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Billionaire Sons In Love

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Kyle Wilson fell in love with his maid Bella, when he met her for the first time upon his arrival in his country. His friend Theo Walcott was against the idea of him loving a maid and helping her gain admission into college, but the table turned when he fell in love with Bella's Best Friend, who also belongs to a lower-class family-like Bella. ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜ ­ ؜



Review after half of the novel

Intersting characters and amazing writing! I have been booked with this book got a few days now and I can't seem to get enough. I keep going back to it! Appreciations to the author for the amazing writing. It is a unique story line. I really the characters BS and Bella! Really eager to read more and see where the story goes.. hopefully the boys are able to marry who they actually love and not who they are forced to be with..

April 21, 2024

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