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Majornis Canis

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About me

Welcome to my world every one. I hope you like my all story. I love happy ending, actually. You can find my medsos FB: Canis Majornis IG: Canis.major0000


Book cover
Book cover
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There's only one thing Fathia understands. How much she adores his touch and everything he can give her tonight. All the things that have ever crossed her mind are now vividly projected by the man. Relentlessly. Without pause. And what surprises Fathia even more is that everything seems real. But..., "Why?" Fathia asked in frustration. Her eyes wide open, glaring sharply as their breaths raced against each other. The man positioned himself right above her, giving a slight, dismissive smile. But truly, in the darkness of his eyes, the man couldn't wait any longer. It took her months to realize how tormented she was by the distance between them. "One... or two?" He withdrew his fingers that had been inside Fathia. The clear liquid from within enveloped them. Slowly, he brought those fingers to touch the flushed cheek of the girl beneath him. Fathia grumbled in annoyance. "I'm done!" She roughly pushed the man's body off hers. Quickly, she gathered the scattered clothes. Don't ask about her face; it's a complete mess. Her cheeks are burning red. Angry. "You sure?" Sebastian chuckled. His eyes seemed relaxed as he watched the ash-brown-haired girl start dressing. Some reddish marks from their previous intimacy were evident in a few spots. "Don't play games with me, Sebastian. Finish it," Fathia turned and gave him a piercing look. "Or I'm leaving." "Your choice. I just want to make sure both you and I are satisfied. That's all." Fathia rolled her eyes in exasperation. She quickly covered her thighs with a cloth. "Oh, I just remembered. I have plans with Kenzo in two hours." Fathia could see how his jet-black eyes clouded over again. The intimate aura from before changed so quickly. Was Fathia scared? No. Ah, it's more than just fear. She desired it too. In one swift move, the man pulled her back to him. Holding her tight without mercy. "In your dream!" Fathia laughed triumphantly. "Never play games with me, Sebastian. Never." Meanwhile ... Jess didn't pay much attention to her surroundings. Even if there was a powerful 10 on the Richter scale earthquake, Jess didn't care. Her world consisted of only; the cafe, the apartment, Fathia's house, and An Flower. Living peacefully without any disturbances, that was her hope. However, her life was no longer peaceful. Where a Dirdja followed her like a wart. Clung to her like a leech. Engaged her in debates until all the patience Jess had been exhausted. Jess had tried everything to get rid of him, even if she had to borrow Voldemort's magic wand to chant the Avada Kedavra spell. To erase Kenzo's existence from her life, of course. Where their conflict ultimately ended up in bed. Turning her world upside down as well... adding to the series of pain she experienced. Until she said in the saddest voice she had, "Please, stay away from me. Please." After being truly alone, is this really what Jess wants?"


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