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Baby For The Billionaire

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Blurb “It's either one of them, you become my wife or we meet in court for custody.” Damon said, a smirk on his face knowing he'd put me in a tight spot. "You can't possibly expect me to give you an answer now.” "You have three minutes.” "I'll marry you.” I decided after a not so thorough thought. ***** After a drunken one night stand that led to the birth of their son, Ellie tried her best to keep that information from him, not wanting to be reminded of the events of that day which led to her getting drunk in the first place. She also didn't want to face the father of her son as his reputation preceded him. But as the years went on and returning to the place where it all started became inevitable, Ellie was left with no choice but to confess to Damon. But things didn't go as planned as Damon himself was in a situation where he needed to be married and fast and she was the perfect target since she wouldn't want to leave her son behind. Left with no choice, she decided to marry him with the hope that it was only for public eyes. What she didn't know was that Damon didn't have any plans of letting her go.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1- The start of it If there was one thing I was certain about, it was the fact that my life was ending today. People cleared the way as my father dragged me to wherever he thought was the best place to finish me. I didn't try to resist and let him do as he pleased. Besides, resisting was only going to worsen the situation. “Just one day without you embarrassing me, is that too much to ask?" He asked. “I'm telling the truth, Julia stole my presentation." I told him, but he wasn't having it. He didn't want to believe that his ‘perfect daughter’ needed to steal anything before outshining me. “Does accusing your sister make you feel better about your own mistakes?" It wasn't accusing her of stealing it if I was certain she did. I, more than anyone, knew what I had prepared and that was exactly what Julia presented. But nothing I said was going to change his mind…not when there was no evidence to back up my claim. “You almost cost me my biggest investors."“Again Dad, I'm telling you the truth, you're the one choosing not to believe me." I repeated for the umpteenth time. For the past few months, all I did was prepare for today. Doing various researches just so I could prove that I was even more capable than Julia when it came to things concerning the business but in the end it was a waste of time. I'd woken up so happy, and relieved that my hard work was going to be rewarded until I realized my laptop had been tampered with and worse, everything I worked on was gone. And the only person who could've done it was no other person than the golden child herself. While my dad was still going on about how much of a disappointment I was, my mom, Sandra came in. “Darling, don't be hard on her, the pressure of doing something this important must have been too much on her." She said, grabbing his arm. At a certain point in my life while growing up, I didn't want to believe that she was actually my mom because of how differently she treated Julia and I but later, I realized it was because they weren't planning to have me. “Don't raise your voice, the board members are starting to talk." My mom continued. “Where did I go wrong with her? Sometimes, I wish we'd stopped at Julia.” My father said. For a few minutes, the three of us just looked at one another, my dad more surprised as if he'd forgotten I was in the room. Clearing his throat, he continued, "learn from your sister instead of being jealous.” I tuned him out as I focused on stopping my tears from spilling. They didn't deserve a single tear from me. Once both of them were sure that I had gotten everything they had to say, they left me standing in my spot and walked hand in hand out of the room. Certain I was now alone, I let out my tears fall freely after failing to keep it in. Nothing I did was enough, no matter how hard I tried and I was almost at the point where I wouldn't care anymore. Even without anyone telling me, I knew my face was a mess from all the crying but that was the least of my problems when I heard someone cough. And sure enough, when I looked towards the sound, Damon Walker was standing up from where he sat. “Has he been sitting there all the while? And heard me crying?" I thought, “could this day get any worse?" With every step he took, a plan was forming in my head and although I knew my plan wasn't a smart one, it was the only option I had. And before I knew it, I was running like I was possessed, trying to hide my face from the staff who I knew were already discussing my poor performance. Once in the comfort of my car, I brought out my phone to call my boyfriend, Paul, as he was the only one who could take my mind off my current situation. When he didn't pick, I started the car and drove straight to his place. Something seemed off the moment I drove into the compound. Apart from Julia's car that was parked in the compound, the security man who was usually all smiles whenever he saw me, looked confused as I drove in. “Were they discussing business related issues here at his place?” I thought even though that was unlikely but that was the only explanation why they would be together especially when that was the only time they could stand each other. I greeted the security man and cautiously made my way inside. Before now, I've never had any reason to suspect that Paul might be cheating on me so the thought that I might be overreacting did cross my mind. But that changed immediately when I entered the living room. Dresses that I knew certainly belonged to Julia were scattered everywhere. I was wrong about the day not getting any worse. “How was she so stupid to believe that you were in love with her?” I heard the undeniable voice of Julia ask. “I can be pretty convincing." Paul replied. This had to be a dream, one that I would wake up from and shake my head at. “When are you planning to end things with her? We've gotten what we wanted, and I'm tired of pretending like we don't know each other except when we're talking about business." “I'm seeing her later, I should do it then." My knees weakened when I heard that, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My boyfriend of three years who was my backbone and support system only saw me as a means to an end. I had barely recovered from that when their moaning suddenly filled the room. This made me sick to my gut and I felt the need to throw up. Without waiting to know what happened next, I ran blindly out of the house not caring if I made my presence known. This time, as I drove off, it was without a destination in mind knowing that the last thread of hope I was holding on to had broken off and I could boldly say my day couldn't get any more worse than this. If only I knew what the rest of the day had in store for me, I would know that I couldn't be more wrong.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2- Drunken mistake

I wasn't sure how long I drove around for, because by the time I was actually aware of what was going on around me, it was already dark outside.

And although the tears had stopped coming, I still couldn't bring myself to drive home. The last thing I wanted to do was face my so-called family and boyfriend whose call I had managed to ignore all day.

The purpose of his call was most likely to end things with me, call me pathetic but I wasn't ready to let go…not yet anyways. And it wasn't because of any grand reason. My feelings for him were strong and just thinking about the fact that to him it was all fake broke my heart all over again.

Finally, I pulled up into the parking lot of one of the most famous clubs around. I could feel the place bustling even before I entered and although a place like this wasn't particularly my scene as I'd rather sit down at a cafe and take coffee.



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