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Majornis Canis

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About me

Welcome to my world every one. I hope you like my all story. I love happy ending, actually. You can find my medsos FB: Canis Majornis IG: Canis.major0000


The Billionaire's Ex-Wife
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Leonel Grisham, CEO of Mountain Ltd, 38th, considers his wife a status symbol. There is no love between them. It's cold. They rarely spend time together. They rarely even show affection to each other, which can be counted on one hand. Throughout their 5-year marriage, nothing was special except that Chloe Delilah is Leonel's parents' favorite daughter-in-law. Leo has a girlfriend whom he loves deeply. Unfortunately, Leo's mother disapproves because his girlfriend, Ester Gabriella, is an ordinary-class photo model. Leo's world revolves around his work and Ester. Chloe is not a part of his life; she is just a trophy wife. The unfortunate incident that took away Chloe's eyesight also shocked Leo when Chloe, after waking up from a coma, requested a divorce. Leo cannot accept Chloe's ridiculous request. But she insists, no matter what happens. This includes demanding all Leo's assets and shares as stipulated in their prenuptial agreement. Leo can't understand how Chloe could express such a crazy idea. One by one, Leo discovers that Chloe's accident was staged. Someone orchestrated it all. Mountain Pte is also in a significant crisis because the mastermind targets the destruction of the Group that Leo leads. Chloe continues to insist until she eventually realizes that her accident was not without reason. Will Chloe maintain her desires or help Leo regain his power in Mountain Ltd?

Mommy for Billionaire's Daugther
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Every time Nathan introduces a woman he wants to take seriously, he always runs into one obstacle. Naina's ownership. It's incredibly difficult for that child to even smile and speak politely to the woman Nathan is dating. Because of this, Nathan chooses to be a full-fledged Raptor playboy instead of dealing with Naina. She says, "I only want Mami Seira!" She even talks with a scowl! Doesn't she know that the woman she's talking about is already married? Should Nathan really become a home wrecker before he can ruin someone else's marriage? That's just crazy! Not to mention... Oh my God! What kind of test is he going through? Because of Naina's words to her grandmother, Nathan is more often introduced to women who are older than him! They even have red hair! "Enough, quickly choose a red-haired woman that Naina also likes. Mommy’s getting a headache from Naina's requests. What kind of person is this 'Mami' that is often called?" Nathan can only slap his forehead! Does he really have to marry an older woman?

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From the beginning, Samuel Aarick (CEO of Flown Enterprise) had his eyes on Beatrice. Besides the debt her father owed, Samuel felt that Beatrice deserved to be one of his kept women at the headquarters. In addition to being an influential CEO in the Southern Region, Samuel is also the leader of the Twin Dragons clan. The Twin Dragons are known to be ruthless and merciless. Their power extends to various illicit businesses, including arms and drug trafficking. For Samuel, it was easy to obtain Beatrice. He forgot that love can come knocking on his heart at any time. This includes when Beatrice is in danger due to Samuel thoroughly investigating the issue of his subordinate being shot for no apparent reason. Beatrice is kidnapped, which further fuels Samuel's anger. He makes an effort to free her and starts to question himself. Is this just love or something more?

My Billionaire's Baby
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Enduring a foolish and regrettable night with Cedric, Anya tests positive for pregnancy two months later. Her career, position, and financial stability are now at stake. What other misfortunes will Anya Joice face? And here's another twist, perhaps the worst of all: "Please, refrain from making any further rash decisions. All I want, Mrs Anya, is for you to be healthy. Whatever burdens you may carry, allow me to shoulder them. Because inside, you beat my child's heart. I implore you, Ma'am." Cedric's words continue to resonate, leading her to reconsider her initial thought of terminating the fetus she's carrying. Meanwhile, as Krystal Blaxton finally receives a proposal from James Andrew, with whom she frequently clashes during their lengthy meetings, she realizes that ensuring her family's happiness is more significant than mere affection. Unfortunately, she overlooks that love can emerge unexpectedly, especially after exchanging marriage vows. Krystal didn't anticipate their marriage would be far from ordinary. Andrew requests Krystal's full support, gradually unravelling a chain of interconnected events from the past. Will Krystal be willing to offer her unwavering support, or will she leave Andrew to resolve his problems independently?


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