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An affair with my billionaire boss

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Book two of s*x with the billionaire boss. Read to find out the love life of Henry and Quinn and how they were able to get back together despite all odds. A seductive boss and his maid…… Note: This book may contain some steamy scenes….. When a billionaire falls for his maid, what lengths must he go through, in order to make her his??? Using dubious means to get into her panties, does that make him the antagonist or the protagonist???? Read this interesting boss/maid affair story to find out more about this boss and maid love life affair …..

Chapter 1 Increase the torture

"What?!!" Quinn threw the phone on the floor as she yelled.

"What is it?" Henry hurried down the stairs. His upper body was bare and water dripped down from his hair.

Quinn was visibly shaken as she knelt on the floor.

Henry ran over to her in alarm.

"What is wrong?" He asked again.

"Emel...da." She managed to voice out.

Henry's heart skipped a beat when he heard her call his daughter's name.

"What about her?" He pulled her closer to him as he ran his hands over hers.

"Kidnapped... She has been kidnapped." Quinn broke down in tears.

Henry felt his surrounding go still as he heard her say 'kidnapped'. Her words kept reverberating in her ears.

"Henry, I'm going to Washington DC now... I can't bear this anxiety. What if, what if..." She choked on her tears.

"Hey, calm down... Nothing is going to happen to our daughter... Nothing." He hugged her and patted her back.

However, his mind was a mess.

His daughter.... His poor daughter.

He hadn't even gotten to know her well. He had just discovered the news of her being his daughter. So what was this?

Who had the guts to kidnap her right under the Stones watchful gaze. Right under their nose? Who was it?

"You see? I wanted to keep the truth about Emelda away from you. I caused this." Quinn pulled away from his arms and made her way upstairs.

How could she have been overcome by Henry's persuasion?

She put her daughter at risk....

'Oh Emelda.... What if they hurt her.' Her heart clenched in pain, when she thought about someone hitting her daughter.

She would kill them! Yes, and skin their flesh off their bones!!

She hurried downstairs again; she had to get to the airport.

"I'll go with you." Henry said resolutely, as he supported her out of the mansion, to the car.

Quinn nodded weakly. She wasn't in the right state of mind to drive. And he had the right to follow her too. After all, Emelda was also his daughter.


Washington DC.

The Stones family residence.

Everyone paced around the living room anxiously. They were all in a state of panic. All except; Patriarch Raphael.

He sat calmly on the sofa as he shook his legs. One look at him, and one may conclude that he wasn't bothered about what happened to his great granddaughter.

However, reverse was the case. He was trying to subdue his anger.

The door opened, and three policemen came inside.

"Good day Mr Stones." They bowed as they took their seats before him.

"What took you guys so long? Do you see everything as a joke? Tell me, is this matter a joke to you?" Nicole asked in a teary voice.

She was brokenhearted. After all, she had experienced a case of kidnapping once.

With her daughter.... Michelle Stone (Quinn )

"We are very sorry about that madam." They hurriedly apologized. They couldn't afford to offend the Stones at that moment.

They could lose their jobs!

"Sir, may we know who accompanies your great granddaughter to school each day? Including details about her driver." The Inspector asked.

"No need... The bodies of the bodyguard were found lying on the ground on the road to her school. The car in which she was driven, was also empty. No trace of her at all..." Raphael gritted his teeth.

He was overcome with emotion.. How could this be?

The second kidnap case in his family? It seems it was time he exerted his dominance again...

"What about the driver?" The policeman asked as he jotted down Raphael's words.

"Don't worry about him." He said coldly.

The policemen nodded in understanding. Telling them not to worry, meant that the driver had been apprehended by the Stones!

What torture could be worse than that?

"Alright Mr Stone, we will do our best to capture the culprit and bring your great granddaughter back." They bowed again and made their way out of the mansion.

Raphael looked at the floor, and continued gritting his teeth.

How could he depend on the police? Nonsense!

The culprit would be brought to light soon. He was sure of it.

And this time.... Whoever it was, will suffer tremendously.

The door to the living room opened, and Quinn came inside. Tailing her was Henry. Both of them wore solemn looks as they approached the other family members.

"Oh child..." Nicole ran over to hug her, as she sobbed.

"M....mum," She choked out.

"It's okay, it's okay... She will be fine. I'm sure of that." Nicole said consolingly.

"How could they kidnap an innocent child?" Quinn sobbed.

Her mother led her to the sofa, and sat beside her.

Henry watched them, and clenched his fists in anger. Seeing Quinn in pain, broke his heart.

Once the culprit was found, he was going to deal with him!

That was his vow...

He went over to sit beside Quinn, and wrapped his arms around her shoulder.

None of the Stones said a word. Sending him out would be harsh. He was Emelda's father, so, he deserved to be there, with them.

"What did the driver say?" Quinn raised her head and asked.

"He remained mute, ever since he was captured. He had refused to say a word." Sylvester replied.

"Really? Increase the torture then. Torture him till he speaks..." Quinn said coldly.

The others looked at her in surprise, but they knew the reason behind her words.

When one's relative or acquaintance was in danger, one could become cold-hearted.

"Of course..." Sylvester nodded.

"Come over here, Michelle." Her grandmother beckoned at her. She was the only one who didn't call her 'Quinn'.

Quinn nodded as she stood up, and dragged her feet over to her.

"She will be fine." Lily patted her granddaughter's hair.

"What if-" She paused.

However, they understood what she was trying to say...

She had been kidnapped when she was little. And it took a long time, before she had been found.

What if the same thing happened to Emelda?

"Hush.... Nothing will happen to her." Lily pulled her closer, as she comforted her.

"I pray so." Quinn said in a muffled voice.

Chapter 2 Anonymous threat

Henry was restless as he sat on his swivel chair in his office. That had been the case ever since Emelda was kidnapped a week ago.

Yes, it was already a week since she got kidnapped.

Just then his phone rang,

'Ringg.... ringggg'

He glanced at the caller ID, and hissed.

It was an anonymous number.

Who was it?

He picked the call, and put it on handsfree.

However, he tapped the 'start recording' button.

He didn't want to take chances.

"Hello?" A deep baritone boomed from the other line.

Henry remained silent.

"Hahaha... I know you can hear me. Well, how are you coping?" The voice mocked.

Henry clenched his fists, as he became alert,

"Who are you?" Who was this person?

How did he know that something happened to him?

"Well... You don't deserve to know who I am.... But I want this to serve as a warning to you." The man at the

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