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Trapped Heart Find Love

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Great career, decent looks, at least twenty bucks in his wallet, debit card stacked with zeros, but good fortune had the opposite effect when it came to relationship issues. That's the gist of what Thomas Adam feels. Heartbreak from being left at the altar lingers and makes him distrust love. For him, being alone is no big deal. His life doesn't encounter complications either. His job skyrocketed like a rocket. Until Olive came along. She disrupted his straight path like a highway. It left him helpless and willing to take colorful detours just for Olive. But one question haunts him, "Will Olive leave him? Like what Diana did a dozen years ago?"


Sweet bread meets coffee; it tastes the best when enjoyed together. While discussing the future, which is just around the corner, amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy downtown market. Oh, heart, who can resist it? Especially when your gaze falls on the enchanting girl sitting gracefully beside you, making your heart work double time.

"Tom," says the sweet lady wearing a long-sleeved pink shirt. Her glossy black hair is neatly tied back. Her face, lightly touched with makeup, already has the guy falling harder.

Is this what it feels like to be continuously in love? Everything is beautiful, until you forget that bombs can drop and shatter your heart.

"Yes, darling," the guy quickly responds. The coffee he enjoyed moments ago is still hot. He takes a sip and then grabs another piece of bread. Maybe this is already the third piece that's entered his mouth. As he waits, he wonders what the woman wants to say. But the girl next to him remains silent. Is she feeling unwell? "Sweetie, what's wrong?"

She had some doubts about continuing her speech, but if she doesn't speak now, when will she? She still remembers the conversation with her parents.

"Have you thought carefully about marrying Thomas?"

Initially, the girl, Diana, had served hot tea to her parents with a smile. When asked like that, her smile disappeared. "Huh? Dad, that's a strange question. I'm sure, why else would I have accepted Thomas's proposal?"

The middle-aged man called Dad sighed softly. "Listen, Da. You should think about what Thomas does for a living. He's just a regular employee. He's even on contract. While you have a permanent job at a reputable company. You're well-established. There's a big difference."

"Listen to your father," her mother chimes in.

Diana was stunned. "But Dad and Mom gave their blessing to Diana. Accepting Thomas's proposal. What's going on, Dad? Mom?"

Her dad sighed again. "Actually, Dad doesn't approve. Dad won't approve for how long either. You're the one who was too thrilled to be proposed to by that guy. What's so great about him?"

"But, Dad," Diana interrupted again. "I've already started preparing everything with Thomas. He's coming to propose next month. Dad knows, right?"

Andi and Rieka exchanged glances. "Cancel it then."

"What's really going on?" Diana still couldn't believe her parents' words. "Why are Dad and Mom like this?"

"Dad would prefer it if you married Ardi," Rieka spoke up this time. "Look at his stable job. He has a house too. Thomas? What do you expect from him?"

Diana gave repeated objections, but both of them, her beloved parents, remained steadfast in their decision. It was as if they didn't care about the feelings and the relationship Diana and Thomas were building.

"Honey?" Thomas called softly. He had been waiting for his girlfriend to speak. "What's wrong? You've been daydreaming."

Nervously, Diana swallowed her saliva. Then her eyes dropped, her hands intertwined. She started fidgeting in her seat. "I'm sorry," she said softly. That was after she gathered the courage to speak up. For Diana, Thomas was a good and polite young man. She loved him with all her heart. But her parents?

Diana became even more perplexed.

"Sorry for what, darling?" Thomas Adam, the man who had been faithfully by the girl's side, furrowed his brow in confusion. "Did I do something wrong?"

"No, Tom. No." Diana shook her head quickly. "It's not you who's wrong. It's me."

Thomas was getting more confused.

"Darling..." Diana squeezed her hands. She couldn't bring herself to speak further. Her eyes were blurred with tears.

"Speak clearly, honey," Thomas insisted. "What's going on?"

Their eyes met. Thomas could clearly see that his girlfriend's eyes were welling up with tears. His hand moved slowly to touch her cheek, at least to wipe away the traces of tears that were about to fall, in hopes of easing her sadness, whatever the cause.

"I've been proposed to by someone else, Thomas."


A man in a neatly pressed long-sleeved shirt with a well-tied tie, slicked-back hair, thin-framed square glasses, perfectly ironed black cotton pants, and shiny dress shoes wrapped his tall and well-built frame. He made sure to showcase his sharp appearance every day; it was a must for every employee in the Senayan branch.

Polite and neat.

For him, a polished appearance was not only polite but also had added value when serving customers, whether they came with complaints or pockets full of cash. Especially for the front liners and customer service, there was an additional requirement they had to adhere to: clear smile. If that was missing, get ready to be scolded by the man who was now looking at his subordinates one by one for almost the entire day.

Monday briefings were something the man never missed. Thomas Adam, the man's name, was as sturdy as a brand-new plywood sheet bought at a hardware store. He continued to implement all the procedures desired by the


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