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"Appearance Pact, the Unexpected Love"

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Marco Tullen I lived in a rush, had no time for anyone. Until I found myself cornered and encountered him in the middle of all this confusion, a feeling was born. He was all tough and full of grace, saying he doesn't fall in love, but in this one, it was me who fell. I fell for Mr. Tullen and I have only 1 year to conquer him. Amora Roberts I locked myself away from any feeling, my heart isn't in line to meet love (between man and woman), it's not welcome in my world and I'm not looking for it. Until I found her and was conquered. I didn't imagine this would happen, but she was the light that appeared in my darkness, bringing me to life.

Chapter 1 Amora Roberts / Unexpected Encounter

I'm a true businesswoman, 24 years old, running a telecommunications company. My parents, Martina and Raymond Roberts, are a bit protective. My father is one of the most renowned lawyers in Canada, and my mother is a highly sought-after architect; her work is magnificent, and they are the best parents I could ask for.

I don't have a boyfriend, a fling, a husband, or anything of the sort. After that devastating breakup, I decided to close the doors to any possibility of a relationship. I can't risk another disappointment in my life. The wound is still fresh, the heart still shattered. It's like I'm wandering in a sea of uncertainties, without a safe harbor to anchor.

I sit at my desk in my small office, a cup of hot tea trembling in my hands. I gaze into the emptiness in front of me, the painful memories of that day echoing in my mind. Tears threaten to escape, but I swallow them back forcefully, refusing to succumb to the pain again.

“I don't need another disappointment in my life,” I whisper to myself, the words sounding weak and shaky in the silent air. I take a deep breath, trying to find some peace in the whirlwind of emotions swirling around me. I decide to focus on what matters most to me, the only thing that still keeps me sane: work.

Today is a big day. I have a meeting scheduled with an investor who could change the game for me. I feel the tension pulsing in my veins as I prepare to face this battle in the ruthless world of business. I glance at the clock and offer a silent prayer, asking God for everything to go smoothly.

With my car still in the shop, I can't afford to be late. I need to get to the meeting on time and with a sharp mind. I call a taxi and wait anxiously, feeling the weight of responsibility on my shoulders. Every second feels like an eternity as I wait for the vehicle that will take me toward my defining moment.

Finally, the taxi arrives, and I quickly hop in, feeling my heart race with anticipation of what's to come. On the way to the meeting place, my mind is occupied with plans and strategies, mentally rehearsing every word I'll say to the investor. I can't leave anything to chance; every detail matters in this game of power and influence.

As the taxi navigates through the bustling city streets, I try to control my nerves and stay calm. This is my chance to make history, to achieve the success I've longed for. And I'm determined not to let this opportunity slip through my fingers.

I've always liked being one of the first to arrive at the company; it's always been my trademark. Stepping out of the taxi, I adjust my wool coat and firmly hold onto the cup of hot coffee between my cold hands.

With confident steps, I approached the sidewalk, focused on my thoughts about the upcoming meeting. The sun reflected on the concrete pavement as I hurried toward the imposing building in front of me where my company was located; the sound of my heels echoed on the asphalt, blending with the city's bustle. But before reaching the safety of the building's entrance, I had a surprise. A collision, a sudden impact that made me stumble backward, and the coffee cup flew from my hands, spilling its scalding contents over me. My eyes widened, and a curse escaped my lips, a mix of surprise and frustration.

I opened my arms, shaking the liquid dripping down, and as I raised my gaze, I was met with a tall, imposing man in front of me, as if I had hit a wall of muscles. His eyes, a deep grayish-blue, stared intensely at me as if seeking some explanation for our misfortune.

My breathing quickened as I realized the damage; I looked down and saw the dark stain spreading across my expensive cream-colored outfit. A wave of anger and indignation ran through my entire body; how dare this person ruin my impeccable clothes on such an important day?

He seemed surprised by the impact and raised his hands in a gesture of apology.

“Oh my god!” My voice came out shrill. “What now?” I shook my hands, trying to get rid of the liquid running down my arms. “Could you pay more attention to where you're going?” I shouted; the indignation and irritation were apparent in my words.

“Oh! I'm sorry, it was an accident,” I hear his voice as he takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and starts wiping me. “Let me help clean this up.” His hands were large but gentle.

“Clean up!” I took a deep breath. “Look what you did to my clothes,” my voice trembled with anger as I struggled to contain my overflowing emotions; I felt a mix of frustration and embarrassment, my carefully planned morning now ruined by a simple accident.

He continued his attempts to clean my merino wool coat, but to no avail; he only made it dirtier.

“Please, take your hands off me; look, you ruined an expensive coat,” I yelled louder than usual.

“It wasn't my intention; you just appeared out of nowhere in front of me…” I interrupted him.

“Forget it, I've already said it, take your hands off me.” I pushed him a bit too hard.

He staggered back and almost fell; I put my hand over my mouth, trying to stifle a laugh; his expressions were of surprise and confusion.

I walked away without looking back; arriving at my company, I took the elevator, Eliza was already waiting for me as usual.

“Hello Liz! Good morning! How's everything here, any news?”

She looked at my coat and covered her mouth, looking shocked. “Hello! Amora, good morning. What happened to you?”

I handed her my bag. “A long story, but it'll have to wait for another time.”

“Ah! Okay, ready to reign today!” She smiled.

“My dear, I've been ready since birth.”

We laughed together and entered my office; I handed my coat to her and sat at my desk facing a huge glass wall, from there I could see the entire city of Montreal.

Chapter 2 Amora Roberts / The Proposal!

That's why they call me the queen, because my building is the tallest in Montreal and the whole city is at my feet. I don't really like this nickname, but I know Liz says that without malice, unlike the “others.”

Liz hands me my schedule, and I see that my meeting is in 20 minutes, and even after the morning stress, I'm quite excited.

“Amora, your dress even under the coat still has a little stain,” she points to a spot near the dress collar.

“I know,” I close my eyes to contain my anger when I remember that person. “I'll try to clean it in the bathroom.”

“Amora, I believe we have some of your other clothes, I got them from the laundry room.”

I get up and go to Liz enthusiastically. “Thank you so much, my dear, that's why I love you, you always have a solution to my problems,” I kiss her cheek.

She smiles and leaves; I return to my desk and give the documents another once-over.

In a few minutes, Liz returns with a hanger in her hands. I quic


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