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Accidental Marriage In Sin City

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"BREAKING NEWS: HOT BILLIONAIRE, TYLER SCHNEIDER’S FLASH MARRIAGE WITH A MYSTERIOUS WOMAN IN LAS VEGAS! A failed proposal for him and a series of Mimosa for her led them to a wild lustful night in Sin City. Tyler Schneider, a hot-headed billionaire, and Chloe Myers, an ambitious career woman, woke up naked and trapped in a piece of paper called ‘MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE’. In just one night, Chloe Myers became Chloe Schneider. “What’s there to lose? You get to be in bed with a hot rich guy like me, and I get to claim my inheritance. It’s a win-win situation,” oozing with annoying confidence, he pronounced as if marriage was just a game. A contract, an agreement, a negotiation between them. Will Chloe continue this accidental marriage? Or sign the divorce paper? Which name befits her more, is it, Miss Myers or Mrs. Schneider?"

CHAPTER 1 Suddenly Married

Not only did the endless doorbell ring, but the loud banging on the door almost woke two naked people on the bed inside this grandeur VVIP suite room.

“Sir! Sir!” screamed the loud voice from the other side of the heavy door.

Yet no response was heard from two people who were heavily drunk and still enjoying the comfort of this king-size bed. Both of them were slightly snoring.

“Sir Schneider! Mister Schneider! Please open this door, the chairman is on his way to your office,” pleaded the man while the banging became more aggressive.

At this point, a glide from the woman’s hand was seen. She gracefully stretched her arms sideways but was blocked by a thick object beside her, “Hmm, what is it this time? A lamp shade? A painting?” she thoughtlessly asked herself knowing herself.

Eyes still closed, she thought it was some kind of a pillow or a hard object lying down beside her, a drinking habit of cuddling almost anything at reach when influenced by alcohol.

So she examined it more by rubbing her palm against it, striding it up and down, “Hmm, it isn’t as hard as I think, and it felt like a six-pack ab of an athlete,” but her hand was enjoying it much more than she should and continued to caress the unknown object.

But when a groan paired with mumblings came out of it, “Uh, Isabela, stop it, let’s sleep more,” she quickly stopped her motion and opened her eyes to check.

Bewildered by what beheld before her blue topaz eyes, she suddenly felt her throat dry and her instinct kicked in by pulling out the grey fleece blanket that was covering the lower part of the man, then wrapped it around her naked body, “M*th*rf*ck*r!” she blurted out.

The man who was still unaware of this unexpected situation rolled to his side, exposing his even butt, and said, “I know I am, Isabella, now go back to bed and let me tuck you in,” he said thinking it was his girlfriend all along.

So the gorgeous long-legged lady who is still processing the situation threw the pillow at him with all her might and cussed at him like a mad one, “Wake up, idiot! I am pretty sure my name isn’t Isabella!”

But when the man didn’t even budge, she woke him up by kicking him on his toned thigh, “I said, wake the f*ck up!” and a kick landed that made him kiss the ground.

“Son of a bi–!” he yelled and stood up, exposing his majestic height, perfectly proportioned body, and big manhood while fixing his unruly hair, “What’s wrong with you Isa–” but the moment he laid his green eyes on her blue topaz eyes, he froze for a second.

The lady rolled her eyes at her as her brows furrowed. She brushed her long red hair and then hugged the blanket even tighter.

He didn’t have any idea who the gorgeous being was, yet he must admit that he was mesmerized by her prowess. So he scanned her from head to foot.

After feeding up his eyes with a lustful view in front of him, he began to open his mouth to address this, but just as he was about to do so, the man who was knocking on the door for ages together with two more hotel personnel forcibly barged into the room.

“Sir Schneider, a–are you alright? I heard you–” the man wearing his suit almost ran and kneeled in front of him if not for the sightful scene just between his legs. His legs automatically pulled the break and he turned around shyly.

The same went with the two personnel. But this god-like man didn’t even care at all. He even faced them comfortably and crossed his arms.

“What a weirdo!” a silent voice hit her mind as she watched this scene from the front seat. She then picked up the robe that was lying beside her feet and threw it at him, “Wear this and stop inconveniencing people around here!”

Without even looking, his fast reflex managed to catch it and answered, “Am I inconveniencing you, Hawkins?” his voice was stern and full of mockery.

Then he let out a smirk which made the lady feel insulted.

From that moment, she knew she would never fall for him.

From that moment, he knew this woman couldn’t be tamed.

Being observant as he is, Hawkins–his secretary, spoke up to break the tension between them, “Uh, no! Definitely no, sir!”

Instantly, he sent the personnel away by pushing them out of the room and silencing them with tons of dollar bills in their hands. They understood it right away and nodded happily as they walked away.

Then Hawkins closed the door and sighed heavily as he leaned on it. He rubbed his nose bridge for he knew it would be another mess that he needed to fix right away.

As he went back inside, he watched them bicker at each other and for the first time in years of working under a tyrant CEO, it was his first time seeing someone battling words with him.

“Would you mind telling me how you seduced me, woman?” he bluntly asked.

She then rolled her eyes again for the third time and like a smart-*ss fought back, “And here I thought for a second you were some kind of hot stuff, but it seemed you were just as dumb as you look,” she smirked.

Blood boiled and ran up to his head, “Feisty little red-head!”

Hawkins was in awe for a while, but as he scanned the whole room he landed on a piece of paper lying on the bedside table. His eyes automatically zoomed and refocused on it, he kept on eyeing it until he found those words, “Marriage contract!”

“F*ck*ng sh*t!” he cussed out of the blue so the two of them turned against him.

“I dare you to say it again, Hawkins!” his boss commanded him authoritatively.

“Excuse me?” while the woman glared at him.

They shortly got distracted but then got back at each other after a minute.

“So, aren’t you going to tell me how the hell I ended up with you?” he rudely came at her.

“What a douchebag! And what made you think I wanted you to begin with, I don’t even know you, and besides, you are not as great as you think!” she smirked at him.

“You are testing my patience, woman! Who the hell are you?” he shouted.

That time, Hawkins entered the conversation and dropped the bomb, “I think I know the answer to that question sir,” as he handed over the marriage contract to his boss,

“She’s your beautiful wife, Sir Schneider.”

“My what?” his green eyes almost popped out.

“His what?” as her blue topaz eyes almost gouged out.

CHAPTER 2 From Bet to Bed

She kept on tapping her feet while biting her right thumb incessantly. She couldn’t believe her eyes. No matter how many times she rubbed and closed them, what beheld in front of her was unchangeable.

For the?nth?time, she closed her eyes and chanted wholeheartedly that all was just a nightmare, “It was all just a nightmare, all a nightmare! I can’t be married. It just can’t be!”

Yet to her dismay, the contract clearly stated her full name as the wife,?‘Chloe Myers.’

“No!” she screamed as she lost hope while the two gentlemen in the room just stared at her.

“Will you just sit down, woman? You’re making me nauseous,” complained the god-like man.

She glared at him, “Well, you make me sick, Mister! This makes me sick!” she roused.?

“Mrs. Schneider–I mean Miss Myers–” Hawkins quickly adapted to the situation while the two of them almost killed him with their visual prowess.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you, Hawkins? You truly want to punish me,


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