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Hello, My CEO! Don't Play With Me

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Giselle Namiozuka never imagined that someone was stalking her life, disturbing the girl until she felt annoyed and bothered. The disturbance didn't stop even after warnings were given; instead, threats came that would tarnish Giselle's name. As a top model and with her level of popularity reaching its peak, Giselle worried if the threats would actually be carried out by the stalker. Upon learning who the stalker was, Giselle was completely taken aback, as well as intrigued by the stalker's motives. It was the CEO of the owner company of a private broadcasting station that played a significant role in elevating reputations in various circles. Eventually, Giselle realized that the stalker had genuine intentions and made her fall in love. Unfortunately, Giselle overlooked one fact: that the obstacles to their love were the people who began to disturb her past. A dark past that she wanted to bury as deep as possible. Can they both be happy together? Or must they part ways when they cannot let go of each other?


Giselle reads the script given to her before starting the shoot this time. Her face was already made up, not a flaw was created there. It's like God didn't want any mistakes when sculpting this alabaster-white skinned girl's face. Not to mention her perfectly proportioned posture.

SEO Fashion is lucky to have a model like Giselle Namiozuka. And this year is the year where the peak of Giselle's career is at its highest.

"I just have to do this, right?" asked Giselle as she handed over the sheet she had finished reading. To Brina who was never far away from her. a woman who was actually beautiful but covered by a face and speech that often sounded fierce. It was not without reason that Brina displayed her fierceness. Dealing with Giselle did have to be firm.

Otherwise... she don't know what would have happened.

"Yes." Brina sighed softly. "Come on, I've given you slack for eating today. Don't let Justin know." She pulled out one of the jars of chocolate cookies from one of the girl's favorite bakeries. In fact, because she bought so often at the same outlet, and knew that her customer was her number one fan, the bakery did not hesitate to give Giselle a special price and a generous bonus.

"But I need to calm my mind, Brina," Giselle said while giving a babyish look. Her eyes glazed over as her hand gently reached for the jar Brina was holding. "Just a little. I won't break it again the next day. I'll definitely follow your directions for the diet.

Brina chuckled in annoyance. "That little bit of yours took up an entire jar, Giselle."

"Pleasssseeee," Giselle said in a seductive voice.

Actually, Brina could not bear it but she should not be complacent. "No." She walked away with the jar. "That's enough. Five minutes to your session, Giselle. I'll call the MUA to check your hairdo and the dress you've worn. Don't let any part of it go wrong. You know, Justin is a perfectionist with results."

Giselle scowled. Her arms were folded across her chest. No matter what Brina said, she preferred to look away. She didn't care if anyone was watching but it was impossible. She was in a special room where only she and Brina were free to go back and forth to take care of her needs.

On purpose.

She doesn't really like joining in with other models. Or being friendly with other people in the studio. Giselle has her own trauma with friendliness. Nor does she want people to know what her true nature is like. It's not a bad thing, but Giselle only shows who she is to the people she trusts and that includes Brina.

Not wanting to remember the time when she was saddened by the familiarity of others, she chose to recline comfortably on the sofa, waiting for her turn to show off the dresses made by Justin that will become her summer collection this time.

"Chocolate can relieve stress." She massaged her temples lightly. "D*mn it!"

He immediately grabbed the cell phone on the table. Full of boredom, he just played the phone randomly. Until the cell phone vibrates where it displays one message, incoming. Making his forehead wrinkle because there is no sender's name. Not even a text message sent but a photo.

"Who, huh?" she asked curiously but her fingers swiftly opened the message. And she regretted opening that message so much. Her past self... half-naked, dancing with such erotic movements.

Giselle has never forgotten this dark part of her life. Not even one day could she erase it from her memory. Whatever activities she did in there, complete with the glittering lights and the strong smell of alcohol, could not be erased from her past.

However, who has dared to explore it so far?

Giselle's hands were shaking as she held her cell phone. Shortly after the photo, another message came in.


What if this gets out?


"D*mn it!"

Giselle threw away the bag that had been slung over her shoulder. Her breathing was ragged. Her hands were still shaking. Her eyes were also not very focused on her surroundings. She don't know how God made her calm during today's photoshoot.

Though today was the final day of a long trip to Long Island. The beaches in the southeastern part of the state are very beautiful. It fits perfectly with the theme of this photo shoot. Justin's summer theme is mostly low-cut and brightly colored florals.

Justin had warned him not to let his concentration be divided. Not that he didn't trust Giselle's way of working, not at all. Giselle understood Justin's warning a few days ago.

"You know, this collection is to complement you at your highest peak, Giselle. That show you did three months ago was a real attention-grabber. And because of that, you have to keep everything. Keeping is harder than taking."

Giselle smiled broadly. Every time she spoke to the man she considered to be her angel without wings, she never let her eyes wander. Only at Justin. "I understand."

Justin lifted his gaze from the many photos of Giselle spread across the table. There were mostly no gaps but as someone who had the final say on which photos to use, Justin couldn't afford to be careless in his decision.

"Do you need anything?" asked Justin, returning the gaze intently. "Tell me. If you want anything before going to Long Island, don't hesitate to tell me."

"Are you coming?" asked Giselle without hesitation.

Justin smiled slightly. He shifted his seat slightly and reached out to stroke the top of Giselle's head. "You know I'm busy, right? You went with Brina and Nico. They must be taking good care of you."

Giselle pouted. "It's been a while since you accompanied me to a photo shoot. You said you had a vacation planned. When?"

Justin chuckled. "Stop sulking. I really have a lot on my plate. You'll get through it just fine like always, right?"

In order to get a compliment from Justin, Giselle nodded. No matter, she also had to understand that a man like Justin was not someone who could relax easily. Especially after a successful performance that brought him to the highest peak he could reach.

"Be patient. When the time comes, let's take a vacation together."

Perhaps it was that remark that brought Giselle's focus back at the last second before she struck many poses. Showing off the curves of her outfit. As well as highlighting some of the important parts in Justin's design. And thank God, there were no problems until the end of the session. In fact, as usual, the photographer praised Giselle Namiozuka's level of professionalism.

"Why is something like this coming to me?"

She reached again for the cell phone in her bag. Fortunately, the phone was resilient. Otherwise, it might have been damaged because Giselle threw the bag with full force. It even caused one of the displays to fall over and crack. Giselle fiddled with it for a while and then stared intently at the numbers and photos that now filled her phone screen.

She swiped the green icon on the end of the phone. Soon, the phone line was connected.

"What do you want?"


The familiar sounds that continued to deafen her but were her accompaniment tonight, would not stop until the appointed time. From the moment his feet stepped into the already packed room, she knew there was nowhere for him to go back to. Other than following the rhythm, there was nothing she could do.

Who will sustain his life in the cruelty of the capital city? No one.

"Wow, Nami's here!"

The sound was a sign of the music and the festive atmosphere. The blonde-haired girl with beautiful eyes only smiled faintly. The skirt covering her thighs, with tasseled access that swayed seductively. She had a posture that she could use as a charmer. Not to mention her face was like a modern-day Aphrodite. Too dazzling to keep looking at only unfortunately, her fate is not as beautiful as the face she has.

"Thank you for waiting." Giselle widened her smile even more. Fixing the mask she wore as a trademark when she performed. She accepted a han


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