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“ tell me, who you belongs to " he orders,his tone firm and s*xy as hell as he slides his fingers inside her, pressing deep... ______________________ Collarbone calling for my lips. The delicate skin of your breast beckoning my mouth As i whisper your name on goosebumps rising Give me those eager hips, And i will make them dance with a flicker of my tongue. __________________ KISS me  In a way that tells me         that i am What your FANTASIES     are made of           AND the dreams that you refuse to wake from       AND  the reality of both being      breathed  Into LIFE....

Their's (1)

In a small village, white bridge, where people are very Conservative, where education is not being vast. Education is just for few. Mostly people were doing farming, agriculture, something like that.

It was not a modern era but a little early era where modernism was not developed yet.

In white bridge live a family of 5 members. Mr. Smith, his wife and three children. He has 2 sons and one daughter. He married his daughter to a well-known farmer in a nearby village. Mr. smith owns a factory of clothes. Where they are making different and beautiful clothes. They were full of unique designs. Their clothes are famous in their village as well as their neighbor villages.

They were getting enough income to survive and live a luxury life. The whole village envy them for their wealth. They lived on their mercy. Mr. Smith is very supportive and humble, but when it comes to his family respect, he will never tolerate a single bad word.

Mr. Smith daughter recently delivered a baby and all are happy for her. Mr Smith two sons, one is Alexander and other is Aiden, both are opposite.

Aiden is a sweetheart, and Alexander is short-tempered and possessive for his things.

Aiden can share his things with Alexander, but Alexander can't. He gets what he wants.

Aiden is an engineer in a nearby city. He is now getting married to a simple and beautiful girl from a nearby village as well. She is also a not broad-minded girl, but she is not that much Conservative. She has 2 brothers who are also married and happy in their life. They have many kids. She is Avelino.

Her beauty is famous in her village. All her villagers wanted her to be their daughter-in-law. But her father wants someone who is well settled, and they found this quality in Aiden.

White bridge is decorated like a bride. The head of the village is Mr. Smith, who is wealthy. Alexander has taken the responsibility of decoration and everything. He has good choice. He is a modern man who knows what to do and how to do…

Furthermore, he is happy for his brother, but he hasn't seen his sister-in-law yet. Marriage happens, it was grand, everyone was happy. They enjoyed a lot. There were many delicious food and many more things which were not seen by the villagers before. As they don't have enough money to enjoy new things in life.

Alexander returned to the city for his further studies. He is 2 years younger than Aiden, but 2 years older than his sister-in-law. Alexander is doing electrical engineering. He wanted to see his village more modern and full of feasibility.

Years passed, and now Alexander returned to his village to make it modern. He starts a power plant. Marriage life was good for Avelino and Aiden, but now Mrs. Smith is demanding for grandkids. They tried a lot but nothing happens.

As they were Conservative people, they thought Avelino can't be a mother, so Mrs. Smith suggested taking her to a doctor for further tests.

When they went, doctor checked Avelino and tell me that she is good to be a mother. The doctor recommended that Aiden should take tests. He was hesitant first because it will affect his male ego, but for his wife sake he agreed.

After some days, results came, and they stated that Aiden can't be a father. They were devastated to hear this news. Specifically, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they wanted their grandkids at this age. Avelino was the most beautiful and kind-hearted girl. She is the best daughter-in-law anyone could ask for.

Aiden is broken by the news, and Avelino is crying for her fate. It's been 3 years of their marriage. The whole house is gloomy.

Whenever this thing happens in anyone house, girl would be taken by her family and remarry her to someone else.

Now Mr. Smiths family was worried about this thing. They do not wish to lose Avelino at any cost.

Everyone was sad and at last Mr. Smith took a decision which is not good, but he has to.

He called his wife and told her about his decision. She was shocked and denied instantly, “no, this is impossible. Avelino will never agree to this. Moreover, Aiden will be shattered to hear this. "

Mr. Smith : just try to understand this is best for now.

Mrs. Smith : no, no, what about Avelino, who trusted us?

Mr. Smith : this is also good for her. Do you like it when everyone calls her sterile?

After countless arguments, she said yes as she wants happiness in her home.

Mr. Smith called both of his sons and then expressed his thoughts.

Aiden : no, this will never happen.

Mr. Smith : so should I send her back?

Aiden : no, I can’t live without her.

No one noticed Alexander tight fists.

Mr. Smith : let her have someone's else baby, then everything will be fine.

Alexander couldn't control more but kick the side table hard, which broke into pieces. Aiden fell down from his chair in shock. He has never seen Alexander so angry.

Alexander : I will kill everyone whoever so thought about touching her. I can kill even you dad if that happens ever.

His eyes were bloodshed, his veins popping out, imagining her to be with someone else rather than him.

He was quiet until now, thinking her to be his brother wife, but not anymore.

Mr. Smith : Alexander can help us with this. You can produce one baby with her.

Both brothers were in shock. Aiden asked for time this time and Alexander well, he rushed out of the room after listening to his father demand.

Alexander is frustrated with all the things happening around him. He was never a Saint, he has his fair share of women in city but not in village. Everyone considers him to be a pious man, but he was far from that.

He was extremely attracted towards Avelino from the day he has seen her, but he has always maintained his distance, thinking her to be his sister-in-law. But it always kills him to see his brother with her. From last three years he is controlling himself, but for how long. Watching his brother door closed every night, his heart pricked badly. But he has no choice.

Whenever she works in the kitchen, he admires her from afar. They are rich, but they like to do their work as they are villagers. He always helps her in work. That is the only way he could see her, get a glimpse of her. He was always attracted towards her, but from past years his attraction turn into something deep. Love or possessiveness, both.

He used to be jealous of his brother because he got what he is admiring and loving. But now the news of his brother incapability has hurt everyone, especially her, and he is d*mn angry on this. The other reason is she is going away from him. He was okay with admiring her from afar, but what will he do if she ever left this house? He will die without her for sure.

Furthermore, he is sitting outside his home near a cliff and thinking about all that is happening around him. Not only that, but he can't share Avelino with anyone else. Sharing her with his brother is another thing which he can't stop, but someone else, not a chance. Now listening to his father demand for her to bed someone else for a baby is enough to wake his beast. His hand is bleeding after punching the wall so hard.

Some days pass in a blur. Both brothers avoided each other, but for how much time? Avelino is all the time sad, sitting in one corner or another corner. She never thought about this situation.

After one week, Mr. Smith called his both sons again and asked about their opinion.

Aiden : I can’t leave her dad. I can't even share her. But for her baby… I am willing to share her with him until her pregnancy.

Alexander : once I touch her, she will be mine.

All stood stunned with his confession. Mr. Smith shouted on him, but Aiden pounced on his brother for thinking about her like this. Alexander took his brother beating silently.

Alexander : I will never leave her at any cost. Even if you kill me, I won't back off now.

Aiden was shattered, listening to their shouting, Mrs. Smith came with Avelino behind her back.

Mrs. Smith : what are you saying, Alexander?

Alexander : listen to me carefully. If I claim her, she will be mine, only mine at any cost. If you send her back to her maternal home, then I will marry her and she will be mine.

Alexander shouted on everyone.

Avelino came forward and slap him hard across his face, but he didn't budge. Aiden again starts his beating, but Alexander was taking everything silently because once he starts no one can stop him then, so it's better to stay quiet.

None was ready to back off, the fight turn ugly between the brothers. Aiden was shattered, looking at the determination of his brother to never leave his wife.

Alexander : I can’t back off now brother, please try to understand.

Aiden : I can’t let you have her. She is mine.

Aiden : you know you never touched her neither tasted her, and you are crazy about her. What about me? I have spent 3 years with her, being in her arms, being insides her, I am also crazy about her madly.

Alexander : now, what to do?

Aiden : let her decide what she wants?

Alexander : you know, brother, she is a typical wife, she will definitely choose you. She even slapped me for you.

Alexander smiled and touched his face where she slapped him a mint ago. He was crazy about her.

Aiden : let's share her.

Alexander was going to punch him when his next sentence stops him in mid-way.

Aiden :once you get married to another girl, you have to leave her. So, I will be with her.

Alexander : I will never marry anyone, but if you touch her again it will kill me for sure.

Aiden : let's share, Alex. She will have to go to someone's else for baby, then why can't we share her. Please, let's do that just…

Alexander understood his brother trauma. He also loves her crazily.

“Will she agree? She is so beautiful, brother, a divine beauty. " Asked Alexander dreamily!

Aiden : she won't agree easily, as she loves me a lot. Indeed, she is a goddess, my goddesses. Moreover, I am going to city for some work. Once I came back, we will share her.

Alexander : how? For weeks or days. He taunted his elder brother.

He was not ready to be away from her now, when he has the opportunity, but the other one is also not ready to stay away from her.

Aiden : we will share her at the same time.

Alexander : I will kill you if I see you touching her in front of my eyes.

Aiden : same here. Do you think it is easy for me? No, it is pure punishment for making her go through all this sh*t. Do you think she will be happy? She was crying yesterday. She said if this ever happens to her, she will die. We all are bearing this hell, so welcome to hell. Once I am back, we will start.

Alexander : what about dad and mom?

AIDEN : do they have any choice apart from this?

Alexander : no…

Aiden : good. Let me go now.

Alexander : do you know every night you close your room door, it's hell for me? I can't bear it.

Aiden : bear it today as well. Because today I want to have her by myself.

Aiden was saying this with tears flowing from his eyes… He was crying, feeling helpless. Never in his life he has faced such a situation, but now when he is, he is completely clueless.

On the other hand, Alexander was fuming thinking about their deeds. He moves out of his house and came to a farm. He was admiring the sunset which was looking so beautiful to him, bright yet dark like his Avelino. Who is also a bright happy go girl, but now this news has made her life surrounded by darkness….

Their's (2)

The next morning, Aiden was ready to leave for the city, but Avelino was not leaving him. She knows once he left, Alexander will try to do anything with her. She feared him.

Avelino : you will not leave me, I will kill myself if something happens.

Aiden : promise me, you will never harm yourself. Don't worry about anything, we have sorted our problem. I will be back next week, and please don't beg me this is also killing me to leave you here, but I need to. I have some work in the city. Please take care of yourself.

Avelino : please no, don't go from me.

Aiden : do you want to be away from me forever? Will you be fine to get a divorce from me? You know my love, I am so selfish that I can share you, but I can’t leave you not even for a second.

Aiden came out of the room with Avelino behind his tail, begging him not to leave her.

Alexander came behind them and held her in his arms securely as she was crying hysterically in his arms an


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