jiangqiu.

Opening it, he found a breakfast cart filled with various dishes. "Mr. Meng, your breakfast," said the waiter.

"Thank you, but I didn't order breakfast." Meng Yanzhang pondered why the two lifetimes unfolded differently. If he had been in a car accident with Duan Jiangqiu, could Jiangqiu have also experienced the same?

The waiter replied respectfully, "Mr. Duan asked us to bring it."

"Do you prefer coffee or milk? We also have black tea." Although he wanted soy milk, it wasn't available. "Coffee, then," Meng Yanzhang compromised.

"Alright, please wait." The waiter skillfully brewed coffee, and the room soon filled with its rich aroma.

After an unforgettable and luxurious breakfast, Meng Yanzhang, wearing the borrowed suit from the previous day, returned to his place. The company provided it, a meager dorm with no personal space. Initially shared by four, only Meng Yanzhang and Deng Yewei remained.

Back at this place, Meng Yanzhang stood at the door, somewhat dazed. He took out his keys from his pocket, intending to unlock the door, but then received a call from his agent.

Staring at the dim screen for a full minute, Meng Yanzhang finally answered when the agent called again.


"What's wrong with you? It took two calls for you to answer. Let me tell you, don't get cocky just because you're with President Duan. I can still bring you down. It's just a matter of time."

The agent's coarse voice echoed through the barely audible phone, making Meng Yanzhang hold it away.

The agent scolded him for a good five minutes. When the insults ceased, Meng Yanzhang brought the phone back to his ear, apologetically saying, "Sorry, Hong Ge, I didn't hear it earlier."

The 26-year-old Meng Yanzhang remained honest and straightforward, unable to sweet-talk or be smooth. The agent knew his temperament, so he didn't continue berating him.

"If you serve Duan well, there will be benefits for you. We're starting the filming for 'Dark Struggle' soon, a big IP with Director Li Jinglei. There was a supporting role initially intended for Yewei, but now it's yours


"As long as you behave, roles will come. Understand?" Hong Bin emphasized that without resources, Meng Yanzhang was nothing. Yielding would grant him the coveted roles.

Meng Yanzhang's pupils were as deep as an abyss, silent and calm, like an assassin before a mission.

**To be continued...**

Chapter 2

After a dizzying spell that felt like motion sickness, Duan Jiangqiu suppressed the urge to vomit.

"Duan... President Duan..."

Duan Jiangqiu abruptly opened his eyes to the sight of a greasy middle-aged man's face. He uncomfortably furrowed his brows, controlling the desire to throw a punch. Stepping back, he asked, "Cough... What's the matter?"

"Nothing, President. You seem unwell. Do you want to rest? Your room is ready," the middle-aged man said obsequiously, rubbing his hands.

Duan Jiangqiu, seemingly indifferent, glanced around discreetly. When he saw Meng Yanzhang on the stage, singing with a guitar in hand and wearing a white shirt, he froze.


"Hush!" Duan Jiangqiu silenced the man with just a glance, a single word enough to make him shut up.

Following Duan Jiangqiu's gaze, the middle-aged man understood and, see


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