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Abducted By Sin.

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Secrets, Lies, Trauma. Anastasia wanted nothing but a simple life. After being kidnapped and tangling up with the most known Mafia Leader, Anastasia tries everything in her power to keep secret the leader is looking for. But when desire collides with danger and action, will they make that risky choice, forbidden in their worlds, or will they break all boundaries and give into each other's tainted love? Living with 5 men alone on an isolated Island didn’t scare her at all, but what did was her own feelings towards the one and only ‘Sin’. Learning secrets, and feelings, and fighting the world together may feel like a must for both, but what happens when they deny the fact that they love each other the most? Will they survive this dirty world together? Or will they break all boundaries anyone has ever set for one another?

23rd Birthday.

“Amara! Please, Open your eyes, I’m here! Just...just please hold on! The ambulance is coming. Just hold on sis, you’re going to be fine!”

The paramedics come instant to check up on her.

It’s a gunshot wound right in her heart, she’s losing air!

Quick, the charges!

The doctors do their best to make her breathe again. They lay her on the ambulance’s bed and gave her every single treatment they could give.

I sit right beside her, my hands covered in blood.

“Amara, please,” I hold her hand trying to make my sister feel that I still need her.

“Please, don’t give up now! Please.”

Suddenly, I hear a pinching constant tone from the monitor.

“No! Amara?! NO...NO NO NO!!”

“Please ma’am, please, give her some space,” one of the paramedics tries to pull me back from her as I watch my sister lay there, breathless.

“AMARA!” I still held her close in my arms. Not letting go ever.

And finally, filled with the desire to avenge her, I open my eyes.

“I swear on my death, Amara. I’ll avenge you. I’ll kill the one who did this to you. I swear.”

“I’ll kill our father, Oliver Abel, myself!”

--A few months before--

“Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Miss Anastasia Abel, Happy f*ck*ng birthday to you!”

All my friends cheer.

“Amara, at least don’t swear today,” I say to my sister.

“Oh, just blow the candle!” One of my friends says.

“Still, I just..”

“Oh, cut the cake!”

I roll my eyes at her and do what she says.

“Yay! Happy 23rd, Anastasia. What did you wish for?”

“Wait, did I have to do that? I don’t know.”

“Oh, come on, just tell us!”

I pull some of them into a big group hug and make them pick their glasses of drinks.

“I wished for all of us to be together, always.”

“Especially with you, Amara,” I tease my sister.

“Now why is that?!”

“So that I enjoy my life till I reach the age of 50 and you work harder for money that you’ll give me.”

“You’re the worst sister ever, you know that?”

“But you still love me, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, I still love you.”

“Hey, we didn’t come on this freaking island to cry out for some music and f*cking party!”

We all started laughing as all of us girls swayed our bodies together. It was such a delicate moment to enjoy. I was there with my proper family, not the ones who just pretended to be.

While everyone was dancing and drunk-humping each other, Amara walked up to me.

“Hey, why the long face?”

“It’s nothing, really.”

“You’re my d*mn sister and you think you can lie to my face?”

“It’s stupid, Amara. Look, I know our parents don’t give a squat about us. But I needed them to be here on one of my birthdays at least.”

“I know they f*cking hate me since Nana made me inherit each one of their family business before she passed away, but...”

“Ann, look. I know how you feel, okay? I know. But look where you are and who you’re with. You have so much more to look forward to. So just screw them.”

“You’re really in the mood, aren’t you?” I tease Amara.

“Oh, these drinks are hitting every spot in me. Come on, dance with me.”

“Oh, no no no-“

Amara takes both my hands in hers and leads me to the dance floor. We swung and twerked until our feet hurt as if they were covered with lava.

After hours of screwing around with my girlfriends, I go back to the house to take a leak.

“I’ll...I’ll be there..” I try to say some words.

“What?” Amara shouted, trying to hear what I was saying.

“I gotta pee, I’ll freshen and be back okay?”

“Haha, okay, come soon, we still have to do another cake.”

I smile as I barely walk. I went straight into my room and closed the door behind me.

“I can’t believe Amara bought this island for me,” I laugh as I put on some lipstick.

--Back at the party--Amara--

“Hey, Sash? Have you seen Ann?” I ask.

“No, I haven’t why?”

“She said she had to use the loo, but she hasn’t come back. She’s gone for like 30 minutes now.”

“Maybe she passed out,”


I walk around and try to look for her, asking more of our friends.

“Beth, Anastasia talked to you on her way to the bathroom, right? Did she tell you if she was going somewhere else?”

“No, just the loo. Why?”

“Dude, she hasn’t come back yet.”

I panic because I asked every single one of them and no one has seen Ann for like half an hour now.

“Hey, calm down. She must have passed out somewhere.” Beth tries to calm me.

“She only had f*cking 3 drinks, and they were all light, Beth.”

“Okay, let’s go check her room, and the rest of us will search the house. You stay here in case she comes back, okay?”

“Okay, Okay.”

They all go search for Anastasia. I was trying her number again and again, and it was switched off.

“Oh, f*ck!”

I still didn’t give up. Maybe she was around somewhere on the island. Maybe she was just playing a game.

“Amara,” Beth comes rushing towards me.

“Did you find her?”

“No, her room’s locked. You have the key to her room, right?”

“Yeah-yeah, I-f*ck. Let’s just go.”

We both ran towards her room and every single one of us was standing right in front of it.

I opened it up, and everything looked normal. The bedsheet was sober, the windows were locked and even her plants were okay.

“Anastasia? Ann! Where the f*ck are you?!”

“Okay,” Beth comes rushing into the room.

“I searched the kitchen, garage, backyard and even the f*ck*ng storeroom. S-she’s not here, Amara. She’s not here.”

“Okay, everybody just calm down, okay?” Jay says.

“Did you check in the bathroom?”

Everyone signed no, and I rushed towards the door.

“It’s f*cking jammed!” I start banging on the door rapidly, thinking Ann may have collapsed.

“Ann, open the door! Are you hurt? Ann, please just open the door!”

“Amara, here, just f*cking break it down!” Beth says.

She passes me a hammer and everyone takes a few steps back. I smashed the lock and broke it. After several tries, the door breaks open.

Some of us instantly rush inside, only to find the horrifying image in the mirror.

“What the f*ck is this?!”

With the help of Anastasia’s lipstick, there was something written in her bathroom mirror.

If you try to call the police, she’s dead.

If you try to pull anything that disrupts our plan, guess what? She’s dead.

If you’re thinking about where she is? Well, little Birdie has been kidnapped.

So get me Oliver f*cking Abel if you want to see Anastasia ALIVE.

With love,



--Before the abduction--


I can’t believe Amara bought this damn island for me. How is it I’ve such terrible parents but yet they gave me an angel?

I don’t know what the hell would I do without Amara. I walk towards my room through the corridors when I see something unusual. It felt like someone was standing at the far end of the wing, staring at me. There were....two..figures?

“Why am I seeing two figures? I didn’t have that many drinks. Must be the heat around here.”

I was in my bathroom putting on my lipstick. Suddenly, I see a shadow standing behind me in the mirror.

I instantly look back but find no one.

“Okay, maybe this is the damn booze forcing me to see things.” I ignore the fact that I might not be alone right now and continued doing what I was doing.

I don’t know why, I kept getting this feeling that I was being watched by someone. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was an unknown numb


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