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Difficult to get along with the in-laws, constant arguments with the only brother-in-law, worsened by the man labeled as her husband... it's like having your head detached while your toes are being tickled, making Samanta Kiehl constantly cultivate patience. Until her sincere love is rewarded with a divorce letter. Her question always spins in her head. Is this luck or misfortune for her? But Samanta remains Samanta. She lets it all resonate in her life. She believes that payback will come. Someday, there will be a life and a new man whom she will tread with tranquility. But when? Isn't human patience supposed to have its limits?


Waking up with shoulders slightly chilled, Samanta pulls her blanket back over herself. The sound of a sigh beside her makes her sink further into it. Even when the sturdy arm wraps around her as if asking Tata to get closer, she doesn't resist.

"What time is it?"

Tata smirks. Since when did her boss get so close? It's still too early for her to be bothered by that distinctive baritone voice.

This must be a dream, she thinks.

"Ta? I remember... we have a meeting at nine, right?"

Two days ago, they had a business trip to Samarinda. Discussing the final project issues before the boss goes abroad. The last business trip they could do together. A special order from their direct superior; Mr. Jimmy.


Once again, that voice is heard. Although slightly hoarse, like someone just woke up, it's still unmistakably the boss's voice.

"Ugh... Dude, don't disturb my morning! I still want to sleep. Tired."

The man who's been hugging Tata just laughs. His eyes are wide open, staring at the woman curled up near his chest.

"So tired? I thought we only played once."

Tata blinks slowly. Her awareness is starting to come back. Even her sense of smell is disturbed by a... strange scent?

"Mister?!" she exclaims, eyes wide with disbelief. "What are you doing in my room?"

The man pulls the corner of his lips slowly.

"This is my room, Ta."

Quickly, doll-like eyes wander, observing the details of the room that she's occupied for two days, oh... three days now. Different. Correct. Her eyes aren't deceiving her. She directs her gaze back to the man. And then...

"No way," she says so softly, discovering herself without clothes. "No way."

This statement is repeated to confirm that what she sees in her mind has never happened.

However, a fleeting memory that hits her this time cannot be denied. How willingly she took off each piece of clothing clinging to her body. How she threw herself at someone who recently frustrated her. When the man was on top of her, the answer to why that figure dominated her mind was already clear.

She immediately throws off the blanket covering her body. Picks up the scattered clothes around the bed. Her heart, don't ask how it's functioning. It's already erratic. Plus, her face might have turned a shade of purple. She doesn't dare to look, let alone respond to the man's words.

"Ta," the man calls softly, "let's talk first."

"There's nothing to talk about, Sir." Tata closes her eyes slowly. She hurries towards the bathroom.

"Ta." Levi has to act fast. His deputy manager is a stubborn woman. They can't let what they did last night go without further discussion. "Wait. We need to talk."

Covering her body only with the blanket, she moves to prevent Tata from reaching the bedroom door.

Does she care? Not at all. She keeps walking until Levi blocks her.

"Sir." This time, with the remaining courage she has, she looks up. Staring straight at the man in front of her. "Don't mention anything. Forget all of this. Pretend it never happened."

Levi blinks slowly. That statement is like a bolt of lightning in broad daylight. Before his surprise even subsides, Tata has hurriedly walked away, leaving him standing there.

"How can I let it slide if you're... married, Ta."


A few months ago.

Samanta smiles faintly as she looks at the results of the cooking she just finished this morning. It's been a tiring Saturday, but she shouldn't complain. In an hour, she has to be on standby, monitoring everything related to her boss's business trip. Although at home, as the deputy marketing manager at ShopaShop, she can't just sit around waiting for the results.

"Hey... let's eat," Tata offers as soon as she sees her husband coming out of the room. There's a frown on his forehead. "Where are you going?"

The person asked just glances briefly, scans his wife's appearance, and sighs. "What's up with you? Today is Nilam's event. Don't tell me you forgot?"

Tata quickly digs into when the information about her husband's family event was organized. However, nothing. She can't find a single word about the event in question.

"I... don't know, h


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