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A light in my darkness

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Luciana had not had an easy life, at such a young age she began to have many responsibilities, but when she meets Erick Howard, many things change. He is a successful man and at his age he has everything done and solved, but he has a dark past that torments him. When he looks at Lucy for the first time, his world begins to take another shape, turning that darkness into light, that essence that was missing in his lonely life. Luciana has the duty to take care of her little brothers and sisters, that's why she works and studies, to give them a better life and future. Her family is everything to her and she has no head for love or anything related to her love life; however, she cannot help but feel attracted to the wonderful man who seeks to help her since the first day he approached her.

Chapter 1 PREFACE

Luciana is a young woman of 23 years old, humble and with a kind heart, but life has made her suffer. At such a young age she had to grow up to be able to raise her three little "mostrillos" as she affectionately calls her siblings.As a teenager, she grew up fast, leaving her life aside, not even her childhood she did not enjoy.Today she has managed to have a good job and get a good scholarship to enter one of the best universities in the country. And she does it all for her siblings, because she wants to give them a better life and to stop living in the harmful environment that surrounds them. She is like a mother to her siblings.Her siblings adore her and know the sacrifice she makes every day to bring them a plate of food to the table. They are mature children for their ages.Even though her situation is difficult, since one of her brothers has an illness, she does not let herself fall, they are her motor and motivation to continue. And she is the light and hope for them and for everything around her.****Erick Howard is a very attractive 36 year old man, a millionaire businessman, very well known, someone cold and lonely. Despite having almost everything in his life, nothing has been as easy as others see it.He carries a great responsibility. But something big torments him, something he has carried for years and that is what has turned him into the cold man he is today, bitter and lonely. His bad temper pushes almost everyone away.He has a painful and tragic past that makes him fall into the darkness of his nightmares, which despite the years still do not let him rest, he fights with his inner demons while he blames himself for the fate of the people around him.Neither all the money nor anything else can save him from these nightmares. He is completely in darkness and desolate. But that missing light will soon come to give him hope, bringing him back to life.

Chapter 2

I could say that today is a normal day like any other, but it is not like that, today is a good day and it dawned sunnier and warmer, not that I like the heat, but I prefer this kind of weather more than a cloudy and rainy one. Even though I like the rain, it's just that this kind of weather brings back sad memories and makes me melancholic.Well, as I was saying, today is a good day, today I have a very important exam at the University. I am positive, I know that I will pass it, since I always make an effort to study, people always ask me how do I find the time to be able to study and pass all the exams, but I just answer that I know how to organize myself.I know it is difficult, because I am currently studying in the mornings at a university and I have two jobs, and not only that, I also take care of my siblings while I am at home.It is not easy, but it is not impossible either...I do my daily


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