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"Crush" What does it even mean? People tend to say the word most often and refer it to the people they like, have liked or are still admiring to date but could it be that it means more harm than good? Why can't we just have what we desire and be what we want?

Chapter 1

"Crush" What does it even mean? People tend to say the word most often and refer it to the people they like, have liked or are still admiring to date but could it be that it means more harm than good?Dianna Wills is a third-year student about to graduate, she's been having this 'crush' feeling for the most popular guy in school, named Jimmy. His tall and good-looking face makes him the most hunted throughout college. She's had these feelings for three years now and has never been able to tell him until now, she has decided to open up to him and let him know how she truly feels about him."Ann, are you sure about this?" Jannet asked, concern written all over her face.Jannet is Dianna's best friend. They have been friends since childhood and still are the best of friends.Dianna nodded, "Hmm, even if I can't, I'll have to do it either way. She let out a heavy sigh.Jannet stares at her with concern, "You don't have to if you aren't comfortable" Jannet doesn't want her friend to be the one to express her feelings first, she knows how it always ends. Guys will always take for granted the ladies who open up their true feelings to them, either they turn them down and laugh at them or they accept them only to use them."It won't be good if he doesn't feel the same for you" Dianna stares at the closed door before her, the guy she is head over heels for is inside and she needs to go in and tell him her heart."Isn't it preferable? I should tell him now else I would forever hold my peace" Dianna knows. She doesn't stand a chance but she chooses to be positive."Anyways, it's my last year... After the internship, I'll be leaving the school for good in case it doesn't turn out well, I won't have to face them" she forces a sad smile on.Jannet takes her in for a hug, "doesn't matter how it ends, I'll always be here to support you" Dianna nods smiling, " I know, I know... You always got my back and I am very grateful to have a sister like you" She hugs her back." Ok, I better go in before I miss my chance " Dianna pulls away.Jannet nods, "Sorry I won't be able to wait for you but I promise to meet you at our usual spot for talk... And you dare not miss a part in everything that will happen " Dianna chuckles, "Sure, ma, I won't " Jannet waves and leaves. Dianna turns to the closed door, her heart can't stop pounding in her chest. She takes a deep breath and takes a step forward, reaching for the door.She opens the door and is welcomed by the sight of Jimmy, her crush kissing a girl and squeezing her *ss.Her heart breaks for the nth time, it isn't the first time she's seen him making out with other girls. But every time she does, it breaks her beyond repair. Indeed, the people you love the most are the ones that hurt you most.She couldn't let herself cry at this point, she came for a mission and regardless she was determined to accomplish that mission."Jimmy?" She calls out interrupting the two.Jimmy let out a heavy groan feeling annoyed by her interruption. He turns to her"What's with you? Can't you see I'm busy?" His tone was loud and harsh.There has never been a time he spoke to her calmly, he is always annoyed and strangely harsh on her. It's as if her present pisses him a lot more than normal.Dianna lowered her head in apologies, "I'm sorry, I just have something to tell you" Her voice was faint but he was able to hear her" What's so important that you couldn't wait for me to get done? Do you perhaps want to give me a taste of your body? " His tone was surprisingly mocking.Dianna felt his anger, and she hated herself for that. How can she not understand him after all this time? He always wanted time for himself especially when it came to this yet, she couldn't understand."I-i" she stutters."You must be stupid for thinking I want anything to do with you" Jimmy felt no remorse for talking badly at her.Dianna didn't fine offense, so much as she liked him, she couldn't bring herself to hate anything about him or what he said about her"Say what brings you here" Jimmy orders.Dianna looked up, the lady Jimmy was making out with was still there, standing right next to her Jimmy."She... I want to talk to you alone" Jimmy raises a brow, "why? Want to take the place?" He questions.Dianna nods a no, "I just... Wanted to talk to you alone" she stutters.Jimmy stares at her for a long time, he turns and demands the lady to excuse them. Only then, did she leave.He faces her, "go on, tell me everything" he urges.Dianna squeezes her hands, though she walks into the room she can't help but tremble. It's her first time to be with him in a room alone and she feels both excited and scared for some reason."I've got something I've been wanting to tell you for a very long time now" she starts.Jimmy wraps his hands over his chest and leans down on the desk while watching her with a gentle gaze."I do like you, Jimmy. I've been having this crush on you for a long time and I can't keep it to myself anymore. I know I'm not your type of girl, but I promise I'll change to anything you want me to be" she said in a single breath.Jimmy's expression didn't change, it's like he knew all along."Since when?" He asked."First year" Dianna stutters."What took you so long?" He demands.Dianna squeezed her hands hard, she couldn't bring herself to believe he didn't get mad at her for telling him her feelings."I was scared you would reject me" she mutters under her breath.Jimmy nods in response, "You should be now" Dianna's head snaps in his direction, she doesn't understand what he's saying"Can't you see, Dianna, me, you... We are two different people with two different passions. Do you think I will go for a goody two shoes who does nothing but hallow in her loneliness and has nothing to offer?" Jimmy questions.Dianna's heart shatters a million pieces hearing him describe how impossible they are to one another. She knows she isn't his type, but that doesn't give him the right to call her names."Even if you are the last girl left for me to date, I'd rather go for my fellow man" Jimmy turns and stalks awayDianna felt a stab in her heart, he said it, he would never choose her even if she was his last option.Why must it be her? Why does she have to face all these only when she decides to give a go for love?Her 'crush' turned out to be the one crushing her heart into dust, not only did he crush her heart but he crushed her hopes and dreams and threw them to the wind as the breeze carried them away to a land of no return.

Chapter 2

Dianna stood in a daze as she stared at nothing, tears rolling down her face endlessly.She can't believe she just confessed her feelings and got rejected in an instant, he didn't even give her the benefit of the doubt.All her years of wait were years of waste, he didn't even try to consider the fact she never stopped loving him.Just in that instant, her phone buzzed, jolting her out of her painful thoughts.Dianna felt too lazy to pick up the phone, she hoped the caller would stop calling but it didn't stop. Her phone kept on ringing, interrupting her depression time.She annoyingly reached for her phone and was about to end the call when she saw the caller ID, it was Jannet.She answered the call but didn't utter a word."How did it go?" Jannet's voice rang the moment the call was answered."H-he..." Dianna stutters in a choky voice.Jannet knew that


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