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A Double-Contract Love

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Just like any normal girl, Annie dreamt of fairytales and happily-ever-afters. But her life went upside down overnight. She lost her home and was about to lose her family. When salvation came to her in the form of a contract, she had no choice but to sign it. Make the cold-hearted tycoon fall for her, marry him, and file for a divorce. She was devoted to her mission and thought she had everything under control. But fate always had a way to toil with human destinies. Touched by his genuine affection, her heart began to waver. And when the contract ended, she not only left his heart shattered but also hers crumbling in despair. Three years later, they met again. He wasn't the affectionate man anymore, he hated her to the core. While she fought to climb up the career ladder, would he let her be in peace? This time, a contract was once again presented to her. "Be my wife or lose everything you've ever worked for." This time, he proposed it himself. Could she say no to this man that was only after her life? And what if her heart hadn't let go too?

Chapter 1

Annie’s heart stopped beating at that moment.

His presence filled the whole elevator and her hair stood on end. Turning around, she came face to face with his glaring eyes.

“Cat got your tongue?” His words came out cold and harsh. “It really is a small world after all.”

Annie took in a deep breath, meeting his gaze. “Mr. Lim, long time no see. I see no reason why I should be tongue-tied.” She forced a smile. “Our last encounter shouldn’t result in something like that, right?”

Her statement was accompanied by a deafening silence, followed by the tension that filled the air.

Andrew narrowed his eyes, his jaws clenching, while she maintained a subtle smile on her face.

As the two engaged in a staring competition, none willing to back down, the rage in his heart intensified and he balled his fists.

“You have the guts, Annabelle. Maybe I should call you pretentious, but you’ve long surpassed that level. Also calling you shameless is like dropping a saint façade on a dark cunning vixen.”

Each of his words was meant to be a dagger to pierce her heart strike by strike, however, whether she was affected or not, it didn’t reflect on her face. Her expression didn’t waver and she maintained a smile.

“Mr. Lim.” Anna tilted her head to the side, laughing softly. “We are but strangers. Labeling me with those names, didn’t it affect your morality?”

“Who are you to teach me morals?”

“Let’s respect each other. I have no grudge against you, I hope you also don’t–“ Annie didn’t get to finish her words, because in the next second, the man closed in on her and caged her between the wall.

Suddenly, as if his initial anger was being held back, he let out all his fury and his hard voice resounded in the elevator. “I dare you to repeat that!”

His face was too close, causing their breaths to mix. Annie’s heart drummed hard against her chest and she swallowed.

“Repeat what you say, Anabelle, and see if I don’t rip you to pieces.”

“Respect yourself, Mr. Lim.” Annie placed both hands on his chest to push him away. “I believe I don’t have to tell you the consequences of harassing a defenseless woman inside an elevator.”

A deep manly cologne hung onto his body, invading her nose. And it so happened that the perfume was toiling with her brain, digging deep into layers and layers of memories.

“I will alert the securities, I swear,” she said in a warning tone. “Mr. Lim, let me go.”

“Securities.” The world rolled out of his tongue sarcastically. The man scoffed and straightened up. “And what do you think the securities will do to me? Have you forgotten who they now work for?”

“You are nothing but an insignificant employee in this company.” He went on. “Be careful, Annie, you might have just dug a hole that you’re about to fall into.”


His voice sounding her name was doing uncomfortable things to her. This was the way he addressed her three years ago. But not with the same tone. Right now, he sounded as if he’d rip her heart out if he had the chance to.

Annie quickened her steps as she strode out of the company. Why was she in a hurry? It wasn’t like the man would come after her. But hadn’t he followed her to the elevator?

She was convinced that it wasn’t her warning that finally stroke a cord in him, making him leave her alone. The last look he gave her was nothing close to nice. And it made her compare the past to the present. It forced those memories to resurface.

Three years ago, he stared at her differently. The same man that stared at her as if he would skin her alive once knelt in front of her twice.

The first time was when he looked at her longingly, with a diamond ring held between his fingers, saying, ‘Please, marry me, Annie.’ And the second time was when he gave her the same longing look, saying, ‘Please, don’t leave me.’

She stopped a taxi, sighing heavily. Inside the car, her hand held onto something tight.

Annie had closed her eyes to gather her thoughts, but the strong presence of the tiny object made her frown and open her eyes.

Gazing at it, her heartbeat picked up and her heart sank. A button.

Chapter 2

As Andrew strolled into the parking lot, his assistant who had been pacing in front of the car for a while saw him and his expression relaxed. He walked forward to meet his boss on the way but instantly put a brake on his steps.

Saying the man was enraged was an understatement. The dark aura emanating from him would make even the most mentally resilient person cower. And it so happened to have the same effect on the assistant.

“Mr. Lim…” he cleared his throat. However, the assistant couldn’t voice out his question about why the boss suddenly disappeared from the ceremony.

Then something else caught his attention and he couldn’t help but say it out loud with a deep frown. “Mr. Lim, Y–Your shirt’s button is missing.”

If there was anything his boss cared the most about, it would be his appearance. Therefore, the assistant was flabbergasted to see one of the buttons of his suit jacket missing.


Andrew’s expression darkened, staring at the c


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