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Breaking Bad

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Seeing him so close to her, she struggled to cover her dismay about his boldness. Gabriella swallowed hard. “Stay away from me.” He could see the pulse beating in her throat, he could see the tiny fleck of fear and nervousness. Without thinking, he covered her mouth with his and for an instant, she yielded to his hunger, she responded as if all the past disagreement they had meant nothing. He had expected resistance, anticipated ice. Instead he got fire, and it scorched through his blood, his only thought was tangling in the sheets with her.. Gabriella jerked her mouth away and slapped him hard. “Don’t ever touch me again.” Silvers of ice rose in her gaze as she shot him a glare that should have sliced him to the bone before walking away- then broke into a run as adrenaline filled her vein. She had just slapped Alessandro Romano, the most powerful man in the country. Alessandro watched her go, feeling ragged and edgy with desire. “You won’t get away from me, Wildcat.” * He was the boss of the underworld. At the sight of his mask and gun, everyone trembled. No one wanted to be his enemy. The man had developed two hundred and sixty torturing methods and he could do all of this without batting an eye, he doesn’t give empty threats. He was a monster. A monster that should never be angered or he would become your worst nightmare. When she was born, the devil exclaimed 'Oh sh*t! Competition.’ She could be sweet as sugar, cold as ice but if you hurt her, she would show you things worse than death. Some days she could be as meek as a dove, other days, she’s a b*tch that you should not cross or the even the devil will weep on your behalf. He was Alessandro Romano, a powerful man to the public and Maschera, a masked mafia king in the underworld. He was used to taking what he wanted. Born to lead a powerful mafia family, he was not in the habit of asking for permission—or forgiveness. Willing to cross any boundary when it came to possessing what he considered to be his, Alessandro knew Gabriella was meant for him from the moment he laid eyes on her. She is Gabriella D’ Angelo, a not so simple girl. Alessandro finds himself instantly attracted to Gabriella as she matched his fire and is the only one fit to be his queen. She is out to get revenge for something relating to her past, irrespective of the cost and isn’t ready for any committed relationship. Their paths crossed and Alessandro is not willing to give up while Gabriella is defiant. Sparks fly and causes a collision followed by an explosion and what started off as a contract relationship would create a love that could stand the test of time. Would Gabriella’s revenge plan jeopardize the blooming love that they share?

Chapter 1

Predator, Prey

He was the predator, his unfortunate enemies were his preys. “Everything has a cause and effect,” Every gang leader in the country who was under him was present at the moment. He knew most of the people present in the room feared him more than they respected him but some of them are still crazy enough to defy his rules. He was a man with an insatiable hunger for power and he would do anything to achieve what he sets his mind on, not that he gave a d*mn about what anyone says.

He was wearing a black outfit and a silver mask which only revealed half of his face. A terrifying smile placed across his face but it didn’t reach his eyes, an icy air of command hung about him making everyone present in the room lower their heads in respect. His ruthlessness and predatory mind gave him reputation among the rest of his kind. Half of his face might be covered but the powerful aura he radiates made him mysterious and dark.

“Oh I would pity those of you who dared to cross me, I can assure you that your ends would be spectacular.” The Capos glanced at each other and swallowed. A shiver of dread ran down their spines. They might be the most powerful men in their cities but in front of Maschera, they were nothing. His dangerous aura was intimidating to no end.

“I didn’t know that some of you wanted me dead so bad.”

The Capos all dropped to one knee, their right hand on their chest to show submission. Planning to kill the leader of the underworld was treason. “We pledge our loyalty to you.”

Maschera stared at them without saying anything. And in that terrible silence, their fear grew causing them to shiver in a thick layer of cold sweat. Panic jarred their bones, making them tremble. No one wanted to be the enemy of Maschera. The guy had developed 260 torturing methods and he can do all of this without batting an eye, he doesn’t give empty threats and whatever is says is law. He was a monster

“Hmm perhaps I shall take the preventive measure of separating the traitor’s body from his head”. He replied in his deep toned, manly voice that sent ripples of shiver through them. They knew he did not possess a soft bone in his body and he had proved it anytime he amputated someone limb from limb like he was studying the human body.

Life was a battle, only the strong survived.

He stood up from his throne and strode towards the Capos who were kneeling with their heads lowered. He found who he was looking for, his unfortunate victim, Rafael Castillo. He was kneeling at the far end, the Boss crouched in front of him and whispered in his ears. “I heard you’ve been having a lot of fun lately, care to share some of your experience with me?”

Rafael eyes widened as his heart dropped to his stomach. The statement made blood drain from his face. “Was..Wh..What..…ta.. talking….ab..about”

“Did you enjoy deceiving and betraying me and at the same time couldn’t you spare those kids?”

“I’m sorry” Rafael pleaded. He knew the punishment for betraying the Boss, even if Maschera was merciful, the punishment for killing kids unjustifiably was not petty.

“Hmm wrong answer”.

Rafael stood up suddenly and started running towards the door. Maschera sighed and took out his gun from his pocket, he didn’t understand why they always ran as if they could escape the grim ripper.

“Run, Run..oops I missed” He taunted before the sounds of gunshot echoed in the room. “We both know that I cannot kill you at this moment but I shall have a fun time trying.

The moment Rafael reached the door, it was closed by the guards there, his eyes widened and he trotted around the large space like a guinea fowl to dodge the bullets. Maschera was toying with him, he never missed a shot but the fact that he kept missing Rafael by a centimeter showed how he was playing with him.

Rafael’s face ashen but Maschera didn’t stop. He kept shooting the bullet in his direction without care, a bullet hit his calf and he yelled out in pain.

“F*ck” he cursed and limped around. He started trembling like a leaf in the rain, with no other option left, he started crying, he stood at a spot shivering and wincing at every pull.

“Please have mercy”. Hot tears of shame slid down his cheeks while he pleaded for forgiveness. His legs gave out and he crouched on the floor, covering his ears. The inner torment was visible on his face. Despair twisted and turned inside him, the fear ate away his sanity reducing him to a gibbering wreck. He has never been this scared in his life. “I’m sorry.” He pleaded with hopes that he’ll be forgiven and pardoned but that possibility was as slim as thin ice.

“No you’re not sorry, you’re just scared for your pathetic little life”. Then he said coldly to the others in the room. “Watch what happens to those who betray me and if any of you continue to defy me, your lives will be reduced to an unending sequence of agonizing torture then you’ll meet an end so cruel that the devil will weep.”

He grabbed a few sharp equipment’s and began cutting Rafael’s clothes off his body, slicing his body in the process.

Rafael screamed but the other Capos in the room turned a blind eye to him, no one wants to risk offending the boss at this moment or his death anniversary would be the same time next year.

“Keep your mouth shut or I’ll show you things worse than death.”

Maschera finally removed Rafael’s underpants, baring him naked in front of everyone. He then stuffed the underpants in Rafael’s mouth, silencing his screams.

“Let’s begin, shall we?.” He smirked devilishly. “Tell me, have you ever been skinned alive?”.

Ten minutes later,

Maschera looked at his work and nodded in satisfaction, Rafael was tied to a pole, his eyes blackened, his nose broken and his lips swollen. His body was stained with blood, all of his fingers and toes chopped off and were lying in the floor, an IV line was secured to his brachial vein. He had blood transfusion on the left and fluids on the right.

The fun just started so he shouldn’t die yet.

“Ring around the roses, a pocket full of guns, thought you were pretty foxy, didn’t you?” Maschera taunted. Rafael was barely breathing, his eyes were closed. The fact that he was still alive was a mystery after all his tongue had been burnt since he was making too much noise.

Maschera waved, indicating to one of the guards to come over. He came over with a bowl containing hot, steaming water. With no sense of pity, Maschera grabbed the back of Rafael’s head and put his face in the water.

Rafael screamed as he gasped for air, his face was now red and burnt. Maschera chuckled, he was enjoying this more than he should “See, it wasn’t that hard to wake up”. The fear in Rafael’s eyes excited him. He glanced at a clock and frowned. 2am.

“Please kill me, just end it all.” Rafael tried to beg but the words were incoherent In his heart, he knew that it was futile as he had watched so many others in his current situation. The end of it all was death but he was so scared. The fear in his eyes could no longer be concealed.

He had messed with the wrong person and the consequences is death. No need for a trial.

Maschera had a smirk on his face, as his eyes swept past each and everyone in the room. “You all think I have become more lenient by overlooking some of your activities Giusto?” Everyone froze, no one dared to speak. “I allowed you to bend the rules but you should never break them.” His icy tone of voice made everyone present pale, it was as if there were guns pointed behind their head and the order to shoot was lingering in the air.

“ Mi dispiace, I am sorry. Spare my life Maschera.” Rafael yelled out in pain as a guard appeared with another bowl of hot steaming water. Maschera was not merciful nor did he pity the man before him. There was no emotion on his face as he once again grabbed the back of Rafael’s head and put his face in the water.

“I hate loose ends the most,” The Boss also known as Maschera said with a sigh. A guard handed him a revolver which he accepted with a smirk. “It’s best to snip them off.”

Maschera fired, aiming at his victim’s stomach. Rafael’s eyes widened in surprise, then glazed with pain. The unbelievable fire of the pain. “You disappoint me Mr Castillo, did you take me for a fool? Do you think so much of yourself that you believed that I would take your pathetic excuses and wish you Buona fortuna?”

Maschera shot Rafael’s left kneecap, then his right. Rafael’s thin scream of pain faded away into whispers. “I would have killed you quickly if you hadn’t insulted my intelligence. Now it may take you hours, hours of agony and it’s not enough.” Rafael groaned in pain, too deep in shock to realize that his pleas were useless. “Betrayal is unforgivable.”

He turned around, walking towards the entrance. “Let him bleed to death first and remember, if disaster follows you, don’t think of escaping.” Maschera left the room with his guards trailing behind him, leaving the other men in shock. No matter how many times they had seen the Boss torture someone, it always caused fear to engulf their soul.



Chapter 2

She stared at herself in the full length mirror, the lightening in the room was good, letting all of the little crystals on her bra glitter like diamonds. She was a young adult who seemed to have mature in a dangerously sexy way. With a small smirk on her face, she glanced at a small clock on the wall. “A couple of minutes left.” She muttered to no one in particular as she was the only one in the room.

The make up brushes smoothened out all the unblended lines and getting rid of the imperfections. The dark, sparkly eyeshadow made her eyes pop and the red lipstick made her lips look Fuller than they were. Fortunately, for her stereotypically full chest and butt, the extravagant bra and high waist panties concealed the special part of her body.

“Come on Aria, you should be on stage in three minutes.” A woman’s voice resounded in the room as she lightly knocked on the door.

“Right.” Gabriella said in a low tone of voice as her gaze fell on the unconscious woman hidden


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