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When Valerie Adams gets to know she is betrothed to the youngest billionaire in New York, just to save her father's dying company, it is two nights after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her best friend. She is upset with the news of the betrothal and becomes more p*ss*d when she finally meets him. Ryan Lorenzo is the most arrogant, pompous, and cold-hearted guy she will ever cross paths with. He is less interested in keeping a woman but what he needs is a wife to satisfy his parent's desires for him to be married and considered responsible. Valerie decides to take advantage of the situation, to save her father's company and to make her cheating boyfriend jealous. She suggests a CONTRACT for their marriage and Ryan is making the RULES.

Chapter 1

Valerie's POV

I get butterflies in my stomach a lot.

In fact, there are a lot of things that give me butterflies. It doesn't have to be love or s*x that gives me that.

Clubbing does. Being with my best friend does. Being happy does.

But this news before me is definitely one of the things that doesn't give me those butterflies in my stomach, that makes me excited about something I haven't done before or something that is about to happen to me.

I never saw this coming. I never envisioned my life to be going along this path and I still find it very hard to believe because my jaws are still dropped open in shock.

"Val, we know this is coming as a shock to you but it's for the best", Mother begins, her hands touching my thighs, jerking me back to reality. Father is sitting opposite me, his face in a deep frown. He looks frailer than ever before.

"We need to save your father's dying business. We talked about it at length and we thought it's high time you knew. I think now is the time for you two to meet so you can get to know each other better."

Now I can't take it anymore. Not because I have a boyfriend. But because I don't want anyone to interfere with my life or make decisions for me.

"No, mother,” I say sharply, startling her. I turn to face her squarely. "I am not meeting anyone and that is final."

"Valerie", Father calls with a harsh tone. This isn't about them, this is about me.

I am 23 years old for crying out loud. How can I be betrothed to some guy all my life without even knowing about it? I have a boyfriend. I have a life that I love. A life that gives me the right butterflies.

I am not doing this.

"Dad, I am not doing this", I voice out sincerely. "This is my life and I can choose to get to meet my so-called betrothed or not. I have a boyfriend for crying out loud!"

I didn't mean for my voice to be raised at my father but here I am doing that.

"I won't let you speak of my husband that way, you silly girl", Mother scolds me harshly, her hands leaving my thighs.

Did she just defend her husband? Last night, they were at each other's throats and I didn't even bother to ask what the problem was.

That is their sh*t, not mine and I have no reason to interfere in their affairs.

Ever since Father's company went bankrupt, he has been having issues with my Mother. Mother is finding it very hard to get accustomed to this new lifestyle he is offering us.

It was hard for me at first but I get used to new things or new places easily. Getting myself accustomed to being middle class is one of the easiest things for me.

"Really?" I peer down at her with a scoff.

"Really. Is this the lifestyle you want for yourself? When was the last time we went shopping, uhn? When was the last time we threw a huge party like we used to? I know this isn't what you want…"

"No", I laugh. This is definitely not what I want. This is what my Mother wants and she wants to use me to continue living that life.

What I want are butterflies. Always being present.

What I want is for Fred to stop cheating on me. Getting married at this age and to some strangers is not one of the things I want.

"You need to help your father, princess", she begins to use that tone on me. That soft, alluring tone she always uses whenever she wants me to comply. "Your father needs this help. The Lorenzos won't help us until we fulfill our promise of having you married to their son. You will like him, just try…"

"I have a BOYFRIEND, mother!" I shout, rising from the sofa in anger, my chest heaving up and down. "I have a boyfriend, for Goodness sake."

"The same one who is always cheating on you with other girls?" She retorts back sharply, standing up to my height.

What? How did she know about Fred's cheating?

He promised to change and I gave him another chance but I caught him again, two nights ago but this time it was with someone I know. She is one of those who give me those butterflies and who makes me happy.

She was f*ck*ng my boyfriend. I caught them in the act at a party I was invited to by the same girl who I caught with my boyfriend.

I told them I was running late and I guess they took the clue to get to the act before I was around. They must have been doing this for a very long time.

It broke me.

I cried.

But I am a strong girl. Fred always comes back to apologize and I was waiting all night for his calls. It never came until yesterday morning when his text came in.

He apologized for his mistake.

Brenda has always been a seductress and I am sure she seduced him. I don't want to have anything to do with Brenda ever again but I will make sure she regrets having s*x with my boyfriend.

Fred is still my boyfriend. What happened two nights ago didn't change that fact. Because he was with my best friend doesn't mean I will let him go. I won't let her have him. Fred and I are still a thing and I am patiently waiting for him to summon up the courage to come to beg me.


"That idiot that keeps hurting you?" My mother's voice is raised. "Do you even know what you are doing? He always cheats on you yet you keep accepting him back?"

Who told her this? I ask within me, tears threatening to fall down my eyes.

Was it Brenda? Brenda is my best friend but she is close to my mother too and they talk about everything and anything.

Did she tell my mother about Fred's cheating? She had always condemned him and wanted me to leave him but now I know why she is so enthusiastic about me leaving Fred.

She wants him for herself and that won't be happening.

"This is a good life we are offering you", she is still talking. "This guy is handsome and wealthy. He is the younger billionaire in New York. What more do you want?"

"What do I want?" I ask back, then point my index finger at her. "What I want is for you two to stop interfering with my life."

She is surprised that I am talking to her this way. Father is silently watching us. Sparing him a glance, I move past Mother to leave when her voice stops me.

"You are getting married to Ryan whether you like it or not, Valerie. You two were betrothed to each other since you were still a child and I won't have you make a wrong decision when he is obviously better than your cheating boyfriend."

I am tempted to go back to her and tell her how Fred makes me feel. This is not just about the butterflies. There is more to it.

I want to shout out how much I love Fred and how much of a real man he is. He might not be as wealthy as this so-called billionaire but he is a real man.

Instead of doing what I have in mind, I walk out of the living room to the front door with one intention in mind.

I am going to have him back.

Brenda won't.

Chapter 2

Valerie's POV

I am having ambivalent feelings about what happened tonight. That doesn't stop me from smiling at the thought of seeing Fred.

Hugging my jacket to myself, I step down from the car and begin to walk towards his apartment.

Now that I think of it, I don't really know if Mother doesn't want to support my relationship with Fred because he is not as rich as the man they want me to be married to or because he is cheating on me.

Fred cheated only twice.

If Brenda doesn't have eyes for him, then maybe he wouldn't have cheated on me yet again. Brenda is a bitch and I am going to prove to her that she is nothing but a bitch.

Fred and I love each other. He loves me a lot and I feel the same way. He is a passionate and kind lover. He cares for and adores me.

The love I stopped receiving from home for years since we have been struggling to maintain our status, Fred was able to bring it back. He showed me so much


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