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Babies for The Hot Billionaire

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Ariadne Caddel got the shock of her life when she visited her soon-to-be husband and met him on the bed with her stepsister. She felt betrayed by the both of them and took off her engagement ring, broke off the engagement without thinking twice. They didn't even look remorseful. Feeling pained and dejected, Ariadne went to the closest club she could find, seduced the first man she saw and had s*x with him. She decided to move away from the city and leave behind all of her past memories to start a new life. There, she discovered that she was pregnant with quadruplets that can only be for the mysterious man she had s*x with. She came back to the city to find the father of her children but the only thing she had on him was the customized bracelet with the initials "C. J. W." inscribed on it and the only person she has heard of that bears that initials is the Popular Cold-hearted and Playboy Billionaire, Conrad Jared Whitlock.


Sierra King

Review after the novel completion

The only way I could do that was if you had to do a little more work and I would be happy with it but you have a hard day and you don’t want me working on your day so you don’t want me doing that so you can get it all over with your own thing I would be very grateful for it if I can get you some money to do that and then you could

May 17, 2024

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