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As cruel as life was to her, her only wish was to grow up and be a better woman. She was independent despite being 19 years old, bold with endless beautiful. She never relied on anyone because she was all alone in the horrible world.Vivienne Payton was raised in an orphanage. She knew nothing of her birth parents or who brought her to such a place. At the age of ten, she was thrown out for a crime she didn't commit. She never thought life was easy. She submitted to become the billionaire's Surrogate for her future. He was broken, betrayed and disappointed. It changed her after being with him for 9 months.I'm only doing this for money...that's the important thing to me"She needed it but what happens when her fate is twisted? What started fine turned serious. What if feelings and the heart are involved? Will Vivienne be able to reach her goal of being successful or will she embrace her new life? Will Victor ever get over his wife's death and accept love for the second time?A MUST read story full of drama, lies, betrayal, hot romance, forbidden passion, and a possessive Male Lead.

CHAPTER 1 Trouble at table ten!

There was always a time when things just worked out on their own. Having nothing to fear or any worries about life, the present or the future. Some said life was a journey, everything was normal either be it good or bad. However was it really necessary to accept even the bad things which happened continuously

"How dare you steal are pathetic. I raised you but you stole from us!" a loud yell erupted throughout the place causing an uproar as a lot of people rushed out of their room to see what was happening, it frequently happened, people stole. The matrons got upset then trouble came. The sight was sickening even to the adults who stood in corners watching with their faces half-covered "flog her until she bleeds!" another female voice roared causing even those standing away to flinch from fear. They were scared to even get close-talk of voicing their opinions. No one wanted to move an inch or defend the ten years old girl tied up to a pole naked and being flogged mercilessly, she had cried and begged and pleaded that she didn't do it but what was begging when there was no one to defend you

"No...please...stop it...sobs...hiccups...I...didn't do it" a small cry echoed out throughout the open space ad into the darkest of night, it would have been better if she was heard unfortunately the beatings got even severe

"She dares to steal, she dares to waste my money...flog her!"


"Come on Vivie...sleeping during working hours...this is impossible" I was jerked bad to reality by the slamming of a tray on the counter I was leaning on and like a confused person I slowly lifted my head to look around lost and confused and yes I was at work

D*mn it

I cursed under my breath and wiped my face so I didn't look all rugged up. Cassy was glaring at me and seeing her expression she seemed tired and irritated, well who wouldn't be tired and irritated when the night got busy,?

"Here...table three and six are waiting"Cassy shoved a few orders in my hands and walked away heading back outside. I sighed as I scanned the small white papers in my hand and knew I had to work. I must have been so tired that I fell asleep during work but who would blame me when I spent the entire day training like a maniac back at school. My entire body was aching as if a truck ran over me repeatedly however I was doing it for the team as well as myself

"Thanks...what else can I get for you?"I said as I served our customers who ordered plates full of ribs, some children's food and other delicacies our restaurant and bar had to offer. The bald man shook his head and waved me off as if I was nothing. Of course, it happened every time but like our boss said just smile and serve the customers with love even if they insult you

"Who served this! Who served this, tell me!"While trying to walk away I heard a woman yelling, I quickly grew alert and glanced at table seven and a woman was on her feet shouting. Two of us rushed to her hoping nothing went wrong?

"Madam...any problem?"I was the first to reach there and asked her hoping she would lower her voice and not attracted the attention of others having their meal

"This isn't what I least I ordered eight pieces of chicken but I can only see five!" The lady yelled again, shoving the place full of grilled chicken in my face that I had to back away from her. She seemed angry but we were used to such people. I recalled getting her order hence I quickly dug in my apron pockets and searched through to see if I could find her order and to my luck I found it but before I could speak, she poured the entire can of cola juice on my head making me gasp as the liquid dripped down my face making my uniform wet.

"This drink is hot...I asked for a cold drink...but you are pathetic!" she shouted at me and fisted the front of my shirt and started shaking me violently. People around started watching and Cassy my co-worker rushed to my aid

"M...madam please let go of her..whatever it is I'll fix it"Cassy tried to pry the lady of me by the fat looking lady was yelling and I had to admit she was too powerful that with just the simple way she was shaking me, I felt dizzy as I finally moved away from her grip

"Stop it...whatever it was... I'll compensate you...please take a seat and I'll bring your original order and you don't have to pay''cassy started reasoning with her while I tried to wipe the cola off my face which had gone down my chest and I felt sticky as I frowned. The lady was overreacting. She knew I was going to check her order that was why she put on a show, she was lying through her teeth and just wanted free food

" this little witch, she's incompetent" as expected the fat woman with messy brown hair and wearing an oversized dress with trousers inside and a large brown cotton sweater on top. I wanted to protest, at least tell Cassy the lady was trying to steal from us but Cassy just nodded at me to leave and I did. People looked at me and pitied my condition but I wasn't bothered. Such things happened every day even worse but our boss always told her not to react hence I rushed to the restroom to get cleaned

"Ugh" I groaned in frustration feeling irritated with my job. I was having a bad day as well as a bad night. Normally having customers tip you would make everyone happy even if we are insulted but people were too greedy to give a decent tip.?

Tying my hair in a bun, I quickly cleaned myself and got ready to head back up. I had to say the restaurant was fully packed now, it seemed people were getting off from their work and settling for a quiet dinner alongside friends. Our restaurant was a secluded place for those who wanted a quiet and peaceful time to themselves and of course, those heartbroken came to hide away and drink their sorrow still they were wasted. After I headed back all fresh I didn't even look at the lady who caused a scene as I got busy serving more customers. Cassy was yelling and giving orders for us to hurry up.?

It felt like never before, I was too exhausted by the time we finally stopped taking orders and all the people were served when I sat at the cashier's counter watching people have their meals. My mind wandered off thinking about that basketball final tournament I had the next day. That was the reason why i had to do a lot of heavy trainings all day but now I had to work

"Hey...I'm leaving now...make sure you close and turn on the fire alarm" as the window cassy appeared in front of me and I was startled but soon frowned, she was ready but how

"Cassy...I thought"

"You thought I'm the one it since I covered for you trouble at table ten, the customer?needs more beers and be nice he seems extra loaded with cash," she said nonchalantly but I was utterly confused, not forgetting to wink at me, money or no money I had to go home early

"It is nearly 11 PM...I have school tomorrow I can't do this 'I had to refuse. I only had five minutes till my shift ended hence why was Cassy doing this to me when she knew I was a student who needed to get enough rest

"I have a date Vivie please just handle him...I asked him if I could pack his beers to go but he doesn't want...Nate is already waiting for me outside" she grabbed my hands and said in the most sincere way possible with puppy eyes, I knew she just wanted to go out with her tattooed boyfriend who rode a crazy bad boy bike and since she did me a favour, I had to say yes

"Okay fine" I finally gave in and she squealed in happiness and gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek before she elegantly walked away.

I was doomed as I looked up counting the people still eating and they were more like five for six hence I took my notepad and made my way to table ten. It was on the other side of the restaurant and the customers who normally took the table were quite unusual. Some never talked or answered when asked a question and they always ordered more liquor not food hence with a sigh I made my way there adjusting my small skirt which was a uniform and a sleeveless tuck in a white shirt. The skirt was too short that I had to wear black tights inside for the sake of decency. Immediately I arrived at table ten, well I was shocked to see so many empty beer bottles, a man was sitting with his head bowed and holding a bottle of alcohol, his black hair was messy and his white sleeved shirt was all wrinkled up and sleeves folded to his elbows showing his strong looking arms. I was confused as I dodged some bottles which were scattered on the floor as well as broken pieces. He seemed drunk?

"S...sir...sir...please we are about to close"I walked close to him and hesitantly before I could tap him on the shoulder since he looked to be asleep "sir...sir please it's getting late...sir" I tried tapping him on the shoulder which was all muscular and hard unfortunately he didn't move an inch, my eyes narrowed and I walked closer to him but keeping a distant. A Small frown appeared on my face as I prepared to lift his head that was when he grabbed my hand in his rough cold hand and pulled me to him so fast that I gasped and fell on him and my hand moved to his back to secure my balance

"T...they are all liars" the so-called man muttered in a deep small voice which could barely be heard and my eyes widened not sure what to do because I was sitting in his lap with his arms wrapped around my waist. His head rested on my shoulder and I could feel his hot breath brushing on my skin.

CHAPTER 2 Stuck with him

I was so tense to think clearly, it was getting late. The restaurant was empty, all the customers had already left except for a couple and the drunk man. I didn't know how to get rid of him. After he grabbed me by force, I got scared that I thought he would do something bad to me. The way he gripped my waist so tight had me sweating from fear and I wanted to scream for help since people were around and if the man wanted to do anything bad to me in public then he would get arrested however to my surprise the man was sobbing. It was rare to see a man crying and looking at the man I wondered how a good looking man like him would act so carelessly. He was too drunk to move or lift his hand. I stayed there sitting in his lap? while he said so many weird things I didn't understand

He was cursing and calling all women cheaters, to my understanding I figured he was hurt or maybe his girlfriend dumped him. I had nothing to say to him to give him comfort other than listening to him.


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