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Mommy for Billionaire's Daugther

Mommy for Billionaire's Daugther

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Every time Nathan introduces a woman he wants to take seriously, he always runs into one obstacle. Naina's ownership. It's incredibly difficult for that child to even smile and speak politely to the woman Nathan is dating. Because of this, Nathan chooses to be a full-fledged Raptor playboy instead of dealing with Naina. She says, "I only want Mami Seira!" She even talks with a scowl! Doesn't she know that the woman she's talking about is already married? Should Nathan really become a home wrecker before he can ruin someone else's marriage? That's just crazy! Not to mention... Oh my God! What kind of test is he going through? Because of Naina's words to her grandmother, Nathan is more often introduced to women who are older than him! They even have red hair! "Enough, quickly choose a red-haired woman that Naina also likes. Mommy’s getting a headache from Naina's requests. What kind of person is this 'Mami' that is often called?" Nathan can only slap his forehead! Does he really have to marry an older woman?


Nathan didn't care about the heavy rain pouring down on Jakarta as he made his way to the hospital. It was as if all the pent-up emotions were being unleashed. Even though Nathan was inside the car, he could see the conditions outside. He should have started feeling scared. Considering the turmoil in his heart due to the news he had just heard, everything around him felt fleeting.

He just wanted to reach the hospital.

"Sir, can you go faster?" he asked the driver.

The driver, Mr. Jack, could only sigh softly. "Please be patient, sir. I also want to go faster, but the roads are not friendly."

Nathan grumbled in frustration. His phone had been vibrating who knows how many times. Countless messages he had ignored. Was it better to ignore the questions he knew were directed at him and avoid getting more restless?

"Sir, we have arrived."

Nathan didn't care that his shirt was wet. He also ignored Mr. Jack's shout to be patient. How could he be patient when the news felt like an earthquake of hundreds of Richter scales had hit his world? Everything was shattered. His beloved brother, Noah Sinclair, and his wife... oh God!

"Naina!" Nathan shouted as soon as he arrived in the lobby. The only thing bothering him was Naina. The four-year-old child was very close to him. How was she doing? What actually happened? How could they be involved in an accident that... Nathan suddenly felt dizzy just thinking about it.

"Are you Mr. Nathan?"

Usually, Nathan would get angry when he was called "Mr." Nathan is still young, hey! He just finished his business studies! But this time he didn't care. "Yes, I am. Where is my family?"

"Please come with me."

His prayers multiplied. He kept chanting them in his heart, hoping that God would grant him a miracle, especially for his brother and his wife. But...

"I'm sorry. Mr. Noah Sinclair died on the spot. As for his wife..."

"Brother!" Nathan whispered. His hand was reflexively covered. His body went limp. If there hadn't been support nearby, he might have fainted. But his brain quickly thought. "How is my sister-in-law, Doc? Jannet Sinclair?"

Right. He also needed to know the last condition of his brother's wife.

"We tried our best, but unfortunately..."

Nathan could only close his eyes tightly. His hands clenched so hard that he felt his fingertips turn white. He didn't care about his tears falling and wetting his cheeks. The image and laughter... "Naina." Nathan opened his eyes. "How is Naina, Doc?"

"That child is receiving intensive care. The head injury is quite severe, but we're doing our best."

At least, those words were a sign of great hope.

"Do your best, Doc," Nathan pleaded fervently.

"Doctor Cha!"

Both of them turned immediately.

"The patient is experiencing bleeding. The hospital's stock for the patient's blood type is running low. I've contacted the Blood Bank, but they don't have any available. The patient's blood type is O negative." The nurse spoke continuously, but Nathan didn't pay much attention except for one thing: Naina was in critical condition.

"Find it quickly."

Nathan was left alone after the doctor excused himself to attend to his niece. This situation made him weak, slumped in a corner of the hospital corridor. The loss he had just learned about shook his heart. Just two days ago, he was still having a meal with his brother and his wife. They were happily joking around with Naina!

But now...

He folded his knees, burying himself there. Crying. Just like the rain that didn't seem to want to stop pouring outside.

"Mr. Nathan."

The call made him look up. "Yes?" He quickly wiped away his tears.

"Sir, help us find a donor out there. We've tried our best to contact them, but we need many. We request your cooperation."

Nathan fell silent.

"If not, the patient named Naina's condition could become more critical."

"Of course." Nathan would fight. "I'll help find one."

"Thank you, sir." The nurse left again, leaving Nathan busy with his phone. He called anyone he knew, informing them of the situation as briefly as possible and what he needed. Sometimes he sighed in annoyance, sometimes he raised his voice. Often, he held back his sobs to maintain his focus until...

"Um... maybe my blood type matches. I've been watching you searching for a donor. Since earlier," a skinny girl in front of him spoke. Her eyes quickly scanned and made judgments. How could this skinny girl, oh... that is if she matches.

"I'm O negative," the girl rolled her eyes slightly annoyed. "Whatever, I'm just offering myself."

"Okay!" Nathan immediately stood up. "Let's go to the examination room first."

"But the payment is expensive, right?"

God... in times like this, there are still people expecting a big reward? It doesn't matter! Nathan will pay! Expensive! No matter how much, as long as Naina is saved!

That's his promise.

"Aren't you curious about the payment?" the girl asked with a mischievous giggle. Her eyes looked at her conversation partner with great interest.

"I come from a wealthy family. Don't worry. Whatever you want, if your blood can save my child, I'll pay. Multiples if necessary."

The girl burst into laughter.

"Um... I don't need money. I'm also rich." She casually waved her shiny black hair.

"Then?" Nathan couldn't wait. Who asks for a high payment when they intend to help? What did the girl say earlier? She's also wealthy? Then why ask for a high fee?

"Marriage with me in the future."

Nathan's eyes widened.

"Don't worry, not now. Maybe in the future? I'm still in high school, you know."


If only smashing the laptop could get all his work done, Nathan would do it. But it's impossible! Everything is in chaos! Oh my God! Why does Nathan have to encounter days when Tasya turns into a scatterbrain?

"Stay patient, Nathan," he said softly, rubbing his chest as a form of relaxation he could manage. "Tasya must be outside the office, that's why her work is so strange."

He took out his phone, which was always kept in the drawer. Without needing to look at the contacts, given how often he contacted and was contacted by Tasya, he immediately made a phone call. His assistant was always quick to respond, but she also often caused frustration.

The balance between them made Nathan both dizzy and proud.

But only Tasya could withstand working with Nathan. After the sudden departure of Faldom's owner and CEO, leaving behind numerous projects and employees who were somewhat dependent on the company, Nathan took over everything.


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