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His Belamour

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"Love " one word which is so difficult to get. Yet so easy to throw. _______________ A beautiful and innocent girl running from her past met a sinfully handsome man whom she thought to be her saviour, but end up being her nightmare. She was running from her past nightmares but wasn't aware of the future nightmares. Will that man help her before it's too late or she will be drown in the deep hunting nights of her past?? Will he ever realise her worth?? Will she ever be comfortable to share her past?? Will he ever love her the way she deserves??

Chapter 1

Author’s POV…

The city's biggest marriage ceremony was going on. The business icon Rowan Hudson was getting married, breaking every girl's heart. But who is the lucky girl? Who will be called Mrs. Hudson?

Obviously, the girl who is standing beside him on the stage, wearing a beautiful white gown. No wonder why she is becoming a daughter-in-law of Hudson family. She is beautiful and innocent. Everyone from media were present there taking pictures of this beautiful couple from different angle. Who won't take pictures of such a famous personality??

But the biggest problem is the girl standing beside him on the stage. Everyone dies to have a Hudson surname, but this girl was not happy to be a Hudson. Instead, her eyes were moist and dull. It was clearly showing that she was not happy, she was looking off.

However, what was it, that was disturbing her??

She was sapphire, a beautiful, innocent girl with a dark past. She lived in a small town with her mother. Nonetheless, now everything is ruined, her mother is no more and here she is standing in front of people whom I don't even know.

Rowans father found her in that town and brought her here. He was secretly taking care of her. He asked her a favor some days ago to marry his son, she blushed at that time because she has a crush on him, so she agreed. But when she asked about Rowans decision, he told her to relaxed, he will talk to his son.

She starts dreaming about their happy future, but the poor soul didn't know that happiness is not permanent.

**flashback **

One day, sapphire was sitting on a bench in a park near her home with her friends when a large black jeep stopped in front of her with a screech. They were looking curiously towards the jeep when two guards came out wearing black glasses and opened the back door.

They were thinking, when a man shiny shoe stepped out of the jeep and then a man stuck in a black tux came out and stood in front of them.

Furthermore, they were looking at him like fools and mouth in O shape. Because he was the same man whom sapphire dream of, he was her crush, an Asian arrogant and ruthless businessman.

His eyes were covering behind black glasses, which were adding more shine to his rough and gorgeous face. His manly cologne and back brushed wet hair will be the death of someone. Even his muscles, hard look, sharp jaw, pink lips, straight nose can make any girl throat dry in desire and sapphire was the lucky one to have him.

That man came and stood in front of them, taking off his glasses he put them in his pocket and asked about sapphire. Who is sapphire here?? He asked with a rough and cold tone.

Suddenly, her friend ana shouted being excited

“ oh my god you are the rowan… Rowan Hudson, the one who is going to marry my bestie?? Here is your sapphire, sir, your beautiful bride to be…” She pointed to sapphire and said, like a child.

Her continuous blabbering made sapphire blush with a red shade.

Rowan looked at the girl named sapphire and found her blushing while looking down, and he couldn’t help but admire the innocence on her place. She was fair. She was delicate, she looked soft and too small in front of his large posture.

ROWAN : I want to talk to that girl sapphire, others can go…

Anastasia : why will we go brothers-in-law, it is our time to enjoy? If you want you can talk to her in her home now you can leave.

Sapphire smiled at their banter, but soon it disappeared when she heard her soon-to-be husband shouting on her friends," are you all dumb I said get the f*ck away from here now??”

Everyone shivered in fear while ana starts crying and left from there hurriedly. Rowan looked at her other friends and asked, “do I need to repeat which I don't like, are you f*ck*ng deaf?”

Everyone starts running, leaving the poor green eye innocent beauty with this beast of a man.

Shamelessly, he spoke, “maybe my dad saw you on the street begging for food and liked the way you begged. He found you perfect for me, he thought you can change me by marrying me, but it is not good. I want you to say no to this marriage”.

She was looking at her crush with moist eyes and wanted to ask something, but he cut her in the middle and continued, "I know what is going on in your mind, that why can't I say no to this baseless marriage. But miss whatever, I can't, and I won't, why? Because I can't refuse my father. That's why I want you to say no to this marriage?”

She again opened her mouth to say something, but he beat her again and spoke” I don't want any low-class girl to be my wife. I know you are a clingy girl who only wants my money, for that, you don't have to marry me. I will give you money. It's a deal, if you break this marriage, I will give you a lot of money. “

She wanted to say something, but he threw a check of money on her, but he was nowhere to listen to her.” here is your half money remaining half will be transferred to you after breaking this proposal”.

He wore his glasses and move towards his jeep but looked at her last time and said," you look talented girl, just don't marry me and waste your life because I might make your life a hell”

With that, he drove away, leaving her dreams and heart broken, but she couldn't say no to the man who helped her in her miseries.

After that day, she tried to speak to rowan's father, but every time something came up, and she was unable to get the courage.

One day, she was determined to say no to this proposal, so she asked rowans father to meet her in a café. “Uncle I can’t marry rowan, uncle please, he dislikes me uncle” she told him sadly while her eyes refuse to look at the man in front of her. She was ashamed of herself, but she can't ruin his life.

Rowan father placed his hand upon her and said “you don't need to feel ashamed child, I know I am being selfish, but I can’t help it. My son needs someone besides him who will take care of him. He is alone in this whole world, child, please don't say no to this marriage. Consider it my last wish, my child” he said helplessly.

He knows his son is a womanizer, and he wants to change him. He knows that he is being selfish to ask this innocent girl to marry his beast son, who doesn't deserve her, but he is a father who wants his child protection.

They talked for a while and then bid bye to each other. She was living in that same area now because Mr. Hudson has given her a small apartment where she can stay comfortably.

She starts working in a small bookshop, the pay was not that much, but she is fine with it because she wants to read whenever she found leisure time she starts reading.

Now, she was having one dream to marry the crush of her life, but he so mercilessly and ruthlessly reject her before knowing her and she couldn't do anything about it. He was a powerful businessman, while she is a nobody.

Time flew so fast that there was only one day left for her marriage, the day she will net the devil again.

**flashback ends**

She knew that he is angry at her for saying yes to this marriage. She knew he hates her. Furthermore, she knew he will never be hers. Likewise, she was only a low-class girl in front of him who wants nothing but money. But does she had a choice?? Nah, how can she say no to the man who took care of her like a father? She had no choice but to stand beside him on their marriage like a statue.

In the whole wedding ceremony, not even for once he looked at her and neither he called her. She feared him. She feared his calmness. Not only that, but she knew he was not someone who will sit quietly. Furthermore, she knew she can't do anything about it now. She knew he was thinking something.

He is up to something dark. She shivered with the thoughts of being tortured again. Suddenly, she feels suffocated. Suffocation was killing her from inside, and she knew none there without Mr. Hudson who is too happy to notice her. She knew one more person, her now so-called husband who was not even acknowledging her only standing like an angry bull.

She was looking at everyone when she noticed her mother-in-law yes you heard right her mother-in-law who hates her the most. Furthermore, she clearly told the poor soul to never came in front of her because she disgusted her.

Likewise, she always wanted a small and lively family who will love her. Give her the love which she deserves. But now everything is shattered. She can't even found a cute boy for herself.

Everyone left the wedding area, and now it was only her new family. Is she entitled to call these people her new family?? A big fat no.

Now they were going towards the cars, when rowan said, "I will be late you guys can go to mansion” with that he left, left his newly married wife with people who only hate her.

She was moving towards a car when her mother-in-law stopped her," a girl you can't sit here, there is no place for you. Your place is here at our feet” with this she laughed along with her daughter.

Tears form in her beautiful green eyes, but she was quick to stopped them but not quick enough to hide them from Mr. Hudson, who was feeling sorry for this poor girl who did nothing to deserve this cruelty.

Her father-in-law made her sit with himself in his car. She cried on the whole way, cried on her cruel fate. What has she done to deserve this cruelty??

She was looking outside, wiping her face, she enjoyed the beauty of the city. She never knew it will be this much beautiful, she was not someone who would travel and enjoy, rather she was one of those people who would always stay at home because of money.

Not only that, but she was brought out of her thoughts by her father who tapped on her shoulder “we reached my child” he spoke softly, feeling guilty now for ruining her.

Furthermore, she came out of the car and was amazed to see the beautiful structure in front of her. It was a luxurious mansion, everything she has never imagined.

She was so excited like a child to explore this new adventure, but was afraid of the demons living inside.

She entered the mansion, and what nothing, there was no one to welcome her except her father-in-law and a few maids.

Hello friends!!

This is my new book hope you please vote , kindly have some mercy on me. Give your review, vote, and please share it. I am glad that I got such readers who are truly supportive….please help me dearie…

Thanks, by, take care.


Chapter 2

Author’s POV…

Sapphire was feeling numb when she realized that she is married now. Married to her crush, but forcefully. Her husband never wanted to marry her in the first place. What can be more pathetic and cruel than to bear such truth that your husband despise you the most.

Her vision becomes blur when Mr. Hudson came forward and patted her head and said," go to your room dear, your husband will be here soon”.

But little did they know that today will be another nightmare for her. She looked around and realized there was no one apart from the servants.

Her father-in-law held her hand lovingly and spoke "you will be absolutely fine here, dear. I believe my daughter-in-law. You will make everything right”.

This house is beyond my imagination. I can't even imagine this type of house. I can't even dream of such a house. Every inch of the walls are decorated nicely. I don't deserve this much luxury. He was right, my husband, that


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