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Becoming The CEO's Obsession

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Olivia watched as he leaned his face towards her and then stopped to watch her reaction. Any rational thoughts were thrown out of the window and the only thing in her mind was 'oh my god.' She tried not to think of the consequences of what her actions may bring because at that moment she kinda wanted it. So she also leaned in. He kissed her gently as if taking away the pain she felt, his lips were soft against hers. She kissed him back, her hand clutching his shoulder tight. She held her breath when their tongue touched and she heard him groan. The kiss turned passionate and consuming, Luke's mouth slanting over her own over and over again. ***** Olivia knew Luke was out of her reach for so many reasons but that didn't stop the attraction she felt towards him. And just when things was getting good between the both of them, betrayals, lies, jealousy and return of the exes threatened to tear down what they've managed to build. Would their relationship survive the storm or would they crash and burn? Only one way to find out!

Chapter 1

"Seriously, this is driving me crazy!" Olivia Watson groaned for the umpteenth time that evening as she replayed the event of that day which led to her getting fired.

First, she'd yelled at her boss to go to hell then she flipped him the middle finger before furiously stomping her feet to her now former office. But in her defense, he was a pervert just like in the other four jobs she'd gotten fired from in the last three months. He was lucky she'd not kicked him in the balls like the others.

She heaved heavily, took a sip of the vodka that was in her hand before dropping it on the table in front of her. She had to figure out a very smart way to tell her boyfriend, Phil, that she'd been fired yet again. Olivia could already picture the disappointment on his face when he heard and she understood him.

Phil and herself have been together for about three years now and he'd always been there for her. They already planned their life together and why it would hurt telling him that she'd been fired from this present job was because he'd gotten the job for her and told her to be careful as her boss was his friend.

"Or is it better if I don't tell him about it yet?" She thought.

"What if he already knows?" She asked no one in particular as she was alone.

She was too engrossed in her thoughts that she didn't hear the door being opened from the outside.

"Smells like someone is having fun without me." Tracy said, joining her on the couch.

Tracy, her best friend of eight years now was exactly what she needed at the moment. She had this gift of making her forget her pains for a while and Olivia loved her for it.

"I am, aren't I?" Olivia smiled. The drink was already making her happy as it was.

"You definitely are. Wait, I'll pour you another glass." Tracy told her and got to work. Opening another bottle of vodka which was next to an already empty bottle.

"Thank you." Olivia slurred.

"You're welcome baby."

Tracy watched her friend as she drowned down the glass of vodka. She didn't need a soothsayer to tell her that something was wrong with work and she definitely didn't need anyone to tell her that she also wasn't in the right state of mind to talk about it. So she just sat there and listened to whatever came out of her mouth.

"I didn't…I umm...didn't even get to kick him in the balls. He's so lucky."

"That must've been pretty annoying right?"

"lt was, how did you know that? Are you a mind-reader?" Olivia asked, moving closer to her with her face right in Tracy's own trying to get the answer.

"No, I'm not. I'm your best friend."

"Are you? Then, let's get married."

This time, Tracy couldn't hold back anymore so she let out a loud laughter. A drunk Olivia was just too much fun.

"Phil is going to have my head." Tracy said instead and immediately Olivia's eyes widened most likely at the mention of her boyfriend's name.

"Phil! What am I supposed to do about him?"

"For now, you're going to sleep and then you'll talk to him. He'll understand."

Olivia paused, pouted her lips a little but nonetheless complied with the instruction she was given.

With her head now resting comfortably on Tracy's laps, she went to sleep and for that period of time that she fell asleep, everything felt right. Like the past hour only happened in her imagination but deep down, she knew she would face reality when she sobered up.

Without the slightest idea of how long she slept, Olivia woke up still at the same spot she remembered. She sat up straight, with her eyes still closed as they hadn't adjusted to the brightness of the lights.

The memories of the event which led to the sleep she'd just woken up from came back to her slowly, just as she noticed the person sitting across her and she managed to make out the frown on his face.

"Blake!" She exclaimed, but cursed under her breath as she felt her head pounding.

Now, fully accustomed to the environment she realized that it was getting dark outside meaning she'd slept for a long time.

Blake ignored her but stood up and made his way to the kitchen only to return with a glass of water that Olivia could swear contained honey.

"Take." He said, handing her the glass.

In three gulps, the glass was empty and she was right about the honey.

Now feeling better she focused her attention on Blake who was back to sitting across her and his eyes still boring holes into hers.

Blake was very over protective of herself and Tracy and for him to be glaring at me, he had an idea why I drank too much.

"Are you okay?" Tracy finally asked beside me.

"Do you think he would stop glaring at me anytime soon?" She whispered.

"Just assure him that you're okay, he looked ready to kill someone when he came in earlier, especially when he saw the empty bottle of vodka on the table. Good job not telling him where you work."

It was then she noticed that the table had been cleared and Tracy couldn't have possibly done it since she had her laps.

"Which b**tard was it?" Blake asked.

You could see just how much he was struggling to keep his voice under control.

"Look, I'm okay. And you know what happened the last time."

"I don't care, I'll bail myself out." He shrugged, and she knew he could but didn't want him getting into trouble again.

"I'm jobless once more." She tried to joke to ease the tension but it did the opposite.

Both Tracy and Blake frowned, especially Blake when she said that.

"Where's that boyfriend of yours?" Blake asked.

She sighed, one of the worst things to do was putting Phil and Blake in the same space for anything longer than ten minutes and you'd be setting yourself to watch a bloodbath…maybe not exactly but you get the gist. They don't get along well.

"I haven't told him, he was..." She paused, it would only make matters worse if she mentions that he got the job for her in the first place.

"A**hole." He muttered. "I hate seeing you like this and recently it's happening more times than often." He came to sit beside me and brought me into his arms.

Tracy's hand continuously rubbed my back and despite everything, I know they would always have my back seeing that they were the only ones I could call my family.

"I love you guys so much."

"You know we love you." Tracy said, just as she felt Blake kiss the top of her head gently.

She snuggled closer into Blake's arm to feel more comfortable in his huge chest until she heard her phone ring. She froze for a moment before breathing deeply so as not to give Blake a wrong idea.

"This is it." She thought, before picking up her phone.

Chapter 2

To her relief it wasn't Phil who was calling but Jared, Tracy's elder brother whom she respected so much. But she also wondered why he was calling as he rarely calls her except if it was really important.

"It's Jared." She announced, more to calm herself down than anything.

"Go on." Tracy said.

She was smiling knowingly at her as though she knew something Olivia didn't but that wasn't her priority at the moment.

"Hey, Jared." Even her voice sounded relieved as she spoke to him.

"I was wondering if you're free so we can grab dinner together."

"Give me a minute, let me check in with Tracy and Blake."

"No, just you."

She turned to look at Blake first before turning to Tracy and they both had an expression she couldn't read on their faces.

As much as she'd like something to eat, her mind was trouble about how Mark would feel about the


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